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  1. I was in India earlier this year for the first time on business, I was absolutely appalled at the state of that country and will never go back. I witnessed people throwing multiple corpses into the river (in which thousands of people were bathing in downstream), people openly s*****g in the street, and a woman getting raped visibly from the main road. All in the span of about 12 hours in a major city that's apparently one of the nicer areas of the country. Failures like this in third world s***holes don't surprise me anymore. If a culture can be that barbaric and backwards (with absolutely zero desire to change, which was very obvious after speaking to many locals) I wouldn't even trust a staircase for safety let alone an amusement ride. Heck, the US fair rides even have me suspicious. Lesson to be learned from these accidents in third world garbage heaps of countries is a) stay out of the third world and don't even do business with them/give them your money, and b) if you for some reason find yourself there, don't ride the amusement rides and fly out on the first available flight. If this offends people. I don't care. It's the truth.
  2. Having the CORRECT information helps people. The park will update the public on the status of the ride as soon as they decide it's appropriate to do so. While we don't know what kind of damage there may be to the track (or brakes/other mechanics under there) there is obvious damage to at least one train, its easy to assume that both of those trains are out of commission. Until the park releases more information, which could be a while, "educated guesses" are just that. Well, I've seen pictures with visible damage on two trains but fine. While I 100% respect everyone's opinions and rights to say what they want, this is why this site has the reputation it does. Next time I will not contribute what I know (not mad, just in a rush and don't have time to carefully word things as said before if it comes off that way).
  3. Uhhh... what's the rush? The ride broke and now its shut down indefinitely. Can everyone kick back and just chill the eff out for a bit? No one here has any idea what actually happened, and we may not even find out. Could be mechanical to operator error to anything in between. It hasn't been two hours and already the keyboard engineers have shown up with with rampant and baseless speculation. Also shout out to everyone that actually went to Cedar Point on opening day, and then came here to complain about it. You guys haven't let me know down. Seriously though, have you all learned nothing from this forum? A) Having information quickly helps people planning trips out there just to ride this ride B) I'm an electrical engineer so while I don't have information, I can certainly make educated guesses C) Autism. lol
  4. PSA: Brake is what stops the ride, break is what happened to the ride today. You're absolutely right, sorry. I'm also going as fast as I can here because I'm on BREAK at work and only have a few minutes.
  5. I'd like to correct my last post, I was mistaken, this is the company I was referring to that was working on brakes/sensors and similar things and they do in fact have experience, although they appear to have worked on Twisted Timbers also...probably very similar issues with the break run. http://irvineondrey.com/
  6. Yeah, no. Wicked Twister and Maxair not being ready for the season is opening day jitters. Rides opening and closing a lot with small mechanical issues is opening day jitters. Having 2 trains plow into eachother with riders on board on your brand new ride causing visible damage to the trains and track is not "just opening day jitters". Having 2 coaster trains bump with riders on board on a beautiful sunny day is basically unheard of in modern times in the amusement industry. I'm sure they'll look into this further, but if it turns out that this wasn't operator error then this is pretty much unprecedented. I will be curious to see if this was operator error or if it was something mechanical. Like I said prior was this the first time they ran three trains while trying to do full operations with lines of 5 hours. I will be at CP two weeks from today. I get late Saturday through Tuesday. I was really looking for to Tuesday night and the ERT for SV because I am platinum. Just hoping that they get things figured out by then and that no one was hurt today. I know Twisted Timbers was having sensor issues on the brake run, wouldn't be surprised if there is a somewhat similar situation here.
  7. And RMC's winning streak continues. There are a LOT of small parks out there that would benefit greatly from purchasing one of these. From what I understand they're pretty cheap because they require less supports/steel, and can be assembled in no time at all.
  8. These things scare the s*** out of me, like many others, and this one looks to be no exception. However, I'd have to try if I was in the area.
  9. Holy crap. I cannot wait to ride this sucker. Looks like a legitimate contender for best coaster in the world.
  10. RMC may need to expand their manufacturing facilities. If I were a small park I'd be picking up the phone right now to install one of these as soon as possible. The ride looks absolutely bonkers, and the marketability is insane. These could literally become the next boomerang and I'd be completely satisfied with that.
  11. Gonna be a really awesome ride. I just wish they didn't mess with the layout so much, I really liked the original Intamin layout except for the trick-track/s-bend part a lot more. Still, if I ever get the chance, I'll make sure to stop by Energylandia.
  12. Well, there are a few more obstacles in the way of RMC Gwazi that the other ones didn't have that keep me skeptical. For example ownership's recent financial position, largely compromised structure, ROI questions in a more crowded local market especially if they do both sides- won't be cheap or fast, Florida's climate which can really screw with wood even more than the average hot place (+year round ride maintenance schedule), and perhaps not an immediate need for a big intense coaster although maybe the locals will disagree on that one lol. When you add all these together it starts to become really prohibitive. Don't get me wrong, I've always thought Gwazi could make a killer hybrid with both sides interacting and it would be awesome to see happen. But I won't be sold until there are more obvious signs than a few markers on footers (that type of color is also very often used for removal) which happen to be on a coaster that's been rotting away for years and been slated for total removal per reliable inside sources. Sure things can and do change but there's a lot of hurdles that would have to be jumped to make that a reality in this specific situation.
  13. This is exactly correct, and why I've maintained the entire time that this conversion may not be so impossible. Even if much of the structure is rotted (and I'm sure it is), I can't imagine that a bunch of new wood is really all that different than building a new coaster from a cost perspective if you're saving the footers, most of the station, and other things like that. For example, what if they just demo'ed the whole structure, and put in a steel structure like Storm Chaser has? That would save a lot of money on maintenance in Florida's weather. If SWP&E really wanted it done bad enough they could also get creative on the financial side of things to make it happen. Structure contracts differently, buy a couple raptors to sweeten the deal, etc. Now having said all that, I'm still not convinced it's happening yet because those could very well just be simply demo markers- I'd have to see more evidence before I'd start getting excited. But the similar markers are at least intriguing, and if nothing else it seems like Gwazi is a major eyesore that will finally be removed.
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