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Chessington World of Adventure Discussion Thread

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I guess this is now pointless, But if it got removed, I would've replaced it with either something like Manta at SWSD or something like Rewind Racers at Adventure City



Even though I've never ridden it as Professor Burps or Soap Factory, I'd love to see it return to Professor Burps with the Gas Room, Mixing Room, and Fruit Juice Fountain



Way Off Topic, But I would love if Garfield got rethemed like Professor Burps.

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Chessington has announced their new ride for 2017! In 2017 a 'new' ride will be opening themed to the Gruffalo! This could be really good as long as they make it feel authentic and magical without being tacky or patronizing, it should be a really good move for the park. It is most likely moving into the building where Bubbleworks used to live and use the same ride system, just instead of a chaotic factory Chessington have said the riders will come "face to face with the Gruffalo".


I really hope they do a good job on this one.

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We have a name for the new ride for 2017 (rethemed Bubbleworks).


From SouthParks Facebook page:

Ahead of the New Year’s Day announcement, it has been revealed on the Chessington short breaks website that the new attraction at Chessington World of Adventures Resort will be called The Gruffalo River Ride Adventure!


The Gruffalo will also be arriving at the Safari Hotel in 2017 with the addition of new themed rooms featuring a range of interactive elements and a Gruffalo gift. As part of their stay guests will also receive Fastrack access to some of the Resort's rides including the new attraction.

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Today, Chessington hosted the media preview for their new area for 2018, Land of the Tiger, featuring Tiger Rock.


Dragon Falls, the classic Mack Log Flume, has been rethemed in to the new area and is now intertwined with Tiger enclosures containing rare Amur Tigers.


Here's some photos from today:






















..and a POV of Tiger Rock:



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Today Chessington have opened Room on a Broom - A Magical Journey.


It's a nice walk-through attraction for younger guests, based on the popular childern's book by author Julia Donaldson and illustrator Axel Scheffler.


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Chessington World of Adventures Resort has announced the addition of a new themed land, the Rainforest which will include three new family-friendly rides.






Chessington World of Adventures Resort unearths a NEW Land, the Rainforest, featuring three rides!


Perfect for families with kids in search of their first wild adventure, explore the rainforests of the world by road, taking the wheel on Jungle Rangers; by river, making a splash on mini-log flume, River Rafts, and from the treetop canopy, bouncing up high on Treetop Hoppers, all while spotting creatures including tortoises and capybaras, the world’s largest rodent.


Tickets from only £29.50 when you book 5+ days in advance.




Little explorers take the wheel on Jungle Rangers, a car ride where they navigate their vehicle along the trail, spotting creatures along the way.




Make a splash on mini-log flume, River Rafts – watch out though for the cheeky chimps that live along the waterway!




Climb above the treetop canopy, bouncing up high on Treetop Hoppers, but be careful, what goes up...


Joining 10 other real and mythical Lands at Chessington, the Rainforest is inspired by our support of international conservation charity, World Land Trust (WLT), which protects the world’s most biologically important and threatened habitats acre-by- acre.


Our Conservation Fund has supported the WLT for the last eight years, saving an area of threatened rainforest in Ecuador double the size of the Resort and protecting it annually against poaching, illegal logging, mining and encroaching from farming, by funding ‘Keepers of the Wild’ (Rangers), to safeguard the area.


It has also been announced that Elmer's Flying Jumbos will open this year.




In addition to our NEW Land for 2020, the Rainforest, everyone’s favourite patchwork elephant, Elmer, is set to fly into Chessington for Elmer’s Flying Jumbos.


Fans of the picture-book character will be able to pick a colourful elephant to take them to the skies.

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Thousands of frontline NHS staff are being tested for coronavirus at Chessington World of Adventures, it has emerged.


The children’s theme park, in Surrey, has had six lanes set up in its car park for doctors and nurses to get checked in a drive-thru facility.


The workers will remain in their cars while medics in protective clothing take a nose and throat swab.


Chessington is understood to be one of several sites nationwide rolling out the tests for all NHS staff, announced on Friday.


