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  1. Hey all! I just finished with my first day at Cedar Point! Well, I'm not going to lie, I loved the coasters (that were open), but I wasn't overall a huge fan of a lot of aspects about the park. I'll get back to that a little later. It was my first time going to the park with Steel Vengeance, and I loved the ride! I thought it was gonna feel like a bit MORE, but I still loved it! I just felt like the airtime was gonna be a lot more violent like Storm Chaser. The airtime just felt a bit weaker, but there was a lot of it. It's so hard to determine what my favorite coaster in the park is. Its prob
  2. I went to Kings Island today. Funny enough, three years ago on this day was my first visit to Kings Island. I've gone a few times now, making it my most visited out of state amusement park. I decided today that it's my favorite Cedar Fair park; there's something special about it with its grand entrance and all the towering coasters surrounding the Eiffel Tower at the center of the park. Plus you can really tell they put a lot of thought and effort to make sure new rides look great, which is extremely evident with new coasters like Banshee, Mystic Timbers, and Orion. It's just such a nice looki
  3. Thank you for the review! And that you guys for telling me more about the Fastlane Plus dealio. I’ve never gotten one before, and I just figured I could splurge just in case lines are long. The lines at my home park, Silver Dollar City have been absolutely terrible with them running one train on all their coasters so I’m nervous something like that will happen since it’s a Monday.
  4. I just bought a Fastlane Plus pass for my visit on Monday. I've never used one before. Do they usually trim down the wait time that much?
  5. That's a good idea! Looking through photographs of the Orion media day event (I'll be going to Kings Island next week yay!), I saw a few people with those. Good idea! I'll be going to Kings Island and Cedar Point next week so one of those will be handy, especially on some of the faster rides.
  6. Welp, I just went to SDC today, and it was my first time going for the season. I got there shortly after opening. Lowkey, the masks aren't as bad as I thought they'd be. I mean I've been wearing one to work, but I thought it would be worse at SDC. The park was actually pretty empty today with the preferred lot only being about a quarter of the way full. You wouldn't think it was not busy from the lines. The line for Time Traveler was all the way out of the queue building. Granted, they have the switchbacks shut off so that you essentially do two loops around the edge of the building before get
  7. Hello all. The past year and a half has been one of immense change for Marineland, both in the park and behind the scenes. As many of you may have known, John Holer, the original owner of Marineland passed away at the start of 2019. After his passing, it was unclear what the future would hold for the park with his family taking over operations of the park. Well it seems like his family is dedicated to the future of the park and ensuring that it will survive and thrive in the future. Last year, Marie Holer (John Holer's wife) hired a theme park analyst to assist in growth planning for the park.
  8. Here's a pretty cool aerial video of the park as of 2020. Has anybody been able to visit the park since it reopened last week? This video makes me miss the park and I've decided I'll probably make the drive down there in July probably. I hope this year is a successful one for the park. I feel like the park was about to make another large investment for the 2021 season before all this happened. There have been a few posts now where people have asked if the park is adding any new rides for the 2021 season, and the park has responded with "maybe ; )." Honestly, I'd love to see them add a mat race
  9. Full credit to MidwestInfoGuide (seriously love this site for their Adventureland, SDC, and Six Flags St. Louis content), but now we know that it's an S&S 4D Free Spin. Seeing the color of the track, I've grown on more to the idea of a Free Spin here. I just hope it doesn't turn out like Joker at Great Adventure, New England, Great America, and Over Texas where it mainly feels like it's just rocking back and forth rather than flipping crazily like both Batman: The Rides and Arashi. Now here's real question: is it going to be a custom version of the Free Spin? I know that sounds crazy,
  10. I do actually love riding them, especially the wild ones like Batman: The Ride at both DIscovery Kingdom and Fiesta Texas. I just wish they were a bit longer. I wish more parks would go with the ten element version. I'm hoping this park gets the ten element version. They will have a pretty well rounded collection. I'd love to see them add a small kiddie coaster and maybe an airtime focused coaster.
  11. I do like Free Spins, but I would be a little disappointed if it does turn out to be a 4D Free Spin. I mean it'll be the only ride like it in the state and the closest one is in Chicago, but I was hoping for a bit of a longer ride. The biggest disappointment for me is that it won't really utilize the lake setting. Even though I did hate Dragon, there was something pretty cool about dropping over the pond and bunny hopping back into the tree line. I was hoping to see something like that again on a ride, just smoother.
  12. ^^ Honestly as soon as I read that, I also thought that it could be a 4D Free Spin. Like whenever I saw those supports, I actually thought they looked similar to Free Spin supports. I do like Free Spins and I do think this would be a good ride for park like Adventureland, but I'm hoping for a ride that's a little longer than a Free Spin.
  13. http://www.midwestinfoguide.com/?m=1 I love this site so much. In their most recent post, the they were able to spot some supports for the new coaster!
  14. And they will get soaked and not able to breath through on water rides. I won't be visiting any park as long as they require a mask. Silver Dollar City has received a ton of backlash on Facebook of guests complaining about the masks. Numerous people have mentioned the masks on water rides, and SDC has said that masks will not be required on the large rides or water rides.
  15. They have a tram/train that takes guests around the park, including to the top of Sky Screamer Mountain. Personally, I actually love walking around the park; it feels like a bunch of nature trails. Last time I checked, they did have a bunch of monorail track in storage. I don't know what the plan for that is if anything is going to happen with it. The Bird Sanctuary has been cancelled for right now, at least building it from the ground up. It is quite possible that the former Aquarium Dome could be retrofitted to feature bird exhibits. Part of it was remodeled to house the new Magellanic
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