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Six Flags Great Adventure (SFGAdv) Discussion Thread

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^ Maybe it'll actually be ready for opening day at the rate park openings have been delayed.


New York and Connecticut banned non-essential construction and New Jersey basically always just copies them. I feel like within a few days they’ll do that, but hopefully not.

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I'm curious to find out if that ejector hill will be on the same level of El Toro's rolling thunder hill, only time will tell I suppose.


If I had to bet.... I’d bet in the back row, that’s going to give the RT hill on Toro a run for it’s money!

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Construction work on JDC continues. Locals have been using drones to get footage/photos of recent work. Not going to share here but google is your friend. They are moving right along.


Also, thought this was worth sharing here. If you grew up in the area in the 80s (not sure what the broadcast reach actually was) you probably remember the show Dancin' On Air. They filmed an episode at the park, and the footage is the perfect way to spend an hour of your quarantine. Laugh at the hairstyles, fawn over the footage of rides gone to the boneyard. Gotta love Morey's buying ad time during the episode to plug their new boomerang. Enjoy!



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The music, the outfits, the commercials, the HAIR!!!...so awesome. Great find!


Rides that are still in the park that I saw in the video:

-Big Wheel

-Super Round Up

-Runaway Mine Train


-Sky Ride



-Log Flume


I think the commercials were the best part...phone numbers without area codes, those jingles, Ronald McDonald, pay-per-call lines, TV Guide...

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Oh man, that's great. Really cool to see some areas of the park that I recognize from a couple of years ago, but from a totally different era....Seriously, that baby in the beginning of the episode...is my age.


And can I say how wonderful it is to see ads that aren't obnoxious...including the ads for New Slurm!!! A couple of them I remember too, specifically the ones for Frosted Mini Wheats and S'mores Crunch. Those apparently ran for a while.


Loving the music too...even though this is technically before my time, this is definitely my music. I grew up in the grunge era, and all of that suuuuuuucked, so I spent the 90s listening to mainly new wave/80s alternative rock, newly available in beautiful digital clarity on compact disc!


Is it too late to enter the contest for the Commodore 128? I want a Commodore 128.


Seriously, I want a Commodore 128.

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You think we're gonna find some politicians underneath JD's foundation one day?


Nah. The park has tigers. I’m sure they will just cover the politicians in sesame oil and give them the ole’ Carole Baskin treatment.

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^^Yeah NO! Jersey Devil will open WAY before the equivalent time of West Coast Racers despite a pandemic!


If Six Flags Magic Mountain gets the rumored Raptor next year (although all next year plans are really up in the air at this point), it will be interesting to see if they still take longer to build it than Great Adventure in the midst of a pandemic.

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