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Hated coasters you like.

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The drop (forwards) sitting in the back of anyboomerang anywhere is fantastic in my book. It really gets my stomach. I can only imagine what the Deja Vu clones would feel like (although I like being able to look out over the park as you are lifted backwards).


I love ALL straight arrow drops, but especially older ones-- Gemini, CP Corkscrew, BGT's Python, PCW's Dragon Fyre, etc etc. They just do more for me than Intamin Hyper drops or pretty much anything else I've been on.

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The first Drop on the Boomerangs are classic.. it always gives me a tingle feeling..



And some people seem to think that Wicked Twister is boring but IMO its a great ride.. very smooth and fast ... and looking down from the backseat is amazing.. and the fact its on the beach adds a unique setting..

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Flashback at 6FMM.

It has been a long time, and every single time I rode I ended up front row, right side, but I always thought it was fun. My ex started to dislike it eventually, but she was always to my left. Ride position matters on so many other rides, maybe that's all there is to what is/was wrong with this one.


Chris B

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Actually, I enjoyed the SLC and Boomerang coasters I have been on...


Many people say they're rough, but I went on Hangman and Boomerang at "Wild Adventures" and they were smooth as glass. I'd have to put Hangman right up there with B:TR at SFoG in terms of intensity, but I found B:TR a bit more head-bangish (Though, I'm only counting two times I can remember where my head hit the restraint)

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- Gwazi. I really don't think this ride is as rough as people say it is. In fact, I find it very smooth for a wooden coaster.


You may have just scared me away from wooden coasters for the rest of my life.

You are telling me that there are a lot of wooden coasters that are actually bumpier?


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Vekoma SLCs and Boomerangs!

I don't get what's the problem with them.

I have 3 Boomerang credits and 2 SLC credits, and I really like them!



Ditto. I've been on one SLC and 2 Boomerangs and I've enjoyed them all. I thought Boomerang at SFFT was very smooth, and I liked it very much. Flashback (SFOT) and Serial Thriller (SFAW) do have their bad moments though, but they're still enjoyable and fun.

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