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  1. Great day at SFNE, barely time to post these, but here they are ... Because my pictures are always too big to upload directly https://picasaweb.google.com/cometcoaster/TPRBizarroBash?authuser=0&authkey=Gv1sRgCI2dtZ7cx4T9Mg&feat=directlink
  2. pjf02536 wrote:yep its there complete with its oG What does this mean? Do you see anything else? ----------------------------- Sorry Rob, just means teh internet takes time for everyone to be able to find that address The only besides the nicde club TPR graphic is the FB icon at the bottom (firefox) There is invisible text at teh bottom (black text on black actually about emailing Dan. This is visible in Opra Sorry Don't do windows nor exploiter ... ummm WinExplorer
  3. yep its there complete with its oG (anti G) logo (DNS Propogation can take up to a week sometimes) (I'm using google DNS servers
  4. As always, these videos bring a great big Smile to my face, and a happy feeling all over.... even on the worst of days ...... Awesome Video ... .That's what I call Holiday Cheer
  5. Well it's not currently being rebuilt. I have been in contact with littleamerricka, there are no current plans to rebuild her, due to their current financials. They do have extensive site surveys and plans in-hand, and "always try to think positive and hope to have it in the plans for the future" So there is hope for the future, not immediate, but still hope. Their Meteor coaster was done all in house to learn how to build a coaster, and the long range plan was to use this as a foundation to build their skills and look forward to resurrecting the Comet one day... -Pete lpcomet.com
  6. Looks like there will be a stay of execution on the coaster, at least for the moment. Construction has all but stopped (likeley the economic situation has had a big part in the delays). So for now things still sit there. I've added/collected links to as many videos as I could on the http://www.lpcomet.com website. Some really good old footage...enjoy -Pete LPComet.com
  7. Yes it is sad to see these wonderful rides fade It is also amazing in other ways. The fact the Comet survived all by itself for 20 years is a testimonial to the designers and builders forethought.
  8. my bad, I posted a similar photo, this is the actual original Comet Station Collapse (2) Photo www.lpcomet.com (pf)
  9. I hate to sound like a picky person, but we nearly got severly burned on this, and I think we all need to remember this.... I see you have re-posetd pictures from our website, In this case it is OK for the images we have taken ourselves, but be forewarned, Some of the images (which we do not hold the rights to) are the property of others. I know for a fact the collapsed station image is from our collection, as I personally touched up that image to remove some graffiti See the attachment Just giving credit to your sourced 99% of the time will be enough gratification for the artist, and it is always polite to ask Please use respect when 'borrowing' images from anywhere, as we have found even if you believe you have the rights to use them, often you actually do not, and are violating copyright laws that could lead to some financially stressful situations. When in doubt just ask -Pete Team LPComet http://www.lpcomet.com Station Collapse original unretouched Photo Courtesy www.lpcomet.com
  10. Well I just posted the latest Comet disappointment. The roof to the station dropped sometime in the last month or so And I added a whole slew of new pictures I'm working on a piece about the creator Vernon Keenan, and am finding Little background on him, any ideas (btw I've been in contact with his grandson, who has very little also).... And of course (the beg) we're looking for pictures scans memorobelia whatever to help us build the historical sections, any help would be greatly appreciated (yes we do do credits) The station collapse is in our latest News item (picture included, less the colorful grafitti ) http://www.lpcomet.com -Pete
  11. Hi all, First time posting here, and I've been following the LP saga for years. I have partnered up with Jeremy and we have created http://www.lpcomet.com On this site we report on the events that are happening with the park, as well as starting sections on the parks history nad memories .... Ya I saw the SC Today article, and have been trying to contact the owners to see if we can get on-site to do a bit more photojournalism (hopefully capturing some things that haven't been done before) So Take a look at the site and let us know how we're doing Thanks Pete (Team LPcomet)
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