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  1. I'm back! Since my last excellent meme, people have been begging for my return. I told them I would only return for a "sequel" if it wasn't rushed and I had time to work through some ideas. After a very tense and stressful week, I am proud to present my work for the world. Enjoy.
  2. I've worked really hard on this and spent several hours decoding various memes. After several table reads and rewrites, I present my art.
  3. 1. Drive 2. 50/50 3. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo 4. Young Adult 5. Insidious 6. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows 7. Super 8. Contagion 9. Bridesmaids 10. Rango Numbers 1-5 were pretty easy to rank, but it became much more difficult to rank with 6-10. The majority of good movies I saw were released in fall/winter. Unlike previous years, there were no huge summer blockbusters that I fell in love with.
  4. Great TR! I actually went to the Opryland Hotel this past weekend to see their Christmas display. They had ICE going on as well but I didn't do it. I'd be curious to see how it compares to that in Orlando.
  5. Great TR! Their Christmas event looks fantastic and I'm glad it is doing well. The Pompeii lights look amazing. I really hope I can make my way to the event for next Christmas!
  6. I definitely agree. I've only been going since HHN 14, but the houses seem to lack the "intensity" and "out-of-control" feeling that they used to have. Now, most of the houses are just eerie and not actually scary. Having said that, I still love this event and am very eager to see what this year can offer.
  7. I think it is awesome how detailed your coverage is of your trip here! I had been looking for a good Splash Mountain POV and was very happy to see you got one! I really enjoyed the update!
  8. Just finished watching Coaster Expedition Volume 14 and loved it! Great segments with a great music selection! Really makes me bummed I am unable to do a trip this year though. This DVD reminded me how much I really do love this series. I hope to see more of them in the future!
  9. I really like it. I think it is a huge improvement and think the new quote is perfect for setting the tone of the site.
  10. That's crazy! Really hope it opens again soon. I'm glad I decided to ride it last night instead of waiting to ride it tomorrow like I initially planned!
  11. Looks like an awesome trip! I've always wanted to go to ski resort like this and try my luck at skiing and other winter activities. I think it is great to see updates other than coasters as this type of stuff looks just as awesome!
  12. I got a 15" MacBook Pro for Christmas! We also got about an inch and a half of snow yesterday and about another inch today. A nice surprise for Alabama, but now that Christmas is over, I'm ready for winter to be over!
  13. Thanks for posting these! I enjoy reading PTRs more in the off-season as I miss going to parks. Personally, I really like Six Flags St. Louis, but I think I'm partial because I grew up going there. And as a result, every other Batman seems backwards to the one I grew up with!
  14. Another quality video from Piers! He really needs his own television show.
  15. "Believe" at San Diego was really hard for me to watch. I seriously had to turn my head from the show a couple of times because it was that hard to watch! It just made me uncomfortable and I was embarrassed to be there. It was so cringe-worthy and awkward.
  16. I actually like when haunts use gross, yet familiar smells. HHN has used poo and vomit smells in past houses and it seemed effective at disturbing people. It can add a sense a realism to a house if it is done right and not over used.
  17. 1. I think it is a great idea. Many websites or applications have the free version and the pro version (IMDB). The pro doesn't take away from the free, but simply provides more for regular visitors. It makes sense that this should be offered. 2. Not yet. All the perks sound great and worth the fee. 3. Yes, the benefits seem worth the price. 4. If there was a year in which I was unable to participate on trips or meet up with TPR, I might not sign up for the membership. 5. I really like the that the $15 TPR store credit is included and that priority would be given to premium members, especially after seeing how quick seats were filled for the 2010 round of trips.
  18. Very interesting. Yo Gabba Gabba would fit in perfectly at Universal because they are both cool for kids and adults! I've taken a few UO HHN surveys in the past, and many of the event themes actually came true. The survey following HHN 17 mentioned the possibility of urban legends and Saw themes, which both happened. We can only hope...
  19. Awesome segment! Really enjoy the Expedition segments and seeing how TPR can make any park fun! More parks should invest in "Build Your Own Theming" to cater to the more artistic children.
  20. I have been to SFOG many times, and that day was easily the best experience I've had at the park! It was such a fun, laid back day with tons of rides! Also, the hour of Mindbender ERT was awesome. Every single ride packed a punch, especially at night. I was telling Tyler that I don't think I can go back to the park anytime soon because I was so spoiled that day and it just wouldn't be the same. Thanks Robb for putting such a good day together! -Robby
  21. ^Haha, that's amazing. I can already feel the Disney magic oozing from that picture.
  22. I don't understand why Disney felt the need to buy Marvel for its super heroes when they already have the best super hero out there - Handy Manny.
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