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  1. This is a great addition! I know this seems kinda sucky at first, but looking through the Facebook comments, the feedback amongst the general public is overwhelmingly positive! Frankly, the park didn't have a whole lot of just kiddie rides. Before this expansion, they only had 10 rides for the little ones. Now they'll have 17! Though I will say, the mini pirate ship to put next to the regular-sized one is a bit redundant. It does suck that three adult rides are being removed for 7 kiddie rides and one adult flat ride, but they were three rides that were getting too costly and near impossible to maintain. Overall, this is a great addition for the park and it is incredibly impressive that in the past ten years, the park has added essentially an entire waterpark, three new coasters, one major new thrill ride, one family-thrill ride, and then 9 new kiddie rides, two of which being included in a new family area. Adventureland really is kicking it into high gear with Lost Island opening up a couple hours away.
  2. Well looks like Alabama Adventure and Splash Adventure might be getting a new attraction for the 2022 season! Big ole' *might.* I have a feeling the chances are good since they are posting online that they may be getting a new attraction. For the reference, they posted a pic of their new commercial shoot and said they are excited to show off their improvements for the 2022 season. I think if anything, it will be a new ride for the dry park.
  3. Me to the Cedar Point fanboys who say that I'm dumb for thinking Cedar Point isn't getting a coaster since they haven't been teasing or starting construction: "Well well well...." I know people are making fun of the record, but really doesn't this take the record for the world's highest elevation coaster? Previously it was Cliffhanger at the same park. Or am I just making this up?
  4. Call me naive, but I kinda figured that this must be a sign that they got approval since they are resuming teasing after a month of nothing.
  5. Yeah homegirl came to this thread to see if anybody had any news about this coaster. It would kinda baffle me if they didn't get the approval needed to build this ride. Will this become yet another delayed project? Or do we think it'll open late in the summer of 2022?
  6. I'm inventing a new drinking game called "take a shot every time somebody wishes that this dived off the quarry wall." I'll take the themeing over the diving off the quarry wall. I'm pretty sure I've watched every analysis video and nearly every single one has talked about the fact that it isn't on the quarry wall. (For reference, Superman was announced to have a ton of themeing, but they underestimated how much it was cost to stabilize the quarry wall and they had to nix the themeing due to the cost of adding extra support for the wall.)
  7. No doubt! I love its central location in the park. The sightlines will be incredible with the first drop being at an angle for guests entering the park and then the second drop facing straight towards the entrance! Not to mention this will be in the top 3 tallest coasters in the park behind Iron Rattler and Superman.
  8. I will say, I am just a TAD bit sad that the announcement video is gone. I actually did enjoy those. It was kinda like a Christmas morning, waking up to see what each Six Flags park got. Granted, they were quite cheesy at times, but yeah it was like opening up a box of socks when you saw that your home park got a Super Loop. At this point, I’m just wondering if they are going to tease the Magic Mountain coaster or not.
  9. ^^^ Exactly! I think this is the start of the perfect middle ground for the chain. I REALLY think we are through with the years of something new for every park every year, but most of it is budget additions. I really think that 2022 is going to be a huge year for the chain. I mean as of right now, we know to expect five new coaster with honestly a possibility for two more if we are lucky (the mystery project at Over Georgia and maybe a Goliath relocation to Frontier City or something). So those are five parks that are going to see an attendance boost due to the new coasters. I think we could start seeing a more Cedar Fair approach with two larger coasters each year and maybe a couple flat rides or waterpark additions. I think with them potentially not adding something new to every park each year, it will expand the options of renovations that will overall just improve the park image. I mean we are already seeing this with the renovation of Poltergeist at Fiesta Texas, the renovation of the Carousel and a new front entrance plaza at St. Louis, Darien Lake renovating Predator for next year. I definitely think Six Flags will still be more fair that Cedar Fair and not let parks go ten years without any brand-new major thrill rides *cough* Worlds of Fun, Michigan's Adventure, and Dorney Park *cough*, but I definitely don't think we will see random filler attractions. I mean this is all just an unsupported opinion on my behalf, but I think this is a new dawn of Six Flags. And frankly, if this ride goes over well, I wouldn't be surprised to see a larger dive coaster at Great Adventure for its 50th anniversary in 2024, one for Great America for their 50th anniversary in 2026, and then maybe one at Magic Mountain as their next coaster for why the heck not?
  10. I, for one, am SO EXCITED FOR THIS! I ACTUALLY REALLY WAS HOPING FOR A SMALL-SCALE DIVE MACHINE!!! I am a huge B&M fanboy. I see a LOT of the coaster YouTubers are whining about this, but I think it is important to remember that the past three coaster additions have been ultra-intense, low-capacity coasters; this will finally be a looper that will cater more to the general public. Plus it is AWESOME to see that Six Flags is officially working with B&M again! With this project most likely having a budget of about $17 million between the ride and themeing, it is amazing to see Six Flags going for some higher-priced additions. Also this has to be one of my top three favorite coaster themes with the other two being Mystic Timbers and Orion. All that being said, I really hope that this is a testament to how the new CEO plans to carry the company forward. I really want Fiesta Texas to be the mold for other Six Flags parks going forward with them going through and renovating old rides to breath new life into them, creating brand-new themes, creating new park events to tailor to that park specifically, etc. One last thing to note: Six Flags is already blowing Cedar Fair out of the water for 2022. I mean a brand-new raptor for Six Flags Magic Mountain, and a large one at that, a brand-new B&M dive coaster with new elements for a dive coaster, the mystery project at Six Flags Over Georgia, and then all the holdovers from 2020 (which shouldn't really count). All we know for Cedar Fair is a Free Spin and MAYBE the Gerstlauer.
  11. Alright everybody! Last day before the big reveal of the 2022 attraction! Anybody want to make any last guesses on what the ride will be?? My final prediction is a Zamperla Double Heart coaster, just based on everything before and then the teaser from the other day of the blimp in Italy "in search to find its creator."
  12. That is exactly what I'm thinking. I think what will bring them the most success is if they offer a discounted park hopper ticket. I think what will happen is that most of the target market for Lost Island will probably go to the waterpark as it opens and spend a majority of the day there, but then hop over to the theme park for the afternoon and evening, especially given that I think there will be two areas in particular that will really shine at night (the fire themed land and the air themed land).
  13. I really think this park is going to be a hit. It is going to have a solid ride lineup and the waterpark already has a large following. I really think we are underestimating the future success of this park.
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