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So how was your ride on MHE?....it was BEEPBEEPBEEPBEEP....

Makes your wonder about Togo? I've been on the King Cobra when I was a kid and don't remember that being rough....


Thanks for the laugh Robb!

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I went on Manhattan Express once in 2005, and it was rough and bumpy but I didn't experience alot of pain. Some headbanging, but that was about it for me and my brother.


The ride is so not worth 12.50, even without any lines. There was no one in line when we went on the ride, they really need to lower the price. HUGE turnoff and plus, it hurts!

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Haha the Manhattan Express POV is such a classic video, I love it! I have never actually experienced it, thank god, as it looked terrible. Maybe I'll get my credit next time I'm in Vegas if the newer trains do indeed improve the ride.


Robb I was thinking too bad this wasn't a reverse POV so I can see all the head-banging and body-slammage during the ride. I think seeing the painful facial expressions with the "colorful" language would've definitely put the icing on the cake in this video.

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Once again here is a NEVER BEFORE RELEASED VIDEO (except on our DVDs!)


Here is Lotte World, South Korea! This footage is taken from mulitiple trips to the park which I think is absoultely a fantastic place!


Not only does it have a totally kick ass roller coaster (Atlantis Adventure) it has an amazing dark ride (Pharoah's Fury) and tons and tons of other dark rides (I think there are 4 dark rides in total) flat rides, a great drop tower, and overall a fun place to visit for a couple of days.


Can't wait to go back! Enjoy the video!



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