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  1. I'm starting to wonder if that large building behind Fireman's Landing is a 2023 or a 2024 addition. With the building fully erected, I would think that it is a 2023 addition, but when my boyfriend and I were there on Thursday, we were able to get a glimpse in the building and there is nothing inside that we could see.
  2. I think the Vortex plot will be reused in 2024. I think 2023 will be an off year for Kings Dominion with a new thrill ride coming to Jungle Expedition in 2024 in preparation for the Volcano replacement in 2025 for their 50th anniversary. I think Jungle Expedition was a good fill-in while we wait for the Volcano replacement. But I think I'm going to have to say that I think this project will be a Titan Track creation. I feel confident in GCI's ability to make a ride that can be distinguished from Prowler. I think it can be distinguished the same way that CCI was able to distinguish Legend from the Raven and then those same engineers distinguishing Voyage from Raven and Legend.
  3. Woah! Who does Cedar Fair think they are actually sending something new to one of their smaller parks? Have they forgotten it's been two years since Kings Island added a coaster?
  4. Understandable on why you would like to wait. However, I’d hardly call it remote since it took us just an hour and a half to get to Adventureland afterwards. Plus it’s within a day’s drive of multiple other midwestern parks. But we definitely want to go again this summer after Matugani opens and next year when Yuta Falls opens. I mean I feel lucky that we are only five hours away from Lost Island. It was definitely worth the drive.
  5. Went to Lost Island last week for the first time! We absolutely adored the park! The park exceeded our expectations (waiting for a quip like "how high were your expectations?"). We spent about three hours at the park and the only reason we left was because we wanted to get to Adventureland early enough to marathon Monster. But anyways, we loved Volkanu and Amara Aviators. We really wanted to ride Rokava and Mura Fury, but they were closed for the day for technical issues. That being said, that's just one more reason to go back later this summer to visit. Nopuko was definitely not the worst SLC I've ridden. It was actually pretty smooth and fun aside from the two jolts at the top of the rollover; the trick is to ride further back in the train. We did notice that it seemed to run insanely fast for an SLC. Another quick note: we noticed something odd about Matugani. We noticed that there was strips of paint missing along the track where the wheels run. I think it is quite possible the coaster may have started testing, so it'll probably be open by August. Some quick thoughts about the park overall: Aside from the parking and admission prices, everything was priced very fairly. Food was cheap and good for a theme park, even the alcohol prices were not incredibly high. I love the original themes. I am in love with the Tamariki mascot. Everything looks stellar in the park. The architectural styles throughout the park are gorgeous and everything looks great put together. I especially love the look of the buildings in Udara and Yuta realms. The layout of the park is amazing and I loved the placement of the rides. I love all the lookouts at the water, including the area in Awa that includes the bar and a couple snack places. There is a nice seating area that overlooks the water with cool lighting and some areas for the kids to play while the adults rest. Plus I love how the rides are laid out in the Udara realm; the atmosphere will be electric when all the rides are running at once in that area. The landscaping will be gorgeous once it has a chance to fill out. Each realm had at least a dozen trees planted, and they will definitely add to the atmosphere here in a couple seasons, especially in the Yuta realm. However, the paths are pretty unshaded by the trees at this point in time. But that's not a huge surprise since it is a brand-new park. But a nice, added touch is that they made sure to include some slight elevation changes throughout the park so that it isn't completely on a flat field. There's also a couple of areas where they put little streams that run near a path. Overall, the landscaping looks great and I'm excited to see it grow. Overall, the park is off to a decent start. I know the low attendance is a bit discouraging now, but I think it is for the better that the attendance is kinda low for this season, only because it is giving them a chance to work out the kinks in the operation of the park before massive crowds come. I think people would be a lot more disappointed if they came out to the park in droves this year as opposed to next season. Especially with Yuta Falls opening next year since it will be the main water ride of the theme park. I think people will be really impressed next season when more of the landscaping has started growing in a bit more and when every single attraction is open. But as the park is now, I was perfectly satisfied and I'm excited for everybody to go out and try it!
  6. Anybody planning on going to the park soon? I think my boyfriend and I are gonna head here in mid-July in hopes to catch Matugani. Plus for when more landscaping is in place and such. The company in charge of floral design mentioned that only about half of the landscaping is in and that more should be planted within two weeks.