Cabinet Minister Michael Gove, who was standing in for the Prime Minister at the daily press briefing, said the government was working in a "new alliance" with universities, businesses and researchers to boost testing capacity.


“These tests will be trialled for people on the front line starting immediately, with hundreds to take place by the end of the weekend – dramatically scaling up next week," he said.


The tests will initially cover critical care employees but will also cover those in A&E, ambulances and GPs, and will act as a check before they return to work.


More than 6,200 confirmed coronavirus patients are currently in hospitals across England and a further 846 people have been admitted to intensive care wards since the outbreak began.


Sir Simon Stevens, the NHS chief executive, said on Friday: “From an NHS perspective, we think it is urgently important that we are able to test frontline workers who are off sick or otherwise isolating."


It came on the UK’s darkest day for coronavirus-related deaths, which surged by 181 in 24 hours on Friday, and a staggering surge in UK cases, now standing at 14,579.


Boris Johnson vowed to drastically increase Covid-19 tests from around 5,000 to 25,000, with NHS workers prioritised, amid increasing pressure to match other affected countries’ testing rates.


Downing Street is now itself facing questions after Mr Johnson, Health Secretary Matt Hancock and England’s Chief Medical Officer Prof Chris Whitty were all struck down by the virus within hours.


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Chessington World of Adventure has announced their 2021 addition, Croc Drop!




Set to ‘drop’ in spring, those daring will plunge 25m into the giant jaws of a crocodile, Sobek, the ancient Egyptian Crocodile God and protector of the Nile, who has been possessed by evil spirits, transforming him into a cruel deity. With the once fertile Nile laying stagnant, riders must take part in a ceremony to banish the evil spirits from Sobek, plunging into the crocodile’s soul and freeing the waters back into the Nile.

Those between 1.2m and 1.3m must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 16, while those a minimum height of 1.3m can ‘drop’ alone.


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At that height and with those height requirements of 120-130cm accompanied, I'm picturing an SBF Drop Tower. We have one in the local Folk Village that matches those requirements and if it does turn out to be one of those models, with the cable permanently attached to the vehicle they ride more like a giant frog hopper than a drop tower.



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I LOVE this, I want to see more Merlin parks like Alton Towers, Chessington, and Thorpe Park come to the United States or North America. I just love the themeing that they put into each new ride! However, I wish they did choose something a little more thrilling to replace Rameses Revenge. Maybe something like a Top Scan, Star Shape, or even a Frisbee. Either way, love this for them! 

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5 hours ago, DBru said:

This theme is amazing. Can Wild Adventures get a copy?

Fingers crossed it's not the SBF model. The one at Energylandia is nap-inducing.

It looks to be an SBF one. :( Thank the lord it looks to have a great storyline at least since the ride itself will not be that exciting. 

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Very smart to install dividers, so they can fill every seat.

The tower looks very tame, but at least the theming is top-notch! I feel like there are lots of opportunities to theme drop towers that most parks don't even consider. Props to Chessington for presenting it nicely.

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Chessington World of Adventures has applied for planning permission for a new area, code-named 'Project Amazon', which will include a launched shuttle coaster.

  • Weird thing 1: This coaster appears to be a B&M, not a manufacturer you'd expect from this family park
  • Weird thing 2: This is a small-scale winged shuttle coaster, not a type of coaster you'd expect from B&M

Height restriction is confirmed as 1.4m, train confirmed as seating 24 riders. Train would launch backwards into a beyond vertical spike, then go forwards through a turn, inline twist and then a spiral around a themed animal structure before going backwards.

Construction would start in November with a view of opening in 2023 (19 years after their last coaster!). This has already passed a public consultation.

Regarding B&M, this very much seems to be using a hammer to crack a nut, but we've seen recently that B&M are looking to diversify and they are a good manufacturer to work with. The track in the planning application definitely appears to be B&M and Raptor at Gardaland was used as a benchmark for the environmental sound impact part of the application.

Theme is rumoured to be Jumanji due to the shape of the paths around the area which match that of the board game.

Full planning details






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