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  1. ^ It didn't do anything much to me ether. Maybe being on the shorter side helped...
  2. Oh yeah, you really have to watch some episodes of the crystal maze, Its pretty awsome! I'm really loving this TR, its reminding me about all kinds of things I had forgotten about, like the fireworks story!
  3. ^ no bones would be left unbroken. but it would be amazing!
  4. About the bonus park, since this was my 1st trip I cant really compare to any other reactions you guys have got before. But I personally felt a real buzz from the whole thing. Walking through the park as the night was starting to creep in, not to mention riding my 1st (and only, so far) boomerang. Oh, and that hysterical frisbee ride! It was without a shadow of a doubt one of my trip highlights. And I really appreciate it!
  5. ha, yay for solo chair swing ride! (did my lunch make you want the camembert? )
  6. lame, thats a little to out of the way for me to bag a lift. Thanks anyway!
  7. Yeah, I remember not getting much in the way of fairs when I lived there. where exactly is this? Because I'm going to be in that area soon!
  8. that fair looks so nice and clean I was thinking that.
  9. I feel completely the other way round, I like the fact that the segments in the newer DVDs have a sense of continuity. 7 is I think my least favorite and the american and european trip volumes (8, 9, 10 and 13) are the best. And of course they are excellent adverts for going on a TPR trip (Its one of the major reasons I am coming on one). It could be that because I am not as nerdy as some on this site that I prefer watching all the fun than looking at the park (although obviously I like to see some of it) The unsolvable problem between the two types of DVDs is that RAW works for people outside the site and CE never will. I will be very sad if/when CE stops.
  10. ^ my sister loves going there, could be I will get a chance to go check it out when I get home! Not that I am expecting much.
  11. Yay, Frankensteins! Hurrah for the brit crew going to somplace I have been too!
  12. Elissa friendly food is nothing compared to one of my friends who somehow exists eating only banana and peanut butter sandwiches on brown bread. And fizzy water. (I am not kidding) hehe that is soooo cute, I'm going to have to resist refereing to Kid Tums as 'The small Tums' from now on
  13. Thats First Task to you, better luck next time Yeah so the dueling dragons theme was cool, and I wish I could of seen it for myself, but the way some people moan about these things is making me not care about it at all. You think that they should of just gone: 'so, we want to create a totally immersive harry potter world costing millions of dollars. But, do you see that part over there? Yeah thats it, the part with Merlin and stuff. well hes a wizard right? So can we just leave that part as it is and screw the fans?'
  14. that looks amazing, wish I could watch. Nothing quite like people being eaten complete with a bloody mist.
  15. Ace! I think the tube sign photo was the best. 'The next stop is.... Club TPR!' I lost my regaler TPR pen last week between 2 exams
  16. Wow, she is really annoying, I had to turn the sound off. Yay for the Dawn french portrait! Its nice to see in some of the shops as well as the dragons queue.
  17. hehe, my number is exactly 100 more than Ice Bats. Not that it means anything (or does it...) but it did make me laugh.
  18. Most of these are not really that bad, actually there was one I quite liked in an odd way... I would say they are more: 'well, I wouldn't put it on but whatever' than: 'OMG what were they thinking!'
  19. Hm, guess I forgot to spell check because it was only an edit. Sorry, borderline dyslexic here.
  20. Oh, look, I have enough posts to ask for a custom title.. May I have a custom title please? EDIT: Guess thats what I get for being polite but cursed with a lack of imagenation and quirks. Story of my life: Me: The most boring person ever. Oh dear, I'm quite sad now. Thanks anyway.
  21. Is it the fact that I live (part time anyway) in the scottish highlands that I find the farm thing so amusing? I love clydesdales, and those ones look in tip top condition, which is nice to see.
  22. Haven't we known what the dragons are going to be called for ages? They were the 2 that came top of the poll on the website anyway, but I'm sure its been mentioned somewhere else.
  23. The numbering thing could be a funny way to boast, if you have a really low number. I can't wait to see this all unfold (and to get my shiny card!)
  24. ^ you make it sound like alton planned the whole thing, besides a real hedgehog is no way agile enough to get onto a coaster. (oh,and I think that genetically squirrels probably have more in common with hedgehogs than foxes (could be wrong though)
  25. Those 2 lists are not the same, and if you knew that then in my opinion its quite lazy to be complaining about one extra mouse click.
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