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24 Days of Theme Park Review Videos!

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Wow, it looks like you got to SFGam pretty late. Did you ride all the coasters there?

No, but we got the only credit we needed - Deja Vu!


Remember, this wasn't about "Riding as many coasters as possible in one day" it was about "visiting 7 parks in 1 day."


We started the morning off at Mt. Olympus and rode Hades there (we were doing filming that morning) and then we hit all the credits at all the other parks in the middle, then ended our night on Deja Vu at Great America.

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I'm pretty sure that i read on one of Noxegon's TR that he got 8 parks and 21 coasters in one day while doing the jersey shore. However my record for parks in one day is 5 and that was credit whoring in Orlando. Whats really impressive with the Mt Olympus-SFGAM is that that must of been like 300 miles traveled in addition to the 7 parks

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Do you know what they are going to do with Aska, the wooden roller coaster?

Let it sit there and rot?


Seriously, I've heard nothing other than the ride is still standing.


And let's face it, after a full three years of sitting there in the climate that Japan gets (typhoons, etc) without anyone looking after it, I'm not sure how much longer it can last to where it would be cheaper to build a new wood coaster from scratch than saving that one.



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Here is a BRAND NEW THEME PARK REVIEW VIDEO!!! Never before seen ANYWHERE!!!


Coney Island, New York City, NY and the FINAL YEAR of Coney Island's Astroland.


This segment is from the upcoming Coaster Expedition Volume 13 which will be released in January (knock on wood!)


Enjoy this brand new TPR video!



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Awesome video! I can't wait for the DVD. Hey, maybe you could do it Build A Bear style. We could visit your apartment and burn our own disc, insert the cover in the DVD case, print the label on the DVD, and close it all up! Just like Build A Bear! It's too bad I never made it out to Astroworld. Thanks for the sneak preview!

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