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Favorite Crowd-Interactive Coasters

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Hey TPR!


I was just thinking back to my summer coaster trips, and there were some cool coasters I rode that interact with the crowd. One that's pretty interactive is Diamondback. Its first drop goes over the midway, and it crosses back over again. It's so much fun to hang over the first drop and see a bunch of people waving and watching.


Top Thrill Dragster is pretty neat, too. It's like you're the center of attention! While you're waiting to launch, there's a huge stand of people watching you.


The Surfrider at Wet'nWild Australia is pretty crazy, it's an Intamin halfpipe that sprays firehoses at you while it's running! LOL! It draws some nice crowds.


What are some of your favorite interactive coasters?


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I think this kind of thing is more common in the UK than in the US, but I'm not totally sure. In America you see lots of coasters just planked on a bunch of concrete or a parking lot but very rarely in England. Don't shoot me down for that though, I know theres loads of great off-ride coasters in America, I'm just commenting on the lack of "parking lot coasters" outside of American parks.

These coasters instantly spring to mind:

NEMESIS Easily the best. All the pathways are set in the middle of the Nemesis pit really well, so at times the coaster looks huge and intimidating and at others it looks like it's buried a hundred feet below the ground. AWESOME photo opportunities everywhere.

Oblivion Before I was brave enough or tall enough to ride it I would always stand right next to the drop. Theres always a bunch of people (kids and adults alike) standing next to the drop and the way the mist ripples when a train of screaming passengers comes past only a metre or so away is excellent. Really intimidating, and looms above the entire surrounding area.


Rides which do the job good but not as incredibly as those:


Shockwave The problem is that the paths don't get close enough to the track itself, but I like how riding the river rapids takes you on a nice "tour" around the ride.


Colossus, Nemesis Inferno Stealth and Rita

Lots of paths throughout all of these rides and great photo opportunities. Rita and Stealth come in because I'm a big fan of standing right underneath the launch track when a train is going over it


edit: Duuuuuudee I just named my top 7 coasters without even thinking about it Probably because I rate the off ride experience of a coaster as being so important to the overall rides quality though

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California Screamin. It's always fun to watch it launch, and you can pretty much completely follow the train throughout its course from so many areas.


Silver Bullet. The cobra roll over the midway is just awesome, I don't care what all ya'll have to say about that.


Terminator Salvation: The Ride, entirely because of the station fly by, the helix around the queue, and airtime hill under the bridge though.

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You know, as I think about it, MF has that decent last hill and overbank around the queue line that always makes me want to get on it right away while waiting in line.


Too bad after the first drop it does pretty much nothing, but it's still great watching people on it while you're waiting.


-James Dillaman

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Besides what has already been mentioned, I'm going to say Manhattan Express (now called 'Roller Coaster'...) Everytime I would go to Las Vegas, I would make sure to walk around the ride, go in the NYNY pool area, etc. I could watch it for hours (I was way too scared to ride it at the time).


Raptor is also a lot of fun to watch, as you can walk around the ride. Same with Tatsu (even though you can't walk all around the ride, you can see it everywhere).


Besides coasters, I love watching Top Spins (especially Riptide at Knott's). It's great watching riders flipped all over the place and getting the fountains in their face.

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I would have to say all the Coasters at Nickelodeon Universe, just because they are all packed in really tight with pathways on all sides.


Another for me is Hoosier Hurricane at Indiana Beach. Standing on the Suspension bridge, with the coaster diving right underneath is really cool.


This shows the train diving right under the bridge, that enters the park.

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I would have to agree with Roller Soaker...especially now that they have the queue area for the Lazy River under part of the ride. That gives the riders a pretty easy target for the water drop when the queue is full!


Even though the capacity for the ride is simply awful, it is still a great family ride on a hot day. There was a kid there last year that told us he had been there for three hours hitting people with a water cannon...he could have cared less about the other rides and coasters!

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It seems almost any Arrow coaster with a corkscrew works here.


Superman:Ultimate Flight at SF Great America is great as you fly towards the queue line on the first drop. During the ride you cross over then 2-3 more time as well.


Raging Bull might be my favorite as you walk under the ride in the queue as the coaster roars over you. Even better is as you exit Viper, the tunnel to the first drop is right under you.


Hollywood Rip, Ride Rockit also falls into this category. People in and out of the park get a chance to watch the ride as well.

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As previously mentioned, the three B&Ms at Alton all interact well with the crowds, with extensive viewing areas and paths that wrap all around.


But I'll fly the flag for a local coaster, and say that Superman Escape has some great crowd interaction....At one point the track bursts out of a wall right above the main entrance and you can walk underneath:



And the top hat sits right in front of the main plaza at the front of the park, so crowds always gather to watch:


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Lisebergbanan is great as it almost travels through the entire park! Although the paths aren't quite that near to the track, it's still clearly visible. And the log flume interacts with Lisebergbanan too.


Kirnu (and Inferno) is always fun to watch. Every time I look at the balancing of the car and try to guess how it spins in the end.

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