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Phantasialand Discussion Thread

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Truly amazing and unbeliveable pictures. Ganz unglaublich! Thanks for sharing, can't wait till its my turn to experience this wonderful new themed area in August!


Btw hows the trains and the seats? As comfy as the MACK ones on Helix and Blue Fire?

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Exquisite photos, Multimueller. There is such a raw beauty to the theming of Taron, and you've captured it with such style. I feel like I'm actually "in" those pictures! (Wish I was!) Thanks so much for this 'virtual trip!'



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Amazing photos! I love the way your shots showing the surrounding theming

just engulfing the train. Very impressive shots, thank you for sharing them!


This one is my fave of the bunch! (o:

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Taron and Klugheim look absolutely incredible!!! I'm blown away!! Taron looks like the lovechild of Maverick and Expedition Everest. Multimuller, your pictures are fantastic. What camera are you using for them? Thanks to all for the details and descriptions of the entire area. Hope to some day get there myself to visit Phantasialand!

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Phantasialand is an amazingly themed fantastyland and a complete escape from reality. It really points out how most chain amustement parks in the USA are really just glorified parking lot carnivals with some landscaping.

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Finally made it today after being on vacation, Family Stuff and what not.


I should have made it earlier.


WHAT. THE..... lockers


Taron is insane. It´s beyond everything. Great launches, great positive G´s, great airtime (Floater, Ejector, Sideways, it´s all there). For me, it´s at least as good as Maverick if not better. Add the theming, the area around the coaster, the food, it´s just beyond everything I have ever encountered in any theme park in the world. Absolutely wonderful. For me, this is the new number 1 in the world, not as a coaster, but as a themed environment. Well done Phantasialand!

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We can't sing as well as Robb (check out TPRs last video of Chiapas), but we have an awesome 360° video of Chiapas

Now you can experience this log flume from the comfort of your sofa in 360 degrees.



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Summer has finally arrived in germany and even if most schools were closed for the big summer break (a guarantee for big crowds) I packed my camera stuff and made another trip to Phantasialand. Taron was running great: While wait times were 60 minutes in the early morning hours (as everybody went to experience the new ride) they quickly dropped to 35 minutes. Operations were flawless and you could hear the roaring of the LSMs every few seconds. I am still more than impressed with this addition to the park's ride line-up: the themeing, the trains, the sound effects - everything adds up to an "one-of-a-kind"-experience.



The first turn after the first launch


After the first turn


Happy riders everywhere


A train on the launch track


The end of the first overbanked turn


The train - high over the northern part of the area


Dashing through the "Kornmuller" building


Seen from a different perspective


Just before ascending to "Taron Falls"


Seconds before launch, the tension rises


The launch - seen from the queue


One train speeds over another waiting in the end course break


The themeing is completely amazing


Taron speeding through the rockwork


Overview of the southern part of the coaster


The infamous "Kornmuller Twist"


High speed S curve


More "Kornmuller" goodness


Rocks and tracks


Pure speed


Everybody loves Taron


It's launch time






Hope, you enjoyed my report

Edited by multimueller
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Do you think the ride and area will still be as good next year?


There is a kind of guest that think it is essential to leave "their mark" on the themeing elements, but Phantasialand has shown, that it can cope with such douchebags by repairing and restoring. Plus: there is a large non themed "overflow queue" that the park is using right now to keep damage done by bored and mindless guests to a very minimum.

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Went to Phantasialand again. Took some photos, I'd like to share:



Train going around Taron falls


Planet Taron a.k.a. "Fisheye lens FTW"


The "Taron Falls" curve


Coasters and Rocks


Panoramic view A


Panoramic view B


Incredible themeing


What goes up


Just before the thunderstorm

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Do any of the locals on here know when schools stop for Autumn break in Germany? Planning a trip to Phantasialand and Holiday Park in October but would rather not go when the kids are off school. Thanks!

Why do you want to go when there are kids there?

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