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  1. I'm back! Since my last excellent meme, people have been begging for my return. I told them I would only return for a "sequel" if it wasn't rushed and I had time to work through some ideas. After a very tense and stressful week, I am proud to present my work for the world. Enjoy.
  2. I've worked really hard on this and spent several hours decoding various memes. After several table reads and rewrites, I present my art.
  3. 1. Drive 2. 50/50 3. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo 4. Young Adult 5. Insidious 6. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows 7. Super 8. Contagion 9. Bridesmaids 10. Rango Numbers 1-5 were pretty easy to rank, but it became much more difficult to rank with 6-10. The majority of good movies I saw were released in fall/winter. Unlike previous years, there were no huge summer blockbusters that I fell in love with.
  4. Great TR! I actually went to the Opryland Hotel this past weekend to see their Christmas display. They had ICE going on as well but I didn't do it. I'd be curious to see how it compares to that in Orlando.
  5. Great TR! Their Christmas event looks fantastic and I'm glad it is doing well. The Pompeii lights look amazing. I really hope I can make my way to the event for next Christmas!
  6. I definitely agree. I've only been going since HHN 14, but the houses seem to lack the "intensity" and "out-of-control" feeling that they used to have. Now, most of the houses are just eerie and not actually scary. Having said that, I still love this event and am very eager to see what this year can offer.
  7. I think it is awesome how detailed your coverage is of your trip here! I had been looking for a good Splash Mountain POV and was very happy to see you got one! I really enjoyed the update!
  8. Just finished watching Coaster Expedition Volume 14 and loved it! Great segments with a great music selection! Really makes me bummed I am unable to do a trip this year though. This DVD reminded me how much I really do love this series. I hope to see more of them in the future!
  9. I really like it. I think it is a huge improvement and think the new quote is perfect for setting the tone of the site.
  10. That's crazy! Really hope it opens again soon. I'm glad I decided to ride it last night instead of waiting to ride it tomorrow like I initially planned!
  11. Looks like an awesome trip! I've always wanted to go to ski resort like this and try my luck at skiing and other winter activities. I think it is great to see updates other than coasters as this type of stuff looks just as awesome!
  12. I got a 15" MacBook Pro for Christmas! We also got about an inch and a half of snow yesterday and about another inch today. A nice surprise for Alabama, but now that Christmas is over, I'm ready for winter to be over!
  13. Thanks for posting these! I enjoy reading PTRs more in the off-season as I miss going to parks. Personally, I really like Six Flags St. Louis, but I think I'm partial because I grew up going there. And as a result, every other Batman seems backwards to the one I grew up with!
  14. Another quality video from Piers! He really needs his own television show.
  15. "Believe" at San Diego was really hard for me to watch. I seriously had to turn my head from the show a couple of times because it was that hard to watch! It just made me uncomfortable and I was embarrassed to be there. It was so cringe-worthy and awkward.
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