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West Coast Bash 2010! Register Now! See Page 1

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Hopefully this means the end of Winter Coaster Solace!

Nope! This is a different event than Solace. From what I understand Solace is still happening in April of this year, but I think it's also in conjunction with an annual ACE conference.


IMO, Solace is more geared to a "roller coaster event" and West Coast Bash is more of a "theme park event." We are hoping to offer some things that have never been done at Solace before.



What I meant was, hopefully this event will be so awesome that Knotts will no longer have WCS after 2010.

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Knotts moving Solace really opened up the opportunity to add it to the event. I really like having the event in March so those in very cold areas can enjoy some ERT to help beat the winter blues and we honestly didn't want to link it with what ACE is doing in April.

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Every year Bash gets better for sure. I mean, you can't beat having an entire park open for night ERT.


The only downside of back to back days - I'll be dead on Monday.


^ You're 18 years old! If I were you, I'd get new parents!


LMAO!! Truth!


Sadly ....


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I've been waiting for this announcement since the last WCB. WCB 2010 will be my first one, and I'm so stoked that SFMM is on a Saturday this year instead of Sunday! Now I'll be able to stay for the night ERT if I go, too!


This is the central reason why we moved MM to Saturday. So many people miss out on the night ERT and its awesomeness!

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This sounds like a pretty fun event, and I really hope I'll be able to go to one, if not both days. It mainly depends on the price and whether or not Xcelerator will be open since I'll have school that Monday and don't want to be too tired. If one day is an option, there is a 90% chance I'll be going on the Six Flags Magic Mountain day.

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^^ I would like to point out that at this point California's weather is completely unpredictable. WCB 2008 was sunny and quite hot, and then WCB 2009 was raining and at a point there was HAIL! I wouldn't be surprised if this year there's like...wait...I'm not even going to finish because I don't want to jix it! But yeah, not ALWAYS sunny!

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^^I'm pretty sure someone from the Midwest can handle the harsh weather conditions in California in March.


Even during a storm it is sunnier in Southern California than a typical day in the Midwest or Northeast at this time in the year.


I know you were only pointing out that it may not be sunny (at least to a Californian) but I like mocking the weakness of Californians regarding weather.

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I remember last year pulling into the park with KT for lunch and it just started hailing...we sat in the car for about 5 minutes, I called Robb, we both laughed and then the sun came out and it was beautiful the rest of the day!


March has always been 'odd' weather in SoCal, but SoCal is an odd place so it kind of makes sense!


I'm sure we'll have a great time this year whether it be rain, sleet, snow, or sun!

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