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  1. I don't know for sure, because I was in the viewing area as everything else was happening. I do know that they closed most of the rides in Paradise Pier, I noticed them emptying the Fun Wheel at I'd say, 8:00ish. I think they were closed for the night, as there were showings until the park closed.
  2. I saw the first showing yesterday. Got my FastPass way early in the morning (was towards the front of the line), then returned to the parks and waited to get into the viewing area at 6:15. Honestly, there is no need to wait to get into the viewing area. The FastPass states to report at 7:30, and the people who didn't wait to get in got spots just fine. We cared to do nothing else, so we just decided to wait it out. The show was incredible. The videos online, no matter how HD they are, will ever do the show justice. I went in with high expectations and was still blown away. Before I start sounding too positive, there were a few dull moments. Parts where it's just clips of movies projected onto the mist screens were just unnecessary. However, where the show really shined was when all elements of the show were incorporated and working together (lazers, fountains, projections, etc.) Some parts just felt unreal to watch. For example, in the Little Mermaid part, there's an effect where it looks as if the ocean is rising. You can see it in the videos, but the effect is truly impressive in person. I saw many people crying at the end of the show. I myself, teared up. Robb stated it correctly in his post. If you're a person who enjoys shows like this, then World of Color is right up your alley. Otherwise, you might want to spend your time elsewhere.
  3. I'm down for a WoC day! I graduate June 3rd (...finally!) so anytime after that is good for me.
  4. This applies to me! I'm in the same boat as the ghost. I've seen the current fireworks show at Disneyland (Remember...) too many times to count. To the point where I've pretty much memorized every shell, every line, etc. And still, I'll wait sometimes up to an hour and a half for a spot in front of the castle. I can't explain why, but it's something to do with the 'magic' of it. It sounds kind of corny, but I totally 'buy into' the "Disney magic". I guess for me, it's more the fact that it's something Disney produced, which automatically makes me interested. There's always the factor that I'll be disappointed by World of Color, but I know no matter what, I'll still really enjoy it because it's, well, Disney. And it's "magical". Hahaha, I'm such a Disney nerd.
  5. ^ One of my favorite songs by her. It's especially good when she does it live! Love her! Car Crash by Artist Vs. Poet
  6. SAME. HERE. Every one of my friends thinks it looks stupid, but all I hear are rave reviews about it. I need to see this!
  7. ^ Aaah, Lincolnshire Posy. My band director introduced me to the song and I listened to it in full not too long ago, and I absolutely loved it. The third movement is so, so sick - it's the one that made me fall in love with the piece in the first place.
  8. Decided to revive this thread! Anyways, I'm playing in my school district's Honors Band, and we had our first rehearsal for this year yesterday. We received a piece called "Strange Humors" by John Mackey and I can't stop listening to it or stop playing it. It's such a fun song to play and really just overall an amazing composition. It's so perfect in the way it utilizes the different ways that instruments can make unusual sounds. I'm pretty obsessed with this song at the moment, haha. There's an english horn solo in the beginning of the song, and it continues with the melody to about 2:02. Since we have no english horn in our band, I'm playing the solo and it's incredible to play. The melody is so haunting and sultry. I love it. Anyone else in band playing interesting music?
  9. Billionaire by Travie McCoy (feat. Bruno Mars)
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9kwPeGs_pg Same video that was posted on the last page, except it's been synced with the audio from Steve Davison's presentation of the Pocahontas segment of the show. What's being tested at the moment is actually very accurate to what was presented. I thought it was pretty cool. It actually gave me the chills haha, I guess water and music is all it takes. I can't imagine what it'll be like to watch all that from Paradise Park. Anyways, just thought I'd share!
  11. I for one am very excited for World of Color, however forcing people not in the viewing area to "avert their eyes" from the show? That's pretty ridiculous. If a policy this absurd ends up being used, I'd hate to be working for Guest Relations...
  12. ^ Oh, high school. I can totally relate. It's really annoying when people think you're less a person than you are just because you can't find a companion. But I'd rather find someone that I truly love than use someone merely as an 'accessory'... the right person just hasn't come along yet. You're a stronger person for not choosing to fit the 'mold' that is given to you once you enter high school... even middle school nowadays. But yeah, I totally feel you, man!
