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  1. Some people just want to watch the world burn So true.
  2. Lines should not be very bad - but be aware that they are calling for potentially severe weather and a lot of rain Wed afternoon into Thursday.
  3. It is a shame this park has removed some much of its tree cover over the last several years. I think it really hurts its feel and atmosphere.
  4. I believe the 5 rides for 2017 are the submarine ride, a wave swinger, a 3 kids rides.
  5. I love Cobra's Curse, its something the park really needed and the theming is very good.
  6. Yes, and the train was full with a 25 minute line. With it off the run to the mid course break was outstanding.
  7. Went on Mako on Saturday and the trim on the hill was off, made for some great air time on the back half of the ride. It was amazing.
  8. I am a little surprised that Sea World hasn't developed a splash battle type ride. It could give them a great water ride/family ride and the theming could really fit them. Its also would be a fairly affordable addition.
  9. Surely no one would believe or even think such a thing existed. NO Holiday World has never had a Vekoma SLC and NO the park has never had an Asian holiday area and NO 80+ have not died on anything at Holiday World.
  10. Cedar Fair really scaled back in the investment category this year. It should be interesting to see if this becomes a trend over the next few years.
  11. This is just pathetic. You really have to have some serious issues to do things like this. She was such a fun sweat animal, my boys liked having their picture taken with her.
  12. With them starting so early on this ride (for a mid size wooden coaster) it makes me think extensive theming like Cobras Curse will be part of this.
  13. If their theming of Cobra's Curse is any indication of the theming that will be added to this ride, it will be a great additional to the park.
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