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  1. Good Lord! First official Rookburgh trailer has just dropped: [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  2. River Quest... The entrance hasn't changed yet and likely won't until later this year (or next off-season).
  3. Adding more theming to an already heavily themed area? Oh Phantasialand...
  4. Great TR! We went to Wintertraum on opening weekend, which was extremely crowded. It still was a fantastic experience, as always. And for anyone still going, make sure to be at Kaiserplatz around nightfall when they switch on the lights. Grateful to have such an amazing park nearby!
  5. Fantastic TR! What did the beer-tally say at the end of your stay?
  6. Awesome video! Höllenblitz is such a f*cked up ride....in the most positive way!
  7. Awesome photos! Neuschwanstein is such a stunning sight Can't wait for more!
  8. Welcome back to Germany! Loved the live video! Enjoy the rest of your trip
  9. Wintertraum is amazing! It's not that much different at daytime, but once it gets dark...oh boy! I would still avoid the weekends though, to be perfectly honest. Way too crowded on my last few visits. I posted a short TR of the 2015 Wintertraum, if you want to have a quick look: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=71299
  10. Matamba should be slightly cheaper (10-20€ if I remember correctly). No matter where you stay though, be sure to check out Dragon Bar at the Ling Bao. One of the best theme park bars I've been to.
  11. A round of applause for Phantasialand, please! LOVE the pace!
  12. Lethal Weapon Pursuit (Cop Car Chase) at Movie Park Germany. My love for this coaster is still unmatched even 11 years after it was torn down.
  13. I have, two pages "ago". Here's an interesting new poster, too.
  14. This is the rumored Vekoma prototype that could be used for F.L.Y.
  15. A 1,400ft long (a least!) steampunk-themed launched flying coaster with (supposedly) a bunch of dark ride elements?
  16. They just announced they're building a flying launch coaster! There's a video on Phantasialand's facebook page. Here' a link: https://s.atms.at/o972ke
  17. Thanks for the great replies so far. The fact that Europa is mentioned that often even without having a bunch of standout rides speaks volumes. Seems like other things (theming in particular) are just as important to theme park enthusiasts. If only Phantasialand had the approval to expand the park....oh boy
  18. I need some help from you guys. We're planning a little theme-park based show on a (tiny) local TV network and I'd love to have some numbers to fiercely throw around.....and there's undoubtedly no better place to ask. So, let's hear it, what's your favorite theme park in Europe? You may select up to two parks.
  19. Depending on which entrance we use at Phantasialand, it's usually either Winja's or Mystery Castle.
  20. I still think they will officially open the ride this upcoming weekend. I'd just wait a week or two to be sure.
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