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Six Flags Great Adventure (SFGAdv) Discussion Thread

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  • 2 weeks later...

Went out to Six Flags Great Adventure yesterday and Saturday. Park was packed! Lines for most coasters were 2 hours+. Not sure what restrictions they are operating under.

Here's some footage of Jersey Devil construction from yesterday, not much movement -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYROHelpZys

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I was planning on going to Hallowfest as a passholder this sunday with friends who would need to buy daily tickets. I reserved with my pass for a group of 4 for opening at 1, but when I looked to buy daily tickets for my 3 friends it only showed availability from 4:45 on. Is there any way my friends could arrive sooner, or is this not possible? Another alternative would be possibly purchasing tickets without reservations, if possible. 

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9 minutes ago, tndank said:

If you have a reservation for 4 people, what does it matter what reservations they make?  You've got them covered.  


Yes but I haven’t purchased their tickets yet and it makes you create another reservation.

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20 minutes ago, tndank said:

Pick whatever you want.  Sounds like they'll be using the ones you made. 

Reservations are not tied to a specific ticket or pass.  You just need one or the other to make them.


Ok, thanks for the response.

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So...I'm highly considering taking advantage of the $60 Season Pass offer that's going on right now (mostly in prep of a road trip next summer when, hopefully, more parks are open) and heading to the park this coming Sunday.  I'll admit I haven't really been following what's opened or closed at this park.  Really I'm just concerned with Ka, El Toro, Batman, and Skull Mountain.  I figure I'm safe in assuming these are all running?

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You should be more concerned with whether or not you're getting a flash pass as crowds on weekends this month have been a shitshow and the Sunday before Halloween should be no different. Good luck with that.

And what Chris said, all of those have been operating outside of the usual breakdowns.

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And yeah, Flash Pass is a no brainer.  They're actually selling season-long Gold for only $140 right now, when it would be $100 for just Sunday.

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If it was for all SF parks, sure.  I plan on hitting a bunch (Georgia, St. Louis, America, Darien Lake) next year pending their opening.  That said, Gold season-long is good enough for me being valid only at SFGAdv  (a park that I don't plan on visiting super-frequently*) for only $40 more than it would cost for one day of it.  If I go only once next year, which is likely, it pays for itself.

*In case you missed any of my prior rants, I grew up 15 minutes away and threw away most of my youth working there for 6 years, so it's a bit of a sore spot for me.

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On 10/20/2020 at 12:37 PM, tndank said:

Go Platinum for $199.  Why not?  ;)


I always stick to Gold unless a specific ride is a Platinum exclusive. By the time the employees scan my Flash Pass unit and I get off the ride, usually my next reservation is ready to go.

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15 minutes ago, Canobie Coaster said:

It's valid for the rest of 2020 as well.  If you plan to use it on a specific day, you just have to reserve it in advance on the Six Flags reservation portal.

Yeah I just figured that out. I’ll be there Sunday, hopefully the Flash Pass can combat out the crowds.

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5 minutes ago, Canobie Coaster said:

Last Sunday, the Gold Flash Pass return times were under 10 minutes for most rides until 6 pm.  6 pm is when the Halloween activities officially start.  Once that time hit, several rides had 45-60 minute return times on Flash Pass.

Alright I’ll make sure to get there at opening then.

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Stopped by the park today to activate my season pass and get some rides in.  A couple of bullet points:

-I arrived at around 1:15 with a 1:00 opening.  Parking lot was about 1/10th full.
-Mask compliance was good from what I saw.  Social distancing in non-Flash Pass lines was non-existent.  In the Flash Pass queues, adequate distance was being left.
-Grouping at every coaster, with a denied front row request at Kingda Ka and second-to-last-row request at El Toro.  Accepted back-row requests on Skull Mountain, Nitro, and Batman.
-When I left at around 4:00, the parking lot was about 60% full, and estimated queue times were as follows:
Batman: 1 hour
Nitro: 1.5 hours
Skull Mountain: 2 hours
Joker: 1 hour
Justice League: 2 hours
Mine Train: 30 minutes
(These were gleaned by doubling the Gold Flash Pass return time indicated on the watch.  The app was wildly inaccurate all day.)
-With Gold Flash pass, I was able to do the following, in this order:
Kingda Ka, 20 minutes for row 6 from locker-in to locker-out, right at opening.  Actual queue was a walk-on.
El Toro, 18 minutes for row 5 from locker-to-locker.  Actual queue was a walk-on.
Bizzaro, walk-on for front row.  The misters and fire effects were working.
Mine Train, one-train wait, front row.
Superman, 13 minutes on-and-off for row 7.
Skull Mountain, 8 minutes on-and-off for back row.
Nitro, 15 minute standby on-and-off, after 15 minute return wait, back row.
Batman, 13 minute standby on-and-off, after 15 minute return wait, back row.
-Notably, Green Lantern and Cyborg were closed and displayed no signs of opening.
-Plenty of people commenting on the incomplete status of Jersey Devil and the complete lack of any activity at the site.
-Security was going extra hard on cameras-out enforcement on Nitro, to the point where the ride op was mentioning it every time and it seemed like every other train they stopped it on the lift and walked up to yell at people.
-At several points, my Flash Pass watch was not responding to swipes.  A few minutes of "cool down" I guess and it worked again each time.  I prefer the old ones with buttons, and I still greatly prefer CF's Fast Lane program over this.
-Kingda Ka has somehow gotten even rougher than it was during my 2017 visit, to the point of instilling a headache.  How SF let this ride deteriorate boggles my mind.
-Largely the same experience on El Toro, a lot rougher than it was.  Don't know if it was just being cold of if my memory was incorrect, but it also seemed to crawl through the course compared to what I remember.  You've dropped out of my Top 5 Wood, sorry.
-Holy shit are there a lot more alcohol-serving establishments than there were.  I swear I could see one no matter where I stood in the park.
-Just as many signs advising against "disorderly behavior and consumption of marijuana" as there were advising of the COVID protocols.  Never change, Great Adventure and the shitbag crowds you attract.

Anyway, here a picture of the Jersey Devil construction site and one of the queue of Batman shortly before 4:00 PM.DSC_0254.thumb.JPG.b5250ed3b8e0714a2f569c49f29a4923.JPG


Anyway, that's all from this park.  Next trip will be Kings Island next weekend.

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