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Phantasialand Discussion Thread

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Just seen this post now. You say to avoid the park on weekends, but how is it mid week, since I'm there staying on site from the 24th to the 28th.

Total emptiness in the park except for taron probably having a 30 minute queue time. School holidays are over next week, so that shouldn't be a problem.

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Thought I should report back, we visited last Friday and Saturday and stayed in the hotel Matamba.


The park was unbelievably busy on the Friday but the queue times weren't that bad, Colorado no more than 20 minutes, Maus De Chocolate about the same. I think many people just come in for free to take a look around the park. Saturday wasn't far of in terms of people and queue times were only slightly longer. There are some pinch points in the park when it gets that busy though which make it difficult to get around.


My 4 year old loved Colorado Adventure so we probably rode 10 times over the two days. The hotel ERT really is great, you basically have the whole area to yourself with front and back row waits only generally 1 train, although the hotel is expensive so you certainly pay for it. Thought Taron was excellent, especially the second half and Raik is a great family coaster....although not as good as Colorado Adventure.


We stayed in the Chinese hotel about 8 years ago and thought it very nice, hotel Matamba is a better family hotel, the separate tented room is very helpful if you have kids. Being completely honest I thought the whole package of 2 nights/2 days in park a little expensive. It's pretty much the same price as Europa Park and they just don't have the same amount of attractions but overall we had a great time.


Can't believe how close the houses are to the park.

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How do the restraints on Taron compare to Skyrush? Both use overhead lap bars, and I can confirm that the ones on Skyrush are far from pleasant, but I've heard a lot of good about Mack's overhead lap bars that I'm wondering what improvements Intamin has made since 2012.

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The lap-bar and seat on Taron are about the very best on the market in my opinion. It's as confortable as a Mack, only more open on the upper body, which is welcomed.


I haven't rode Skyrush, but I rode Altair that got yet another kind of lap-bar from Intamin. It's like day and night ; Altair isn't unconfortable, but it's all cramped, and the bar tends to crush the thighs a bit. Nothing like Taron.

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In my opinion Tarons Trains are by far the most comfortable ones I´ve ridden, and I´ve been on most of the competitors trains. You don´t really notice at all that there is a restraint, except for strong airtime moments, where they keep you in the seat. Very pleasant, very gentle, easy to board, plus the raised seats and dangling feet are cool in a non-floorless train as well.

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Hey guys I was thinking about a Winter visit as it would be my first I had some questions.

A few years back I understood the park had cheaper entry prices and separate pay for rides, but asuming I can't find anything about it now, I guess it's no longer the case, so is it?

And is there anything I should do or see what isn't there in, or completly altered from the summer season?

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Exactly, it's now up-front paying like in the summer season. Just a bit cheaper (39,50€ for adults).

You shouldn't miss the show "tiempo de fuego" in my opinion, it's a projection mapping show in the Chiapas area with a great "fiery" finale.

There also is the evening show "the magic rose" that ends with a firework every evening, but it's very popular and personally i don't bother with waiting an hour in the cold to see it.

And don't forget to catch some evening rides on Taron. Flying through the fog in the illuminated second launch is just incredible!

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River Quest went under a large refurbishment last closed season and received whole lot of new theming. In an interview after Klugheim opened one of the project team said that they weren't finished yet. Now that the ride is closed during the winter season work has begun.

New theming rock work is currently being added to the top of the building.

What else they will do is currently unknown.


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Hi all,


Drove to Bruhl yesterday for our annual visit to Phantasialand.

We wanted to see the winterdecorations (first time ever for us in the park in winter) but our main reason of course was to ride Taron and see the Klugheim area after missing it when we visited the park last April.

The park looked amazing, especially after dark when the lights are turned on. Klugheim is very impressive with great theming. Crowds were ok with nothing more than a 10 min. wait, with the exception of Maus (25 min.) and Taron (between 30-40 min.).

Did all the usual rides (Black Mamba, Winja's, Mystery castle, Raik, Maus) before going to the main dish of the day:Taron.


We rode a couple of the 'main' Intamin acceleratercoasters in the past (Maverick, Ispeed, Cheetah Hunt) so we have a nice list to compare Taron with.

In total we did 4 rides on it: twice during daytime and twice in the dark, both of those with front seat.


We both agreed (me and my wife), especially after the 2 rides in the dark, that Taron is far better compared with Ispeed and Cheetah hunt and is for us on the same level with Maverick, maybe even a little better.

The 2 rides during daytime were fantastic but when it's dark and you have front seats.........wow! Awesome ride!

Phantasialand definitely has a winner with Klugheim and Taron.


Sorry, no pictures. It was too cold to hold a camera



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That fits perfectly. Just came home from Phantasialand and I experienced Taron in the dark for the first time today. What an absolutely outstanding experience that was! Way better than at daytime; the speed and the atmosphere is NUTS! Definetely my new number one after these nightrides

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If you love theme parks at night, Germany isn't exactly the best place to be, as most parks close before sunset. Luckily Phantasialands opens in winter for the so called "Wintertraum" (winter dream) and stays open until 8pm. With the sun setting at around 5pm you have plenty opportunities to enjoy Taron and the Klugheim area lit up at night. And to take a ride on Taron in the dark, if you do not mind riding at 25°F. And if you get too cold, you can head for one of the hot spiced wine stalls. Because if it comes to drinking alcohol in public, Germany is exactly the best place to be.



The amount of detail the park puts into themeing the coaster is just incredible


Taron at sunset


The launch tunnel glows red at night


The first turn just after the launch


The whole "backlot" of the coaster


The launchtrack


Starry night @ Klugheim


One final look at the launch trench

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