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Six Flags Great Adventure (SFGAdv) Discussion Thread

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I didn't hate Cyborg when I rode it last year, but it just didn't really do anything great for me.  The most amusing part was that I rode it completely alone, there were no other riders even in line for it as I sat on it alone.
It looks cool, but isn't really a good ride.

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I give them props for getting a unique flat ride, but the experience is ruined by an absolutely awful loading procedure and the insistence on running one of the most neutered program cycles I've ever seen. Guests have caught on, too, causing it to never having a line longer than maybe two cycles, if that. Nice try, but definitely a failed experiment, hampered more by Six Flags than the ride manufacturer.

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I actually like Cyborg IF I can ride it with just a few riders.  If I get a near solo ride on it, the ride tends to flip non-stop start to finish.  If it's mostly fully loaded, you get stuck in rocking purgatory and the ride becomes quite boring.

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Just came back from a visit here. I chose this day specifically because it was a weekday during the magic time between fright fest and HITP where the whole park is open but there are no special holiday events to drive up crowds.

It turns out, today absolutely was the perfect day to visit. The weather was beautiful, everything I cared about was running, and the crowds were super light - I rarely waited much more than 20 min for a ride, and many rides were station waits! Arrived around 12:30 and left at 7 (park close).

Mask wearing was decent enough (maybe 75%ish wearing it correctly) though distancing was often somewhat challenging, as I expected from other's reports.

No pics, sorry!

Rides we rode along with relevant notes/observations

  • Justice League, x1, 5 min wait or less, got a score of >70k I think
  • Batman, back row, x1, line was down the stairs, the stair tunnel thing was infested with ladybugs, but I'm not complaining since I find them cute. Forgot how awesome this thing is, intense and super snappy without much headbanging! I might like this a bit more than Nitro!
  • Nitro, x2, line was down the stairs but the ops lived up to their reputation, dispatching trains right as the one behind it hits the brake most of the time. Great floater as usual, and somewhat intense helix, though the midcourse did slow us down quite a bit.
  • SkyScreamer, x1, 10-15 min wait
  • El Toro, x2, one in row 17 (op granted request), one in row 1 (got lucky with placement, and decided I'd give it a shot despite knowing row 17 is better). It's running really well, and with the warm weather the ejector was insane, and the turns after the RT hill were actually pretty fun. Front row only has 3 ejector moments, but while they aren't as strong as the back, they might be a bit more sustained. If you've already ridden Toro and get the chance at a front row ride, I'd recommend trying it at least once, but back is definitely better.
  • Kingda Ka, x3, very front, very back, and middle-back. Holy crap, this was a station wait! Not sure when's the next time I'll see that, so we took advantage of the opportunity and rode 3 times. KK ran reasonably consistent, with no extended downtime beyond maybe some 10 min or so spurts. Front row KK is every bit as awesome as people said, and back row KK wasn't as brutal as people made it out to be. Shaky and rattly, yes, but certainly not unbearably so. IMO any row in KK is a blast, but that front row ride, with that 100mph wind and the view, is something else!
  • Zumenjaro, x1, nothing particularly different from my previous rides. Fun and (if you're afraid of heights) scary climb to the top, seconds of intense anticipation, then a drop which after the initial kick, just feels like you're kinda moving downward really fast as opposed to falling to your doom. Beware of the brakes, I had my head stuck out a bit forward, and the brake caused my torso to bend over forwards uncomfortably as we decelerated
  • Green Lantern, x1, Snappy and very intense, it does hurt your legs especially in the latter half, and it can be described as an endurance test in some regards. If you're OK with the super strong G forces on your legs it can be fun. Probably the most positive G heavy ride in the park IMO
  • Superman, x1, running both trains with impressive dispatch times by Superman standards. Awesome pretzel loop, followed by just plain fun.
  • Twister (the Twix ride), x1, very short cycle, but what they did have was pretty fun, I think we got like 4-5 flips.
  • Bizzaro, x1, front, almost a walk-on, two trains and dispatches before the other train hit the brakes. Fire was working, misters were off probably because of the time of year. Fun snappy ride, but there is some unfortunate headbanging.
  • Mine Train, x1, 2nd row (front was roped off) run, old school ride. Janky arrow profiling of course, but it actually tracked pretty smooth, just prepare for the wild Arrow transitions especially towards the end lest you slam into the person next to you or into something else! Also holy crap the front gives legit ejector on that last hill before the mandatory photo-op turn (you know which one). Sorry Skull mountain, you're first drop is great, but the mine train has you beat.
  • Sky ride, x1 (Mine train --> skull mountain). Excellent skyride, especially at night. For some reason they were using the left hand queue to load the right-hand gondolas, not sure why.
  • Skull Mountain, x1, stopped by under an hour before park close, walked right on to back row. First drop is still awesome as usual, with the rest being typical family coaster twistiness with disco-skull in the middle and no other theming. Don't they usually play music inside this ride? It felt weirdly quiet
  • Wonder Woman, x1, finished the night with this one, by far the longest wait at over 30 min. First ride on a giant pendulum (the closest thing I'd done before is HP's Claw) and yeah, it's awesome! The swings are super high, you get turned a little upsidedown, and the bottoms of the large swings pull some great G's. Add to that a reasonably long ride cycle and you have a great way to end off the night!
  • Worth noting: all coasters I rode ran two (but not 3) trains, except the mine train which ran only 1. All rides had groupers, some of which granted requests, and some on which didn't. At KK, the grouper allowed me to let some parties ahead of us so that we could nab front row, but when I tried it again later he wouldn't let me, perhaps because I had already done it once (it was the same guy).