  13. Man, I kept seeing you guys all day but I couldn't connect the faces to the screen names. Well now I know, so here's a late "hey!" I'll be sure to say hey in person next time! But anyways, great pictures man, I especially loved the Scream! ones. Looks like you guys had a great time!
  14. I'm typing this right now sick as a dog, thanks to a nonstop WCB weekend. Under any other circumstance, this would suck big time. However, WCB 2010 was so worth it, and I'd do it again at this very moment if it was possible. This was me and Jaclyn's (hauntme23) first WCB. Our first TPR event was Termination Day and we were thoroughly impressed. We knew at that instant, we had to go to the next WCB. Fast forward a year and we're back at SFMM, but this time for WCB. I had high expectations going into the event, after reading numerous trip reports about last year's WCB. Little did I know that my already-high expectations would be exceeded. From the morning ERT to the night ERT (highlight of the entire weekend!), the whole day was incredible. We were pretty much treated like VIP's, being let into backstage areas of the park and whatnot. We got the X2 backstage tour, and I loved it! It was really cool seeing the wheel maintenance room and seeing X2 from a different vantage point. The presentation was both informative and entertaining (as was the Knott's presentation), and I appreciated the honesty in each of the answers. Night ERT was incredible. Colossus racing was definitely my favorite part of the day, tied with the night rides on Terminator (which are always fun). The SFMM day was so much fun. I saw some familiar faces throughout the day, but I couldn't for the life of me attach them to a screen name! So if you saw me, let me know! Also, shout out to The Bebes! We didn't chat, but we shared some Terminator night rides and a high-five, hahaha. "We took the silence!" You guys rock. Without further delay, here's some pictures from the SFMM day. Knott's day pictures up later! After 4 hours of sleep, waking up at 5AM and enduring a 2 hour drive from Lake Elsinore to Valencia, we're finally here at WCB 2010! Who needs coffee when you have X2 ERT in the morning? Terminator morning ERT was delicious. As you can see here. After morning ERT, we were treated to a backstage tour, which allowed for sexy photos like this one. ...Buddha? Mr. Six Dance Coaster track! More sexy photos. Failed to get the train in this one, but it's still pretty sexy. The backstage tour made Jaclyn really happy. When else can you get photos from this angle? Very rarely. One of my favorite photos from today. Batman loopage! Me and Jaclyn have never noticed this before. If you ever wanted to see three pigs stacked on top of each other, here you go. Thank god for this sign, we almost forgot what event we were at. Jumping for joy! Metro... such a shame. My favorite inversion on Batman. This. Ride. Is. EVIL. ...Porky however, is not. This is what we did trying to get out of the sun and waiting for the presentation. This, along with Twitter and Facebook. We decided to go up to the sky tower. I was very, very proud of this picture. Just ask Jaclyn, hahaha. A look over at Arrow Corner. This view is awesome. ...Buddha! "Awwww, Magic Mountain used to be so cute!" Credit? A little later on in the day, we went for a backstage tour of the wheel maintenance area of X2. Very cool! No clue what half these parts were... but I had a nerdgasm. The supports are still painted yellow. In one door and out the other, we were lead into the area where the transfer tracks were. More nerdgasm. It was pretty high up so it was hard to get pictures of, but I cried tears of joy. Just kidding. But no, really. The backstage area of X2 allowed for some pretty neat shots of Viper. That mixed with the sunset was the perfect formula for great pictures! Another rare angle of Viper. I do NOT miss those colors on the right! The current paint scheme is very sexy. After some (AMAZING) night ERT on Colossus and Terminator, it was time to call it a night! SFMM day was incredible! Knott's photos up soon!
  15. A Party Song (The Walk Of Shame) by All Time Low And a little extra note... the moment I knew that I loved TPR is when this song was used in the first video shown at WCB, SFMM day. All Time Low and TPR combined = awesome.
