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  1. Elissa, thanks for taking the time to reply. I think I can sleep soundly now that I know what Elissa friendly foods are. LOL! My 19 month old son is a picky eater too. His diet mainly consists on potato based foods! McDonalds French Fries are high up on the list, along with potato chips. Sara
  2. Umm, is she veggitarian? Just wondering. How on earth does she maintain a slim figure on Mcdonalds? Have you seen super size me? LOL. Sara
  3. Ok, I just have to ask or it will bother me forever. What on earth is Elissa friendly food? It has been mentioned many times on your European DVD. Thanks for getting me in the loop. Sara
  4. My hubby and I have lots of the TPR videos and I have to say that Rob & Elissa are just such an adorable couple! We started watching your videos sometime after we had our first kid, and we kind of live vicariously through you two and your theme park adventures. I can't wait until the kids are old enough to go to parks on a more consistant basis. (or to be left with the grandparents for a long weekend. LOL) Great photos! And congrats on your wedding! Sara
  5. I know it's not very original, but this is me. Sara
  6. There are so many commercials I can't stand. I hate the Welches juice commercials with the annoying little kids with lisps. It's not cute, it's annoying! Oh yes, and I hate the commercials for...oh I dunno the product name. It's something to keep you from wetting you pants with that lame jingle, "And I don't have to go right now." It always makes me think of the SNL sketch for Oops I crapped my pants. Great thread. Sara
  7. And it's awesome! That's my happy event for the day. You guys are hillarious, as always. Oh, and I just signed up for this message board, and that makes me happy too! Sara
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