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  1. Rude much? Are you trying to be banned from the forum? Or are you just that stupid? Don’t be an asshole to our moderators because you are too stupid to use basic functions of the forum to fix your dumb mistakes. Was I rude enough for you? Not trying to be banned. As you can see I don’t post very much on here and didn’t realize all the functionality. Stupid? No. Asshole? No. Ban away. I understand why so many people dislike you and the website. I enjoyed seeing the trip reports from folks but there are better places online. To answer your question yes rude enough. Later!
  2. Any info on what will happen with the site where the Chevy Show was?
  3. Sorry for double post. Cyber Monday causing delays and updating pages
  4. Last thing I red about it was that the parts were in the boneyard area. Hopefully they will find a new home in the park for it. I love that ride!
  5. Any updates on Flume 1? Hopefully they will replace it with an updated version of the Flume Ride. It's part of history and the park. Would be a shame if they demolish it and make it another DC Land.
  6. Great report and pictures as always. Thanks for sharing! LOL at the Hallmark reference. It's always a small town with the shy guy and evil guy after the same girl.
  7. Last thing I saw on the web was they could not do any new construction on it, since it's in a flood plain. Hard to know what's true and what isn't online. I've been wondering about Flume 1, as to if they are going to remove it, replace it, bulldoze it. Anyone have updates on it?
  8. Great report and pics! Thanks for sharing. Too bad Six Flags doesn't take some tips from Disney.
  9. Great report thanks for sharing! Been a while since I've been at Cedar Point, but it looks like as the years go by, it keeps getting better and better.
  10. Thanks for the great photos and report! Knotts always puts me in the Christmas Spirit
  11. Thanks for the pics! You guys always do a good job. I always feel I am there when I see your updates.
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