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24 Days of Theme Park Review Videos!

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Day 1 - Nara Dreamland

Day 2 - Bon Bon Land

Day 3 - Farup Sommerland

Day 4 - Beech Bend Park

Day 5 - Manhattan Express

Day 6 - Lotte World

Day 7 - PortAventura

Day 8 - Parque Espana Part 1

Day 9 - Parque Espana Part 2

Day 10 - Halloween Horror Nights 2006

Day 11 - Happy Valley Shenzhen

Day 12 - Nasu Highland Resort

Day 13 - 7 Parks in 1 Day!

Day 14 - Coney Island, New York

Day 15 - Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Day 16 - Opening Segment!

Day 17 - Closing Segment!

Day 18 - Disneyland Paris

Day 19 - Cedar Point

Day 21 - Tokyo Disneyland Resort!

Day 22 - Robb & Elissa's Walt Disney World Wedding!

Day 23 - Robb & Elissa's Walt Disney World Honeymoon!

Day 24 - Christmas in Miami!

Day 25 - Merry Christmas! Go open your present!




Hey everyone!


For the entire month of December we will be posting a TPR video EVERY DAY between now and Christmas Eve!


Some of the videos will be classics you may have been watching for years, some of them will be BRAND NEW, never before seen!


And some of you may be seeing even the older videos for the first time!


Either way, we hope you enjoy them have a GREAT holiday season!


Let's start out with this classic from Nara Dreamland...the "knock off Disneyland" in Japan. While this park was absoultely terrible (sans Aska, the wooden roller coaster) it was probably one of the more unique and "interesting" parks in the world.


It closed its doors in 2006 and from what I've been told the park is still standing, litterally like an abandoned ghost town. Creepy!


Enjoy the video!



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I think some Japanese guy came to California, took a bunch of pictures of Disneyland. Went home and tried to recreate it on a budget. It was pretty creepy how many things were taken from Disney. The monorail, autopia, jungle cruise, main street, castle etc. Then with all that rubbish they had Aska, a kick-ass wooden coaster. The best woodie in Asia at that time.

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Bon Bon Land! This might be one of our most popular videos ever! This park is so bizarre...so strange...so fun!


I have to say though I was a bit dissapointed by our visit this year. All the "Do it yourself" rides were taken out and they downplayed the cow boobs character.


The rest of the park is still intact and I feel that every theme park fan to go here at some point in thier lives!



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