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Phantasialand Discussion Thread

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Okay guys just back from Phantasialand.

I like to start with a small review on Raik, Like many said fun for kids and surprisingly good for what it is. Minor nitpick wish the turning spike would go up higher. Also noticed many older people in the queue and very little small ones.


Taron: A wolf in sheeps cloths, after the first launch you get the sheep and you believe it's a sheep, and it could end there having had a great ride. The Second launch the wolf attacks and it's a savage beast that goes on till the end. Second ride on Taron I thought I knew what to expect, nope got better, third time in front row, got better, fourth time in back row I no longer tried to fight the wolf as it had attack me from several sides, My body could literally not keep up with the speed.

When you have a chance to ride it do not underestimate it.


Klugheim: It looks amazing nothing I ever saw before. Walking in the coil of Taron having it fly by on every end, the music is great like when your on the bridge at the end of the second launch hearing the music of when a train goes to the first launch or hearing the music of the second launch. Walked into the Tavern just for a small peak looked nice from what I saw small but good, also underneath the Tavern before you go underneath the Archway to the Mystery entry there are some good themed toilets as well, they really went all out and it shows. Also despite working with a new system they already had a hang of it as both rides dispatched quick.

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I've not ridden it yet, I will do next week, but on nearly every review I read, Taron was rated better than Maverick and Helix (reviews were of course created by people that rode both or all three coasters).

Never thought that the coaster itself would be that good.

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I was lucky enough to get several rides in yesterday, on my last day in Germany before going back home! I was visiting family in Dusseldorf for a week, I didn't think I was going to have time to make it over but I decided since I wasn't all that far away and it's going to be a long time before I'm back in Europe...that I have to go ride the latest greatest Intamin just few kilometers away.


I'm not going to type an overly long review (and no pictures, dropped and broke my phone while at the park and unfortunately lost all pics), but let me get this out of the way first;


Phantasialand has got to be one of the most underrated parks in the world. This was my first time and the Disney-level theming, the immersive atmospheres, the food...was something you only see at a handful of parks anywhere. To say I was blown away by the whole package doesn't even come close. While not a very big park every single inch of the place is just littered with stunning details. I actually enjoyed it more than Disney as while I think what Disney does is excellent the parks unfortunately just lack the thrills I need to keep myself entertained. What can I say I like 'em big and fast.


A few rides:

Black Mamba- not quite as good as Nemesis, but it's now my second favorite Beemer. Reminded me of the older, snappier ones a bit although I think the close proximity theming added to that. Nonetheless, this is easily the best B&M built after like 2002 that I've ridden. Great ride...from a company with so much potential...why don't they build em like this anymore?


Both Winjas- really fun, I can see why many think this is the best spinner although I don't have a very long list to compare it to.


Chiapas- Absolutely my new favorite log flume which was also really fun but not too crazy. Would be the surprise of the day if it weren't for...


TARON- Holy, effing, crap. The videos do it absolutely no justice, especially the second half. First half is great warmup, and then the pedal hits the metal and all hell breaks loose. This thing moves pretty quickly through the tunnels and in/around the seriously themed Klugheim. I had front and backs seat rides and I'm extremely biased towards the front of the train usually due to the unobstructed views but the back is just as good. My favorite parts are the second launch, the overbank, and that one transition after the overbank. The layout is perfect, the trains and restraints fit me perfectly and are awesome, almost constant headchoppers and near misses, world class theming, twistyness and airtime, AMAZING capacity...Intamin got this one right and will remind everyone why they are still king of the hill for major coasters.


So now the big question, is it a Maverick killer? My answer is yes and no. This ride was designed to gel with the theming whereas theming of Maverick enhances the designed layout, at least that's how they feel to me. This ride was also not supposed to be crazeballsinsanofast the whole way where as Maverick was more or less designed to do so. I think if you take the coaster layout alone I gotta give the edge to Maverick still as I love those Nemesis, I305, Maverick type of extremely intense rides, but Taron is far and away the better experience despite it not being quite as intense. Still 100x more intense and 100x better than any B&M lately in the second half. There is nothing like this anywhere else and again, Intamin and Phantasialand have created something special.


Taron is now my #3 coaster, only behind Maverick and El Toro. Also my #1 in Europe, dethroning my beloved Nemmy. Go ride it. Tomorrow.

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Taron looks great, like a lot of fun, and of course, Phantasialand looks absolutely fabulous!


