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Hated coasters you like.

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I really enjoyed Iron Wolf. I didn't find it rough anywhere but the corkscrew and the turn immediately following it.

Thunderhawk at Dorney is really under-rated. You get SO much ejector air at the top of most of the hills.

I also thought Raging Wolf Bobs at Geauga Lake was a great ride that I would reride without hesitation.

I don't see what people hate in Timber Wolf. It isn't nearly as rough as Mean Streak or Villian (though it certainly isn't as smooth as Hades or El Toro), and on top of that, it's getting way better. And it has great airtime all the way through.


Sadly, Patriot at Wolds of Fun is getting to be a dreadfully under-rated ride. Too many enthusiasts ride once in the front, seeking a more intense ride, and are disappointed, therefore not riding again. Truthfully, the back row has some amazing forces through the entire course.

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- For one, the Great Nor'Easter is an amazing SLC. Most people don't think such a thing can exist. Not only is it smooth, but they way it intertwines with the waterslides makes it about 10x better. I liked it MUCH better when it was red, though. Especially when lit up at night.

- Also, I've been on 2 Vekoma boomerangs [Morey's and Hershey], and loved both of them.

- Another bunch of good rides are at Dorney, but no one seems to like them either, particularly Hydra, Talon, and Steel Force. While Force is getting a bit rough these days, it still has the airtime that everyone says it lacks.

- And call me crazy, but I think Viper at Great Adventure was pretty damn good for a supposed death machine.

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I'm surprised no one has said this one yet, but Top Thrill Dragster. It seems as though this ride just doesn't go over well with the coaster enthusiast crowd. The length of the ride is a huge downside in many people's eyes. The whole rush you get from the moment the launch starts to the moment the ride stops is amazing. Adding more to it would just ruin the experience you're meant to get.

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I always have a great time on Vampire, a SLC. Many others think this ride sucks and don't care about it, but I love it.


I was just gonna say that, i went there yesterday and it was running very smooth (for an SLC) and very fast, i rode it 4 times!!! An SLC!!! 4 times!!!

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I have always loved Z-Force, now Flashback at SFMM. It really is a good ride. You just have to know how to ride it. It was also my first roller coaster back in 1985 when it opened at SFGAM.

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Viper at SFGadv.


Everyone always complained that it hurt like hell. I never came off that ride sore. NEVER. But then again... I have the strength of ten grown men so pain tolerance is to be expected


Anyway, I thought it was a decent ride and was always on my list of rides to do everytime I went to Great Adventure. Not anymore

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For some rason, I enjoy Demon at SFGAM even though it is rough. While it doesn't rank high on my list, I still enjoy this coaster, and it sits all forgotten which is sad. I really like the tunnel into the corkscrews since there is a breeze going through there, and themist cools you off on a hot day.

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