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24 Days of Theme Park Review Videos!

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And with each Coaster Expedition DVD if there is an opening segment, then there must be a closing segment (well, with all volumes except one! Anyone know what Coaster Expedition DVD did NOT have a closing segment?)


Was it 7? it doesnt say it does on the box anyway...


This is one of my favorite videos, one of the ones that made me buy some of the DVDs, if just because of the music

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I still think you should take a cue from the new Kristin Chenoweth "made-for-tv" Christmas movie "12 Men of Christmas," and do a TPR Beefcake Calender with Dan as the centerfold...just a thought.


We could make tons of money provided that ACErs think they're buying a calendar of actual cakes made of beef!


Dan "Gravy frosting" Smith

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Did you ever wonder where Dan and his "Acceptable Amount of Water" came from?

It's a good thing I love you guys...



-Dan "My "Acceptable Level of Water" Scale is subjective " Angona

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