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It's an interesting experience, to be sure. If someone is already timid about ferris wheels, I'd definitely not recommend it. It's also kinda weird riding closer to the center of the wheel for part of the time rather than the edge. I found it fun to do once, but given the choice I'd go with a regular ferris wheel since it's more relaxing.

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Great video, as usual, Robb! Cyclone was one of my very first "real" roller coasters and I still love it. It can be pretty rough (e.g. back seat), but has held up well considering its age. And the Wonder Wheel is amazing!


I'm still sore at Joe Sitt/Thor Equities for forcing the closure of Astroland, but here's hoping the City's purchase of acreage from Greedy Joe and the new call for amusement development proposals ushers in a new Golden Era for Coney Island!


FUN FACT! Did you know that the name "Coney Island" comes from the Dutch word for rabbit, "konijn"? NOW YOU DO!

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Ah, home sweet home...


Coney Island got an exciting new roller coaster this past season - Michael Jackson's Dragon Wagon kiddie coaster from Neverland! (Really!) With most kiddie coasters, you get to go around three or four times. With this one, you go around about twenty times - and you just wish the damn thing would stop already! (Oh... my knees... OUCH!) The coaster is definitely not intended to be ridden by anyone over three feet tall.


And to anyone who ate at Wendy's - shame on ya! (A nice way to not experience Coney Island.) Coney Island = NATHAN'S HOT DOGS... and raw oysters on the shell, and soft shell crab sandwiches, and pistacchio soft serve cones... mmm...

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^ The Wendy's bit comes from an inside joke during the Behemoth Trip part of that whole tour.


At Lakemont they gave us wristbands where on the opposite side of it there was a coupon for a free Frosty. We were totally going to pull into the drive through...with the bus... and say "55 free Frosty's, please!"


We never did end up claiming them!


--Robb "I think most everyone ate at Nathan's..." Alvey

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The following video is from our first ever organized "group trip" in 2006 and there are just certain videos, like the PortAventura one I posted earlier, that I just feel really captures the spirit of what being on a TPR trip is like.


This Blackpool Pleasure Beach video does just that...



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