Having said that, while many were stating that this was their #1 anticipated coaster of this year, I must confess that I would put it solidly in third place for me personally, behind Wildfire, and Lightning Rod, after seeing the POVs of all three. I also highly anticipated Storm Chaser, and that certainly lived up to the hype for me, and I don't feel like Taron looks better than that - at least to me. However, I would like to see a POV from the higher, seated position (if one was linked to above, I'll check it out later, as where I'm at right now I can't access anything on Facebook), because I think that might give me a better "feel" for the ride. Don't get me wrong, it looks really fun! And the themeing is a HUGE win! I guess I'm just still more into the look of the RMC wooden coaster experience than an Intamin twisty one... Please spare me your torches and pitchforks!



Fair enough and makes sense if you like the RMC style . I could never fully judge a coaster by a POV. Even after riding a few RMCs, including Lighting Rod over the past year, this is still my most anticipated ride this season. I guess since all RMCs ride like steel coasters to me, I lump them together and just love that Intamin insanity a bit more

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I like to post some pictures of past Friday, didn't have time for this earlier and don't want to make a full TR.


They already took down the fence Friday and it really opened up the scene.


I really like this opening they had, both employ's holding the robe had stick one representing Taron and the Other Raik, it are the sticks measuring height.


Shot of the really good entrance.


It's unbelievable close to the pathways.


Like this part just in front of the entrance.


At this point looking at the ride you hear the best soundtrack.


Raik it's really tall.



Two other shots off how close this coaster gets to you.


Despite this being the "slow" part of the ride it still zips through it.


There are some really nicely themed toilets underneath Rutmor's Tavern.

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Stunning scenery! Based on the pictures the only thing I'm missing is a bit more vegetation, but I see that they have planted some small trees and bushes around the ride so I expect that in some time it will look even better.


I also saw a backseat POV which gave me a completely different perspective on the ride compared to the first POV with the camera mounted close to the track. I simply did not realize the crazy amount of close calls with the surrounding scenery.

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While the pre opening of Klugheim was a fantastic event and a rare opportunity to take some great "night shots" of the area, it has been quite hard to take decent photos of the trains speeding around the track. Living close to Phantasialand, I returned to the park to take some more shots in bright sunlight - and ride Taron a couple of times. While there were some very short downtimes the team did a fantastic job on operating the ride at high capacity, so even with massive summer crowds the wait was less then 60 minutes all day. I also caught up on riding Raik. The attraction features some kind of "steam punk time travel" theme, that I really like.


The fun part of Phantasialand is, that it does not only attract "die hard coaster enthusiasts". And because Taron does not feature a frightning tall lift hill you'll find plenty of families giving the ride a try (and beeing surprised by it's intensity). And despite of the wait times they keep queuing up again and again. There are also the kind of kids we like to call "krasse checker" that think they are "too cool for this coaster" and it's soooo satisfying to see them screaming and grasping the handlebars while actually riding.


I am super happy, that with Taron and Raik, there are two brand new heavily themed coasters around and Phantasialand shows, that all the extra money for themeing was well spent: every piece of decoration, every building, the sound track, the uniformed ride ops, all that contributes to the experience.



Just a reminder: We are at Klugheim right now


I hope all this stuff will stand the less mindful visitors


The level of detail put into this themed area is completly insane


Every corner looks so amazing


I would call this Element "Mount Taron"


This is the infamous "Kornmuller Twist"


Parts of the "general public" are "surprised" by the intensity of the ride


A train travelling over a bunny hill


The beautifully styled train against a beautifully styled background


Shooting through a building


Train and rocks


One of the many turns - close to the "restaurant area"


Taron overview


When airtime becomes "hairtime"


Only a few dare to put their hands up in the air


Most rely on the handlebars - especially after the second launch


I love this shot. It shows how a themed coaster can look like


The center of the area


A train speeding over "Taron Falls"


Diving into a mysterious field of rocks


Taron crosses the "Raik" track


Another high-speed S-curve


Unlimited fun


Turning close to the "Raik" queue


Train through tunnel

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Satisfying to see how intense the GP finds the ride. Seeing how a few people complained that the ride lacked Maverick like curves and twistes, this just substantiates that the ride does have a few tricks up it's sleeve. Not to mention how nearly everybody is riding it 'sky rush style' .

(Universal this is your shot at building a kick ass 'mountain style' coaster )

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