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Phantasialand Discussion Thread

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2 hours ago, rcjp said:

I'll go to holiday park on Thursday, temperatures seem well above 8 but rainy. In fact, it looks like I'll get rain in most of these places. How are their "rain protocols"?

I haven't had any ride closures in Germany except for one Europa Park trip where we had a severe thunderstorm.

I've ridden Expedition GeForce, F.L.Y., Flug der Dämonen, Karacho and Taron in heavy rain. This should not be an issue. Mammut and Karacho at Tripsdrill, I've also ridden in snowfall. Our last Phantasialand trip consisted of three rainy days. No ride had a noticeable downtime due to rain.

As far as I know, Expedition GeForce is the only coaster that closes down due to temperatures. In fact, I just learned that Taron can operate until -10°C!

We just scheduled our Holiday Park trip for monday or tuesday. I'll make sure to give a quick summary in the Holiday Park thread.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I finally made it back out to the park on Halloween!   I was excited to check out F.L.Y and the rides I had missed on my previous trip a few years ago.     The weather turned out great (mild fall temps and the rain held off until the evening).    I was impressed by F.L.Y.   Based on reviews, I was expecting a very mild ride, but it was pleasantly forceful (there were a lot of dives where you really feel pulled down and a few good pops of airtime) and a ton of fun.  The interaction with the area is really awesome.     It is a great ride.  If you are a steam-punk fan, it will blow your mind.  I will say that I'm not, so I do still prefer Taron, ride and theming wise.  I also preferred Taron at night, lit up with cool colors, where as FLY was just white-light, but I it did stay true to the theming.  

The park didn't seem too busy.  The longest I waited was ~45 minutes for Taron around 11am.   The lines completely cleared up after 12 (This seems to be a thing in Germany?   Everyone seemed to queue up for lunch while Taron went from 50 minutes to literally 10 minutes from 12:30-1:30ish!).   I took advantage of this and got a solid 7 or 8 rides on Taron between 12:30 and 2ish.    Black Mamba was practically a walk-on all day and most other rides where at most 20 minutes.  I think FLY was 30-45 minutes all day (I got 2 rides, 1 at the start of the day in the front row and another later afternoon with ~45 minute wait.  I know the advertised capacity is more than Taron, but the line felt way slower.  Taron was killing it with quick 4-train op).

After around 12 rides on Taron, I would say front left seat is where it's at.  The trims before the last airtime hill were on (I can't recall if this was the case when I was there a few years ago), it's really a shame as it completely kills that last hill (you still get floater air).  Kind of like Konda, I feel the last 10-20 seconds of Taron leave a lot to be desired, and I just wish there was more airtime.  I do other wise love the ride though.

This was my first time at the park after dark and Taron absolutely was amazing at night!   The dark and lighting really add the experience.  I also got a ride on Black Mamba on the way out and it felt completely out of control in the dark!

I tried to upload a video of FLY, but it won't load for some reason.

On to some pictures:


FLY as you enter from the main park entrance20211031_091948.thumb.jpg.62f2c59f6f57a340bc20916cde50fed8.jpg20211031_092104.thumb.jpg.f30ed3b216ee98f41c8c6ad15bfbe31c.jpg

View from an open-air section of the queue


On to Taron, my favorite part of the park


Andech's Hell's break before heading back to FLY :)


Back to Taron as the sun started to go down.  I LOVE the red lit second launch!


Anyone know how to flip this image? It inverted on uploading!


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Thanks for the great report! Now it's time for mine :)

Two weeks ago I did a car trip across a few parks in Germany that I hadn't been to. I took some pictures from the others too but this was my favorite and the one I have more stuff to show/talk about. I might eventually do a report on Heide Park as well. But for now, Phantasialand :) 

I really loved this park, it has become one of my favorites. Amazing and immersive theming, great attention to detail, some nice food and, of course, a great selection of rides. None of them totally blew me away but the 3 main coasters are very solid and the theming only makes it better.

This report dates back to Monday, October 18. It was a nice, mostly sunny day but sadly, however, I wasn't as lucky with the queuing times as Satchboogie3. The lines for the main coasters were pretty consistent throughout the day with Taron's being between 30-50min, black mamba 20-30 and F.L.Y around 40. It's a shame that there is no unlimited skip the line pass (especially if you're just going for a day) but I won't complain as many/most German parks don't seem to have any pass at all. I got the thing and used my two rides on Taron (F.L.Y wasn't included). I ended up getting two rides on each of these 3 coasters and 1 on the remaining stuff that I went on.  