  16. Well I've already posted in the other WCB thread, but I'll post here also. I don't think I can stress enough how much I appreciate everyone involved in putting this event on, and how much fun I had! I was telling Jaclyn constantly during the event how spoiled we're going to be next time we go to either Knott's or SFMM. The "perks" we got for the event were fantastic! The two main highlights for me: -Night time ERT at SFMM... oh man. This had to be my favorite part of the entire weekend. Colossus racing the trains was epic, and the energy of the people in the trains was great fun. The remixed Terminator soundtrack... hilarious! "We took the tunnel! We took the tunnel!" These were, I think, the only two rides we got to during ERT because we couldn't get enough of both. -The presentations, at both SFMM and Knott's. Both crews were fantastic and hilarious! Very informative and interesting. Do I even need to say what I thought of the new Haunt maze presentation? Probably not, but I will anyways. I thought it was awesome! The fact that we were getting Haunt maze news in March was worth the $112 price tag alone! It was really cool, for me, seeing how a maze is brought to realization and the different room concepts Daniel Miller had in mind. The new maze sounds awesome, and the presentation has definitely made my Haunt withdrawals much worse... thanks a lot. ...and those weren't the only two highlights of my trip, I'm just to lazy to type more, hahaha. There's definitely a lot more things that happened over the weekend that I loved. I have a ton of pictures from the event... maybe if I have time I'll do a trip report. This was definitely the most fun I've had at either park (well, for Knott's, it's tied with Haunt ). Another huge thank you to everyone involved. Can't wait for WCB 2011, I'll be there for sure!
  17. Hey!! If I recall correctly, we shared a high-five during Terminator ERT! You know, right before we "took the silence!" Hahaha. But yeah, I'll definitely actually come up to you guys next time and say hey and get pics, etc.
  18. WCB 2010 was so much fun! From night ERT surprises and X2 tour at SFMM to the Haunt presentation and "short" Calico Mine tour at Knott's; everything exceeded my already-high expectations! Colossus racing and the remixed Terminator audio was definitely the highlight of the weekend, for Jaclyn and I! I'd just like to give a HUGE thank you to Robb and everyone else involved for putting on such a fantastic event. I arrived at home from Knott's about an hour ago, and my mind is still blown from how great everything was. I've always wanted to go to WCB, and now that I've had the chance to experience it for myself... wow. It was well worth every penny. So thanks, once again for everything. Thank you, thank you, thank you! PS - I'm counting on that backstage Haunt event at Knott's that was discussed at the presentation to happen! That would be AMAZING.
  19. I tried the bacon and chocolate funnel cake today at WCB. It sounded both amazing and dangerous the first time I heard of it, and I was pretty hesitant in eating it, but it was actually not all that bad. It was great, actually! My being really hungry at the time probably helped the taste, but it was actually pretty good. I hope it was popular enough today that it remains on the menu... I'd try another one!
  20. Me and Jaclyn are at the Cyber Cafe at SFMM posting this. We're having a blast! We can't wait for our backstage tour!
  21. My mom just found out one of her coworkers is a pornstar.
  22. I'm going to add into this Lady Gaga conversation because I have said that "Lady Gaga is brilliant". But I have said that because I admire her vision, not only her music (which I think is great, btw). Like nagro5 said, she writes music that are commonly taken literal, but there's always a hidden meaning to her songs. Well, most of her songs anyway. She's by no means the most amazing musician ever, but she's pretty damn talented -- both musically and artistically, in my opinion. Watch some videos of her playing acoustic versions of her songs, they're awesome. Regarding her art, if you really pay attention to the little details, you'd notice that there's (sometimes) hidden meaning in not only her songs, but the way she dresses and her performances. A prime example is how her bloody VMA's performance was a commentary on how the paparazzi and fame in general slowly kill a lot of major celebrities. It could be seen as attention-seeking, but it's just an example of how she expresses herself. And I respect any artist for expressing themselves in ways most wouldn't understand. She's refreshing. Pop music over the years has been so, well, 'blah'. It's nice to see someone that's so dedicated to their music and art, especially in the genre of music that she's in. She's not revolutionizing pop music, but she's bringing back some flavor into a genre that has become so bland. That's just my thoughts! On a completely different note, I'm so excited for Streetlight Manifesto's new album this week.
  23. Hazy by Rosi Golan feat. William Fitzsimmons - Such a beautiful and relaxing song. Very easy to relate to.
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