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Hated coasters you like.

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Mantis@CP- I think it's a really enjoyable ride and my favorite coaster at Cedar Point, not to mention it has the best color scheme imo. It doesn't have to be the biggest, tallest or fastest...simply put, Very Thrilling.


Thunder Hawk@GL (or any SLC)- They are a bit rough and do give me the occasional headache, but I think SLC's are fun as well....if only B&M took the SLC layout and made their own version...


Mean Streak@CP- I also thought this was a enjoyable ride. It wasen't rough to me, not once out of the many times I've ridden it.


Hydra@DP & Silver Bullet@KBF- Alot of people say they are forcless, therefore they aren't fun...I thought both rides were great, Sleek and smooth...They also didn't feel forceless to me. 2 of the best layouts anywhere!

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