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  1. I just really don’t think they’d do all this teasing for a flat ride. Especially since it’s being described as a new signature attraction. Also the fact that he said he’s been five years in making. It’s been four years since Wonder Woman, so then adding a coaster for 2022 fits the pattern of adding a new coaster every couple years.
  2. Dang I'm excited to see what this is going to be! Planning five years in the making! this sounds like its going to be BIG! I really have to wonder if this will be an Axis coaster if it has been in the works for five years. I'm sure during that time, S&S was in the preliminary stages of designing the Axis so maybe that is what this'll be, but I just feel like that's pushing it. I feel like whatever this ends up being will be the most expensive Six Flags coaster in recent history!
  3. ^^ Wow say what you really feel. I mean I saw one scathing review, but I saw about four vlogs that were really great! Generally, from these early reviews, it sounds like this ride will be a lot more popular for the general public. I mean yes, I'm sure we all would've loved an ultra-intense coaster like Wonder Woman and Railblazer, but as we saw with both Stunt Pilot and now this, it looks like RMC has made changes in the design of the raptors to make them more enjoyable for a wider audience.
  4. I think the fact that they are making their largest investment yet in this year, the year that we are starting to come out of a pandemic that wrecked a LOT of theme park expansion, shows that they have been successful in making the park profitable once more. A used waterslide may not seem like a huge investment, but they are completely rebuilding a section of the park that was previously in horrendous shape.
  5. With the opening weekend of Stunt Pilot having come and gone, I would just really love to see Alabama Adventure get a Raptor (prototype layout) to go where the former Buzzsaw Falls ride was.
  6. Gene Staples seems to be saving parks left and right. I'm fully expecting Ghost Town in the Sky, Six Flags New Orleans, and Celebration City all to be next lol.
  7. Cool aerial photograph that Alabama Adventure posted just in case anybody wanted to see it. Pretty cool to see how the park has changed in recent years. Especially since 2018.
  8. Looks like a lot of the slide pieces are in place for Rocket Racer. What we can see in the photograph looks great, but what I'm really excited for is how dressed up the area is getting! Love seeing all these improvements at Alabama Adventure and Splash Adventure.
  9. Some pretty cool news from Alabama Adventure. As many of you know, they are adding Rocket Racers for the 2021 season, a WhiteWaterWest mat racing slide. This slide will be added at the former site of the log flume and ferris wheel, just behind the Splash Island kiddie area and the high dive area. As we've seen in previous construction updates from the park, they are repainting buildings in that area and redoing pavement in that area. Another great change is coming to the park. They are moving the entrance of the waterpark down main street so that guests will enter the waterpark near Splash Isl
  10. Seeing the pictures are making me even more excited for the park! Seeing it come to fruition is amazing! I can't wait to see how this park grows! I think it'll be incredible!
  11. Oh my lord this is amazing! I am so excited for this! Clementon Park just needs an overall cleanup! The water park side is pretty decent, but the amusement park is pretty..... gross. What it could use is a complete retrack of Hellcat, and some new, modern, permanent flat rides to replace some of the aging fairground rides.
  12. https://fb.watch/4omH3XmU6O/ An update on Rocket Racers. It is going to look huge inside the park! I like where they placed it!
  13. This is a bit of old news right now, but Owa released concept images for the new waterpark. Not going to lie, this is a great-looking indoor waterpark with a nice collection of slides. This expansion may use most of the expansion directly next to the amusement park, but I think this is a smart move. Waterparks tend to have a high return on investment with a minimal amount of expansion required to keep drawing in decent crowds. It will probably end up being a bigger draw for Owa than the amusement park. Hopefully, this will attract enough people to Owa to get larger crowds in the amusement par
  14. Damn didn't even catch that. Either way, it looks like they plan to build a family coaster across from Kanonen and it looks like it could potentially be a Roller Skater. Though it would be pretty cool if they got a SFC like Steel Lasso at Frontier City.
  15. OMG I am so excited for this park. If anything, just because I love Lost Island. I ordered a Lost Island sweatshirt off of their website and it just came in the mail. They had wrapped the package in tissue paper, and they enclosed a brochure as well as a handwritten thank you note. It's little things like that that show that the Bertch family takes pride in their park and that the same pride is felt throughout the company. I'm about to become the biggest Lost Island Theme Park cheerleader out there. I mean the park already has a great starting line up of attractions. If the site plans are co
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