Overall, operations were very efficient (especially after having come across with some awful ones this year) and everything worked nicely. The park was very beautiful and nicely put together. It was the only park of the trip where I stayed the full day and left wanting more.


Now to a review of some of the coasters (with some "spoilers" for less obvious stuff not everyone might know):

- Winja's: these were some very unique and fun spinning coasters! They would have made it to my favorite of the type if it hadn't been for Ride to Happiness earlier this year, although that should be on a category of its own. Overall, I preferred Fear, I think (the one which does not tilt sideways). I just got the impression it was longer and did more stuff. Or maybe it was the element of surprise as it was the first. The tilting elevator lifts were very fun and an unique way to start the ride. The other tilting sections were fun to and I was totally caught by surprise by the dropping/bouncing track on the final brake run. It was a weird feeling and as a coaster nerd and a mechanical engineer, I was really intrigued by how that worked as the train never stopped moving through the track as it would bounce down and then up. I was quite frustrated cause I wasn't able to see what was going on since it was dark 😅. But it amazes how many moving parts and track switches there are and it was running fine. Does anyone know how reliable these coasters are? I'm curious;

- F.L.Y: I was really excited about this one especially as lately I've been riding some of these new Vekomas and they have been really good. Also cause there are basically no POVs of the ride and I was intrigued by the boarding process (very different from any other flying coaster). I then found out why. They have a really fancy locker system with bracelets that you use to open the locker and you really have to put everything in there as after you go trough metal detectors (I guess this is because the coaster goes over a lot of walkways and there are no nets, which I quite like). So after this part there are no phones (so no pics of the station too). It has a separate loading and unloading station (interesting fact, this is probably the coaster I've been on where the trains move the fastest in and out of the station). The trains come sideways with the seats straight up and facing the queue. You board them and then go through this slightly uphill bit (the station is underground and the first launch is elevated) still sideways. I guess Vekoma realized that being in the flying position for very long isn't so comfortable as you only face down just before the launch. Basically the track twists to the inverted position at the same time as the seats rotate 90 degrees to be aligned with the track (all done in motion and very smoothly). The launch isn't really forceful but it's definitely fun to experience one in a flying coaster.  I agree with Satchboogie3 in the sense that it wasn't so soft or forceless as I expected. It definitely has no insane moment like a pretzel loop but (like the inverted coaster Hals über Kopf at Tripsdrill) it keeps going without really having a slow moment and everything feels very fluid. The transitions, twists, dives underground and even the second launch/boost are very well put together and it really is a fun great experience. My front row ride on it was probably my best ride on a flying coaster as you really get the flying sensation (going over all the track mess and walkways). These new vekomas I've been on have this particular feeling to them: not very intense but never stop and feel very fluid, with great transitions between elements and no "dead" moments;

- Black Mamba: This was a pretty solid B&M invert. Not as intense as an old-school one (like batman) but after riding the super "new-school" invert at Grona Lund, it seemed quite forceful. The fact that you're flying around theming elements, trenches and with a bunch of near misses definitely adds to the experience. It also had a pretty good pacing, despite not being that intense. It was pretty much what I expected (in a good way). I was lucky to be put in the front row for my first ride;

 - Taron: Pretty awesome ride. Not on my top 3 or 5 but definitely very good. I was expecting it to be all about twists and turns but it still delivered some nice airtime moments (the trim near the end is annoying, though). Pacing was better than I thought too (on the POVs it seems to kinda crawl to the second launch but it felt faster in real life). Once more, the whole scenery really adds to the experience too as well as the interaction with the vekoma family boomerang the the rest of the ride itself (you'd often see two trains on the track at the same time). The launches were pretty forceful too, for LSMs (especially compared to many recent Mack rides). I was just annoyed that you can't go for the front row if you use the quick pass. IDK why, really. Cause you merge with the regular queue before it splits into rows... So the extra time you'd wait would be the same.


