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  1. Yes, and for now they are only selling bundles of hotel room plus a 2-day-ticket, breakfast, three-course dinner and a F.L.Y. fast pass.
  2. Hotel Matamba has a coaster (Black Mamba) in front of the hotel but... Hotel Charles Lindbergh has a coaster in front of your hotel room! That's (part of) the hotel to the left and right of the coaster track! It's a family business owned by the Löffelhardt family.
  3. Europa Park (and Phantasialand) have amazing operations, but even that goes only so far when there's 60,000 people in the park on a late spring holiday or bridging day, half of which want to ride all of the "big five" (Wodan, Blue Fire, Eurosat Can Can, Silver Star and Euromir) on one day. Won't happen, you'll need two days if you're also planning to eat or ride some smaller attractions. A virtual queue system will help quite a bit, but is no magic bullet.
  4. Phantasialand released a multi-language rulebook today. Looks like all restaurants will be open, but there is no information yet which if any rides will be closed.
  5. A quick reminder that this time of year is probably the best time to visit Phantasialand. Barely any queues, almost all rides are open (except River Quest)... ...there's great decoration and lighting... ...trees and ice and stuff... ...great food... ...and of course Klugheim and Taron at night are even more mysterious.
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