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  1. Does anyone know if the headlights on the Steel Vengeance trains will actually light up, as in the animated TV commercial? I hope so- that would look AWESOME!
  2. I'm so glad I got to ride "Tsunami" the very weekend that it opened. It was incredibly aggressive, and of course still smooth enough because it was brand spanking new. I shudder to think of how it is these days!
  3. If you're 20 years old then I doubt that you were on the 1927 version of the Wildcat. It was rebuilt by Dinn/Summers in 1986. I was lucky to get on the original version. It had fixed lap bars and I remember having to grab on as I was sliding up and out!
  4. Taron looks AMAZING! Definitely on my to-ride list. Does anyone know the speeds of the launches? I can't recall seeing that info. Thanks!
  5. I love the zero-G on Talon, especially because it is COUNTER CLOCKWISE! That is very unusual for a B & M Invert.
  6. OMG! OMG! OMG! Even better than I'd hoped for. Truly a masterpiece!!!
  7. For some reason, I haven't been on Talon and Hydra in a while. I do plan on riding them tomorrow though also Possessed, Trust me, I ain't talking about Hydra. Have a great time on Talon & Possessed though! Agreed! Actually Talon is one of my favorite B&M Inverts. It's smooth, fast and so re-rideable. At one of the Enthusiast Events I rode it 47 times in one day! I would have made 50 but a huge thunderstorm shut down the Park early.
  8. I get the jokes and all, and like I said, it's just a pet peeve of mine. I sort of feel that people who are going to speak with any sort of "authority" on a subject matter aka "theme park enthusiasts" should at least know how to properly spell the terms of the things they are trying to speak about, that's all. Thank you, thank you, thank you Robb! This drives me crazy!!!
  9. Exactly! For me it's a case of "I reeeeeeeallllly hope these restraints don't fail" as I am looking straight down 200 feet for those 4 seconds on the holding brake. It's a very unique and exciting feeling!
  10. Giant Coaster (1916) at Crystal Beach. It is my only side friction coaster. Surprisingly thrilling and fun!
  11. Although it may give you a SEVERE headache and backache for a while afterwards!
  12. For me the biggest problem with Thunderbolt was not necessarily the restraints, but how the train was tracking on the rails. It felt like it wasn't staying in close contact with them. Talk about jarring!
  13. Don't forget Meteor! It's my favorite flat at Dorney. So much fun, especially if you sit in the front seats!
  14. My only good rides on Mean Streak came in October 1991 at the end of its first season. It had broken in nicely, and had good speed. Of course that was before the trim brakes and reprofiling of the first drop. It was a fun ride back then!
  15. I did. While I was on the stairs leading up to the station waiting to take my first ride today, I saw Alan Schilke standing at the top watching the trains go through their wild gyrations on the course. No one seemed to even know who he was, but I did! He was also taking in all the riders' reactions as they came into and sat on the brake run. I could see that he had a very contented look. When I reached him I said, "Aah the proud Papa!" He smiled, and then I reached out to shake his hand and said "You're my HERO!" Then he really smiled! I said, "This must be such a happy day for you." and he said, "Oh yes it is. They're not all like this!" He was VERY happy! And how could he NOT be happy? Wicked Cyclone is just freaking AMAZING! It's like the love child of a hybrid coaster and a mechanical bull, that just happens to go upside down 3 times as a bonus! All the videos have been great, but they don't really do this coaster justice. It's THAT good!!! I rode 5 times, in the front (1) and back (3) and middle (1). I have to give the edge to the back. You are literally yanked over all of the hills. It is just so relentless, with so much ejector airtime (even in unexpected places!), and floater hangtime in the inversions. The pacing is exquisite; it manages to keep its intensity all the way until that final pop into the brake run. And the trains are by far the most comfortable that I have ever ridden. No pain whatsoever! So RUN to SFNE and you will not be disappointed!!!
  16. I'm going to have a very hard time sleeping tonight. I got a hotel room 5 miles from the park so I don't have to drive very far in the morning for Media Day. I am beyond excited!!!
  17. Nice to see Bob Gurr giving a speech. He's a good friend of mine. I love getting him to tell me all about the days with Walt Disney. As one of the original Imagineers, he had a lot to do with the creation of Disneyland!
  18. "Floorless Banshee" LOL!!! Anyone ride Maverick with the new restraints? I'm dying to hear about it!
  19. How are you able to ride it on the 20th? It's Media Day on May 20th. I got an invitation!
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