I'm actually not quite sure if I prefer F.L.Y or Taron, overall. F.L.Y amazed me for its uniqueness and novelty, in a way. It's a very "satisfying" coaster to ride, IDK quite how to put it. You do get a very good flying sensation. But maybe, if I had to marathon one, it'd be Taron as it's, overall, a faster and more intense coaster. 


I was sent to the China area entrance. A nice first impression :)



As with the rest of the park, theming was top notch 


My first look at Taron as I was making my way to the center of the park to buy the quick pass.




First ride of the day was Maus au Chocolat as it was near the place I got the quick pass (or whatever the name is here) and it had a very small wait while the big coasters already had large queues by then (I drove 3h40 to get to the park, so I wasn't quite there for opening, but close)


I had no idea what the ride was (didn't know it was a shooting ride) but the queue looked pretty cool. Fun ride too


I don't really know what's on the other side of this (maybe rookburgh, the layout of the park and how well the transitions between areas are sometimes made it difficult to get what was on the other side) but it looked really cool



First coaster(s) of the day was Winja's



Amazing setting and really fun rides! Even for me, who usually knows all the coaster layouts before riding, this was full of little surprises. One of the best spinners I've been on.


Queue and exit theming amazing too of course 




I then headed to Crazy Bats, a Vekoma family coaster which appears to have changed theming a couple of times. Now it was supposed to have VR but cause of covid it doesn't, so the ride itself is practically just in the dark. Still fun, though. And supposedly the longest indoor family coaster in the world? I'm pretty sure I read it there, somewhere.



Queue and station looked pretty cool.


The transition to the center of the park


Which, of course, looks amazing



Was getting a Disney vibe here



I must say, this whole area looked awesome. I really like the theming and the steampunk vibe of the area. 


First look at the long awaited F.L.Y



I'm a huge fan of the colors predominantly used here. 


First launch (which you walk under)


The entire area is also full of trenches and tunnels where the coaster very often dives into. 




The entrance


And the view from the queue. 


I find all this track and theming mess really stunning to look at.


The final inversion before the brakes. 


I must say that I initially had some trouble getting photos with the trains on the track because, since I didn't know the layout and there are so many tunnels and overlapping track, it is quite difficult to know where the train will pop up next.



Bit of the underground part of the queue 


That is pretty much the last bit you can go still with your phone. The lockers were just after this bit of queue ended


More rookburgh awesomeness



And now heading to the other rides 


View of the Mexican area 


And of course, the visually stunning Talocan


With all the effects working, of course


Heading to the "newer nemesis"





I love when the queue has a lot of interactions with the actual coaster. 




Scenery amazing too 


It's amazing when parks put in the effort to add all these little details not everyone will notice 





It's also great when parks have a lot of these interaction places with the rides





Pretty standard B&M invert first drop, but with a nice forceful pull into the loop





Mine train time!


This one was really long and with a lot of interaction with nearby buildings and rides too



Didn't realize you could smoke in the park. Or maybe you couldn't 😂





Finally heading to Taron


The two coasters (Taron and Raik, the Vekoma family boomerang) blend in really nicely




IDK what else to say, this whole area looks awesome too



The rockwork was amazing too. It's funny that I clearly remember watching a video about the building of all these rocks and scenery like 6 years ago, when the ride was getting built. I didn't think I'd end up here now 



Coming out of the second (and best) launch  


You go by this waterfall with great speed





Some Raik action (this was just a standard junior boomerang but in an amazing setting)




Two coasters in one 😁





I really wanted to try Chiapas for being such a special log flume (and to be able to sing "we're on a log flume", of course ;)  ) but it was just too cold for me (and the huge body driers had quite the queue 😬)


Yup, I'll just watch 



And of course, absolutely amazing theming 



I generally don't do these as I'm not a fan of this type of ride, but I had to go on this one. Just after a nice full meal 👌


As I said, I don't do many of these but this one had the most intense program of the ones I've tried (with the most flips)


Another great looking water ride which was too much for me


I then headed to Mystery Castle, an unique (one of a kind?) intamin compressed air tower 


Does the park have noise restrictions? Cause none of the coasters are very tall and are all surrounded by walls and this one is also enclosed, so...


Looked amazing from the outside, but the biggest let down of the park. Anyone find the same? No forces at all (no great positives and I didn't leave the seat once). I feel like it spends a lot of time just building up and being intimidating and then doesn't really do much. 



