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  1. Just found this thread. Great photos and narrative! Looking forward to more!
  2. While I love both, I prefer the coaster expedition videos over the raw for the same reasons I prefer Theme Park Review to coaster sites: It's all about the parks, not just the coasters! I always look forward to when I can sit down, relax, and enjoy a coaster expedition!
  3. I just downloaded it this weekend so excuse me if I'm mistaken. But I'd like to see a way to see your own top scores outside of the iphone gamecenter thing. Like personal top 10 scores or something. Oh, and I love the app by the way
  4. Happy to report Mr. Freeze was open all day Saturday and the crowds were very light! We rode it 3 times in the first 30 minutes the park was open, and once later for four total rides. I think I prefer it backwards instead of forwards. Looking down the spike, down at the ground, instead of up at the sky. Mr. Freeze & American Thunder - 4x each Boss - 2x Batman, Screamin Eagle, River King Mine Train, Ninja, & Pandemonium - 1x each Colossus, Scooby Doo, Rush Street Flyer 1x each Full circuit on the train. SkyScreamer was closed 90% of the day which was a bummer for the 2 who hadn't been on it yet. Excalibur was also closed all day. Passed on Highland Fling and Superman this trip. The park closed at 8pm but having done everything we wanted to do, we left around 6pm.
  5. ^ I'm more concerned about the poster who said it was closed just earlier this month for at least 2 days. I'm assuming it will be operational but my last experience there when it was closed for 2 days has made me paranoid.
  6. Any word on if Mr. Freeze is up and running? It was closed for the 2 days I was there in June so I was already a bit apprehensive about it operating this weekend. And then reading through the thread some one said it was down for 2 more days earlier in this month and that there seemed to be some track work going on. I'll be quite bummed if we miss out on Reverse Mr. Freeze yet again on Saturday. Anyone know more?
  7. I definitely understand all the references to past debacles. I'm just wondering if it will be as bad since we're talking about people arriving by 7am on a weekday. I'm really hoping for the park that it doesn't get ugly. It's definitely a risky promotion.
  8. WOW Are you kidding me? News that there is a free day at SFGAm is going to spread like wildfire, and when it does you can expect a disaster of epic proportions. SFGAm services a metropolis of 4+ MILLION people! If a small radio station can close down SFOG in the morning and cause huge traffic jams all the way to downtown Atlanta like the one time they did a free day there, it sure can do the same at SFGAm. Good point. The news will definitely spread and they can expect a very, very busy day for a weekday, but at least they're not doing this on a weekend day and you have to get there by 7am. I'll be interested to see how this plays out.
  9. Super excited about this. Just decided that my lady & I will almost for certain be doing a SDC / WOF trip in 2013! Will be following this thread, closely!
  10. ^Yeah. I just drew it out on paper to wrap my own head around it. Very similar except when entering into the element it turns towards the other side of the element instead of veering off to it's own side to make the turn around. It turns towards the center to wrap around itself instead of going to the outside to keep the two turns separate. Completely pointless I know, just found it interesting, haha!
  11. Really strange. It sounds like the artist's intent may be to bash Legoland by saying this. I feel like it will work as a Publicity Stunt though as more people will hear about the giant lego man and see pictures than will get those details.
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