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  1. Alright everybody! Last day before the big reveal of the 2022 attraction! Anybody want to make any last guesses on what the ride will be?? My final prediction is a Zamperla Double Heart coaster, just based on everything before and then the teaser from the other day of the blimp in Italy "in search to find its creator."
  2. That is exactly what I'm thinking. I think what will bring them the most success is if they offer a discounted park hopper ticket. I think what will happen is that most of the target market for Lost Island will probably go to the waterpark as it opens and spend a majority of the day there, but then hop over to the theme park for the afternoon and evening, especially given that I think there will be two areas in particular that will really shine at night (the fire themed land and the air themed land).
  3. I really think this park is going to be a hit. It is going to have a solid ride lineup and the waterpark already has a large following. I really think we are underestimating the future success of this park.
  4. Lost Island Theme Park Flythrough - YouTube Look at this! A fun Lost Island update! There is so progress on the park! I think by fall, we will start to see actual pathways and such start to take place. Plus I'll be expecting them to start planting trees so that they can take root before spring! Something you can really see in the video is how much expansion space the park has built into its footprint around the outer edges of the park. I think in the park's future, we will see new areas around the outer edges of the park.
  5. YES! I love my parents to death, but they are still in the group of people saying "people are still just sitting at home, making more doing that than actually working." I really just want to bring up that the enhanced unemployment benefits ended a month ago and places are still short-staffed and that if they are still sitting at home making more, then it should be a bigger problem that their job was paying them so little. What the previous user said as well with suburban teens and such, as a college student in Springfield, Missouri, I am seeing fewer and fewer of my classmates working jobs through school. Granted, I go to a private college where most of the families are upper middle class or just rich, but many of them do sports that require training through the summer. This is a bit obscure, but many of these kids train all throughout the summer just to ensure that they get and then maintain sports scholarships that pay more towards their schooling than what they could have earned from a summer job. Through school, I've been working about 35 hours a week, and I am exhausted all the time and it really does detract from some of the quality of my school work. Granted, I am still pulling a 3.8 GPA, but I know that other students struggle a lot more than I do and really do need to spend all the time they have on studying and schoolwork.
  6. Has anybody driven by the park recently to see any updates?
  7. It took them two years to do two different RMC hybrid conversions... They started construction on an RMC Raptor before a Six Flags park and still opened it after they did... In all seriousness, looking at the track records for nearly every Cedar Fair coaster, they usually start construction almost a year before a given project is slated to open.
  8. Looking back at this thread, where do we all think this new coaster will go? Because then this news came out, it 20/10 seemed like it was gonna go to Cedar Point or any other Cedar Fair park, but that is looking less and less true as each week goes by with no hints of construction or teasing from any Cedar Fair park, much less Cedar Point. I am starting to think that this may be what Six Flags Fiesta Texas is adding for 2022. I know it sounds crazy since.... ya know, Six Flags and Gerstlauer, but there are no other major parks in the country that are even starting construction or teasing for new major coasters.
  9. I wonder what all modifications will be made to the layout. From the looks of the leaked plan, it looks like it will loop around the entry plaza. I figured most of that will just be block zones, but I wonder if there will be maybe like one or two extra airtime hills at the end. I'm not going to lie though, I am pretty disappointed it won't be themed to the Joker. I was looking forward to the inevitable funhouse queue line.
  10. Pardon me everybody for asking in case this was a topic that was already brought up, but is the Titan Track on Predator completely cancelled or just postponed to 2022?
  11. I don't know if anybody is going to the park soon, but Rocket Racers is finally officially opening on Friday!
  12. I can do one better: back in 2013 when Outlaw Run opened up, out of 24 people, my lapbar was the ONE lapbar that got stuck and I couldn't get out at the end of the ride. Now I was 12 an I could NOT get out of the ride. It took them over an hour to get my lapbar unstuck.
  13. But around the 150-170 foot height... This looks like a LARGE element. It will need a lot of speed to make it through. I don't think we are just looking at a 100-120 foot tall RMC.
  14. BUT it looks like they are actively trying to offer higher-quality coasters. They started advertising their new, higher quality train design a few months ago and they are now going to start producing their own track rather than have a third party manufacturer do it. I know their rides are generally a bit lower quality, but I really think they are trying to make high-quality coasters. I think this model could be good for Six Flags.
  15. Show of hands: who still thinks this is gonna be the new RMC family coaster? 🖐🖐 Just kidding. I always thought it would be an extreme hybrid, but I was honestly expecting like a Storm Chaser-sized hybrid. By the size of this element, this looks to be more of a Goliath-sized hybrid.
