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24 Days of Theme Park Review Videos!

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And to follow up our Walt Disney World Wedding, here is the video that is a compilation of the next few days in Orlando which followed our Wedding.


I'm not sure how many other people invited a whole group to their Honeymoon, but I'll tell you, it was a LOT of fun!


Just watch...



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Rob, bake her a Lasagna!

First off, who's Rob? Secondly, she wouldn't eat it!


Seriously, she doesn't really like sauce. She orders her pasta plain and her pizza without sauce.


The only pasta or pizza sauce she'll eat is the one she makes for herself at home.


It's just what she likes to eat and I respect that. Why would I want to force her to eat something she doesn't like?


She's not 8 years old and I'm not her mother. However I can blame then for not getting her to like normal food!


--Robb "With Two B's" Alvey

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Can't wait to see what video comes up on Christmas Day!

I hate to disappoint you but this twenty FOUR days of videos. They end on Christmas Eve.


Wow...I can't believe I screwed that up. I'm a math major too...


Watching the last few videos really makes me want to go to Orlando so badly. Too bad I live in California...


Also, the song you used in today's video, didn't you use it in another TPR video? I think I heard it in another TPR video...

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Robb and Elissa <3

In this video it's a beautiful beautiful awesome wedding !!!

I hope in your real life it was also a way much better than this perfect wedding video!!!




I'm sorry, I have to admit you I only watched it while i was drunk, because my actual life situation isn't very romantic.. But it's very very very beautiful. I wish you only the best things and thousands of more themeparktrips together and with your kid


I Loooooooove You and your Board

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I've been enjoying these videos all month and these last two are definitely my favorites. What an absolutely amazing wedding that must have been!


A little off-topic but what did you guys think of the surfing lessons at Typhoon Lagoon? That's something I've always wanted to try. I know they didn't offer it for a while but I'm pretty sure it's back now.

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Renee, the one thing I'd say about the surfing class was that it was a little too hardcore.


Robb and I had NEVER surfed before and they threw us in with Long Boards and 6 - 8 foot waves. It was more than a little scary. You have to be a really strong swimmer and be cool with getting pulled under the water for what seems like an eternity tied to a giant board!


That being said I'd still rather learn there than in the actual ocean, but I wish there was a way they could have started with smaller waves and smaller boards.

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