Some more Taron, cause why not?


This was my second (and final 🥲) ride on it




Also a last ride on mamba 


And, to end the day, a ride on F.L.Y. I realized I wasn't gonna have time to do anything else so I just waited for the front row (and I didn't regret it) 


One final look at some Intamin awesomeness 

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Thanks 😃 It was a great opportunity to test my new phone's photography capabilities aha 

Yes, F.L.Y was an amazing ride! As I said, not the most extreme/insane coaster experience but I did not have a single negative thing to point out about it. Even the restraints were pretty nice. I forgot to mention that but basically these work a lot more like the ones on B&M flyers than the old vekoma flying Dutchman. You have a vest restraint (the vest part only locks as you actually start moving) and then the leg/shin holders that are also kinda like the ones B&M uses. 

The trains are not the largest (20 riders, I think) but with the separate stations and efficient operations the line moved at a decent pace. 


Now having been to the largest German parks, I think I can say Phantasialand has the best coaster line up with Taron F.L.Y and Black Mamba, in my view. And with all the awesome theming, it's definitely my favorite park in the country and among my favorites overall! 

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Fantastic report that really shows off the beauty and uniqueness of this park!

But I do disagree about Mystery Castle. Did you only ride once? Each cycle runs a different drop sequence, so you may have gotten a weak one. But I love the anticipation and massiveness of it all, plus the (usually) multiple strong drops!

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Interesting take on Mystery Castle…. next to Taron it was our favorite ride in the park! I’ll agree I never left my seat, but it was such a great ride! Loved the indoor aspect of it! Such s good ride for me personally. I’m sad you didn’t enjoy it as much. 😩 

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Yeah, I only went on it once, so maybe I was unlucky....
The theming and anticipation (lighting, sound,...) really is amazing. But the ride itself was nothing special. I can tell you than on my sequence it immediately started with an upwards launch but nowhere near as strong as S&S ones (I also didn't get any air as it reached the top). Then it spent some time moving up and down (but very slowly, only to build up the anticipation) and it finally ended up a drop from the top but, once again, not forceful enough to leave my seat (so not even 0G, like a standard drop tower).

To be fair, although I enjoy a good S&S tower, I prefer simple drop towers. Honestly those are, nowadays, the only rides that I'm never fully prepared for as when you get that sudden 0G you always get that funny feeling in your stomach. 

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About Mystery Castle I sort of feel the same as rcjp, but I'm also a guy who likes to review rides on the whole more. It's one of my favorite rides in the park and I try to get on it each visit because of theming, The ride is fine but far below other tower rides I did, and the fact that it's indoors is a fun gimmick nothing more. I also hated how the launch is so loud it blocks out the music (or at least I always thought it was the ride and not part of the music.) Definitely a ride that goes like 9 out of 10 presentation but 6 out of 10 ride making a 7 out of 10 complete experience.

I think Talocan has like the same problem, It's a lot less forceful due to less mass then the regular top spin rides, but Talocan really has a saving grace that it doesn't require the ride to cool-down after doing a round of flips, this allows for a much more interesting ride program as the ride isn't swinging like crazy every 30 seconds. So unlike Talocan Mystery Castle doesn't have a benefit from being less forceful then rides like it, still a fun ride and I will recommend people to ride it but it sure isn't the best tower ride out there.

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^ Interesting stuff you mentioned about Talocan. I had no idea these rides usually had to cool down after some spins. And, I as I said, I usually don't do these rides myself so I didn't have much to compare it to (intensity wise). I went on it mostly for the setting/theming, for sure. 


And yes, the theming on Mystery Castle is an important feature but for me, as much I think good theming elevates the overall experience, the ride itself is the main thing and what I care about most. Still a pretty cool experience, though 

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Just got back from the park today, my first time at a park during the Christmas season.   The park was gorgeous.   I also much enjoyed FLY and Rookburgh after dark this time.   Early this year, the lighting seemed very basic with the old bronze light theming. Today there was a ton of red and blue lighting, plus great fog/steam coming from the tunnels.   Really made for an amazing night ride.   


I'll post a TR when I'm back in Belgie, with some bonus German Christmas market content 😁

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