  16. I would love to see this Double Heart coaster at Fiesta Texas. If it ends up being that, it would be the tallest roller coaster that Six Flags has built since Goliath at Six Flags Over Georgia.
  17. Rollin' Thunder at Park at Owa is pretty smooth and fun, but it definitely has a vibration. However, Zamperla announced that they've hired a new coaster engineering team and they will start manufacturing their own coaster track. There really is not a way to judge how this new coaster model will ride: new design team, new track design, new train design, and new train fabrication. It'll be interesting to see.
  18. I can't see this NOT going to at least three Six Flags parks. With how good the relationship is between Six Flags and Zamperla, I can see this going to Six Flags New England, Fiesta Texas, and MAYBE either Over Georgia or St. Louis.
  19. Reading into the announcement of that new Zamperla coaster concept… “over the past five years…” In my heart, I have to believe that the new for 2022 will be an Axis, but the idea of a 230ft tall coaster coming to a Six Flags park is exciting.
  20. Does anybody have any reports of Dragon Slayer? It, of course, opened a couple weeks ago. I'm from the Springfield, Missouri area (I don't know why I say area, I live in the city) and I haven't had a chance to make it up to Des Moines yet. From what I'm seeing from the few vlogs of the park, it looks like the park did a marvelous job of themeing the ride with excellent rockwork for the entrance and station. Their past two new coasters have looked marvelous with their light themeing. Of the videos, it looks like the coaster takes two pauses before going down each drop, but it looks a lot crazier than the Six Flags Freespins. The park advertises that the side that is closest to the Tornado (squire I think), runs on a more mild program and does do a flip or two, but the side that is closest to the lagoon (knight) runs on a wild program. Looking at the POVs, that does look to be true. It looks like it flips no less than eight times on the knight side. Before the final raven dive, it looks like the magnets send the seats flipping four times in a row. Overall, it looks like there is a lot less rocking in this version. Personally, I love the Freespins whenever they flip quite a bit. It makes for a fun ride! Seeing Adventureland makes me wish that we could see a couple other small parks get one. Like I would LOVE to see a Freespin at Wild Adventures, Alabama Adventure, etc.
  21. Attraction Supplier News (screamscape.com) Okay call me crazy guys. But maybe this could be what Six Flags Fiesta Texas could be getting in 2022. I know just about everybody thinks that this will be an S&S Axis coaster, but something about this new coaster announced by Zamperla screams Six Flags. Zamperla has been promoting a new line of coasters that have been years in the making. This seems like the type of ride that Six Flags would really go for: over two hundred feet, low cost, compact, heavily marketable, and clonable. If Six Flags Fiesta Texas got this, it would be the tallest multipass launch coasters in the world, the tallest coaster in the park, and the fastest coaster in the park. That seems like the perfect attraction for Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Plus, Six Flags and Zamperla have an amazing relationship. It would only make sense that they'd be among the first to get a coaster from the new line of Zamperla coasters. It's not often that you have a coaster manufacturer outright say "we know our past coasters weren't that good, but we are working hard to improve them."
  22. I just really don’t think they’d do all this teasing for a flat ride. Especially since it’s being described as a new signature attraction. Also the fact that he said he’s been five years in making. It’s been four years since Wonder Woman, so then adding a coaster for 2022 fits the pattern of adding a new coaster every couple years.
  23. Dang I'm excited to see what this is going to be! Planning five years in the making! this sounds like its going to be BIG! I really have to wonder if this will be an Axis coaster if it has been in the works for five years. I'm sure during that time, S&S was in the preliminary stages of designing the Axis so maybe that is what this'll be, but I just feel like that's pushing it. I feel like whatever this ends up being will be the most expensive Six Flags coaster in recent history!
  24. ^^ Wow say what you really feel. I mean I saw one scathing review, but I saw about four vlogs that were really great! Generally, from these early reviews, it sounds like this ride will be a lot more popular for the general public. I mean yes, I'm sure we all would've loved an ultra-intense coaster like Wonder Woman and Railblazer, but as we saw with both Stunt Pilot and now this, it looks like RMC has made changes in the design of the raptors to make them more enjoyable for a wider audience.
  25. I think the fact that they are making their largest investment yet in this year, the year that we are starting to come out of a pandemic that wrecked a LOT of theme park expansion, shows that they have been successful in making the park profitable once more. A used waterslide may not seem like a huge investment, but they are completely rebuilding a section of the park that was previously in horrendous shape.
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