Overall, I had an excellent day here, probably my favorite of my 4 visits so far! I hope to visit again soon, thanks for reading!

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Glad you liked the report! I only rode Batman once toward the beginning of my visit. We waited longer on the stairs than I expected (probably another 5 min than I would have expected), but idk if that was just slow dispatches or if it had brief technical issues. I didn't notice it go down after riding it, but I didn't pay much attention to it after my one ride.

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Soooo late last night I was tumbling down a Youtube coaster rabbit hole and came across this video of a review of El Toro (I know we're not supposed to link to certain channels but for the sake of this story please don't ban me lolol - its a good channel I guess, not as amazing as TPR of course. I think I'm somehow contractually obligated to say that or something). Anyways, the only issue is the review is in German and I don't speak German. So I decided to turn on auto-translate. I then I proceeded to howl with laughter for the next ten minutes. Enjoy.

It starts off innocently enough


And then he starts talking about the lockers and I started to lose it.



And then things start to get kind of weird




At this point I was laughing like a f*cking hyena.


Absolutely dead, hope you all got as much enjoyment out of this as I did.



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18 minutes ago, Canobie Coaster said:

I'm surprised they wouldn't try running it this weekend considering it will be in the 70s, but at least they let people know.

Did they really let people know? They ALWAYS ran Toro between Frightfest/HITP and that was the last weekends for it. I was going to go this weekend to pick up my last few rides on it (maybe try for last train of the season) and it's now just randomly closed for the season already with no warning.

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2 minutes ago, B&MIntaminGCI said:

Did they really let people know? They ALWAYS ran Toro between Frightfest/HITP and that was the last weekends for it. I was going to go this weekend to pick up my last few rides on it (maybe try for last train of the season) and it's now just randomly closed for the season already with no warning.

If you do smart things like check the app and the website, yes they did.



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  • 2 weeks later...

1. I also know that the Log Flume was down all season (unlike Cyborg; I would have liked to have done Log Flume this year). Bunch of retracking?

2. I completely understand why Kingda Ka can't operate for HITP; but just imagine how nucking futs it would be in this colder weather!

3. That being said, I'm just grateful that they're doing HITP during a pandemic!

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Maybe? I feel like they must be almost out of flume sections to replace at this point. It’s practically a brand new ride.

And yeah, I get why they don’t run Kingda Ka (a combination of money to run the ride, money to open up that section and the fact that mechanically the ride would be super pissed) but they run it through mid-November and we’ve been on it when it was below freezing. That sh*t makes you feel alive. 😂

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Turns out SFMM won't be the only park with a drive-thru lights experience this year!


Holiday in the Park Drive-Thru Experience


Experience millions of dazzling lights and holiday cheer from the safety of your own car!

Enjoy the warmth of the holiday season from the safety of your own car! For a limited time, experience Holiday in the Park like never before. There’s no shortage of magic with 12 immersive areas of more than a million dazzling lights seasonal music favorites and even a sighting of Santa and Mrs. Claus! Don’t miss out on one of the largest holiday drive-through events in the Northeast, running Monday through Thursday evenings November 20 through December 17, beginning at 6pm.

Admission tickets are available on a first come, first served basis and are $14.99 per person. Reservations are required. Tickets & reservations will be available beginning Wednesday, November 25 at noon.

Click here for more information.

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