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Even though last years weather was quite weird it seriously didn't stop anyone from having a good time. We were all cold, and some of us soaked because we didn't bring an umbrella, but I'm sure that everyone had an amazing time! I know I did, even though when it started hailing, I looked up like an idiot and a huge piece of hail hit my eyeball! The good thing about rain in CA is that's it's usually not followed by or accompanied with thunder and lightning like Midwest storms. I remember working at Worlds of Fun and them closing almost all the rides because of the rain or lightning. Luckily I don't recall them closing a ride down at MM. Anyone know if they do that at SFMM??

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^WCB 2009 was great despite the weather; I remember how it looked when I headed over from the hotel to the park and wondering how it would all pan out. Everyone was still in good spirits, and Neal was even standing up there with the microphone in the pouring rain and I thought to myself, "Now that's dedication!"


Just a few hours later, I was enjoying ERT on X2 and Tatsu as the sun came out, and it turned out to be a beautiful day (although I think I nearly got frostbite from some of those night rides on Goliath, Tatsu, Scream and Viper, it was still a blast!)


In re the two parks this year-this is awesome news! After the nightmare day I had at work today (including finding out my paycheck bounced ), this announcement made my day. I was wondering how you were going to top WCB the past two years, and this definitely does it.


Solace and WCB weekend has been my one weekend out of the year when I shut down the computer, get away from home, try not to think about work and have a great time both riding coasters and hanging out with a great group of people. The past few years Solace has been waning a bit, and to see a day at KBF become a part of what has already been a great event is a really good thing.


Really looking forward to this one!

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Round trip air fare from Chicago to LAX on Southwest $333.20 per person tax included. A get-away to sunny California in March should be worth it!


Unless tragedy strikes before then, count me in.


It's about the same on American and United too.....if you're closer to O'Hare.

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While I really hate to give away any pricing details before we have things set in stone, I do see that a lot of people are looking to come in from out of state so I'll give a ball park.


West Coast Bash 2009 was $30 per person for Six Flags Magic Mountain. I have no idea if we'll be able to get the same price again this year. We are still working that out.


I would like this event to come in at no more than $40 per park. It's a little bit more expensive than last year, but we are also doing more this year.


Also If you do NOT have a season pass for the parks it might be a bit more.


So I would say that $40 each park, with a Six Flags and Cedar Fair season pass is a good "worst case scenario", but please don't quote me on that.


If it turns out to be more money, it's because we are getting more for the event.


Hope this helps.



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*gasps, clutches the pearls*



Magic Mountain and Knott's? Count me in! I've always considered Knott's my home park despite it being over 300 miles away. Last year was some of the most fun I've had at a theme park. And as a bonus for me, it's close enough to my birthday that I'll count it as festivities. Might even do like I did last year and hit Disneyland for a couple days (oooo world of color). And while I'm over there I really should hit Tiki-Ti... and... and... and...


I'm mildly curious, would any Arizonans care to caravan over there?

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The experience you'll have at a TPR event will leave you feeling that you got WAY more than your money's worth. I don't usually avail myself to all the different things they have going on and I still feel that I get great value for the money spent. The ERT by itself is more than worth the price.

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So, maybe this year, I will get a ticket like usual and NOT cancel it at the last moment... and then all of you can rejoice with much glee at seeing me again!!!! Ah!! Who I am I kidding, like any of you give a crap! Oh well, I can go many places where people don't give a crap if I am there or not, so no BIG LOSS!


...any of you remember Spidey? Maybe you'd rather he come instead...



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