  7. Alright guys: opening day has passed and the new park map was released! The two biggest things to note are that the map even mentions the new for 2023 attraction, meaning that I think this will finally mean something large for the park. Also Rock’N’Tug appears to have been removed from the map and has the same question mark where it used to be. I’m not expecting anything too big here. I think best case scenario is either a Larson drop tower or a Zamperla midi discovery revolution. But I think it could just be another family ride, maybe a Ferris wheel.
  8. So the park just did a Facebook Live where they went around the park talking about different projects for 2022 as well as 2023. Here's a few notable updates: Cheddar Chase will be the main new dry ride for the year and they plan to open it up in June, but not this opening weekend. Rampage received over a million dollars in work this offseason. The old water fortress was removed and will be replaced by a brand-new attraction by the end of this season, meaning the park will have made both a major dry park addition, a kiddie ride addition, and a waterpark addition for this year. The park has started construction on a major new addition behind Rocket Racer for the 2023 season. They have equipment onsite and they said you'll be able to watch the construction over the summer. Given most of their construction projects don't start until well into the offseason, I think it is a good sign that it is something major being added, probably for the waterpark since it is behind Rocket Racer. That being said, I'm going to go out on a limb and say it'll be a water coaster. My bet would be that it'll be something like Thunder Rapids at Six Flags Fiesta Texas.
  9. Holy Toledo this looks awesome! Seeing everything up close and realizing that it is actually happening is awesome! The themeing in the Mura fire section looks absolutely incredible! Plus that Yuta section looks amazing, especially the rockwork going on around the super flume! I think a July 4th opening is a lot more achievable than a June 3rd. I'm going to go out on a limb and say the first season will probably be... rocky. Probably about on par with Six Flags Magic Mountain with the common complaints being a lack of shade and a lack of marquee attractions. However, for a brand-new park opening up, their lineup of flagship attractions is impressive: a massive dark ride, a massive super flume, an Intamin Accelerator, a Vekoma SLC, an S&S Space Shot, and a splash battle! This is awesome! I think the park will find massive success once it builds its river rapids rides as well as those two other planned coasters.
  10. Wow I know this ride is only 150 feet tall, but it certainly looks massive!
  11. This is fun! Six Flags Magic Mountain released a full view of the layout of Wonder Woman: Flight of Courage. It looks like the new additions to the layout are another off-axis airtime hill and an overbanked curve into the brake run. Another thing to note: doesn't it look like the queue building is being expanded upon? Either way, I'm very excited for this addition and its marvelous to see Magic Mountain getting another ride that has a large amount of airtime. I loved Jersey Devil and I can only imagine that this version will be just as good if not better.
  12. ^^^ Going off of what you said, well, what the park said. The next two additions will be bigger. I really thought that not all four additions will be ride-based, but I think I could be wrong. We already know about Cheddar Chase, Lil' Tractors, and Rampage is slated to get a ton of trackwork this season. But the park MAY or may not have given away one of the new additions for next year in the most recent post about Cheddar Chase. They posted pictures of Cheddar Chase in the snow in the backstage area, and there was a picture that featured some waterslide pieces in the background. I commented and said, "could those waterslide pieces be another new addition?" The post was removed with a new one created that featured the other two pictures, but not the third. So I'm predicting that the four new additions will be as followed: Cheddar Chase Lil' Tractors A new waterslide for Splash Adventure, probably in the same area as Rocket Racer A new adult-sized flat ride. I wouldn't be surprised if the waterslide will be the next thing announced. The tube that I saw was red, so maybe they'll announce it on Valentine's Day or something. I almost want to predict that it is the slide complex that used to be at Hydro Adventures with Rocket Racer. It was a small slide complex with three waterslides, one of them being red. But at the same time, it was a pretty small structure from an unknown manufacturer, so maybe they wouldn't want to buy it. But in the way of a flat ride, I'm going to predict a Flying Bobs ride. Looking at Intermark, where the park is trying to sell the water ropes course, the website just recently listed a Chance Flying Bobs ride as being sold. It was only $70,000, so that is definitely affordable for the park. Plus it was the one formerly at Fun Spot, so it was definitely in good shape. Just something to think about.
  13. Udara Ride Test - YouTube Check out the testing of probably one of my most anticipated rides in the park! Amara Aviators will be the park's Gerstlauer Sky Fly!
  14. A little blurry, but I took a screenshot of how they are going to position Cheddar Chase. I’d like to make a few comments on this announcement: 1. I love the logo and the name. It’s a unique name for a Wild Mouse and the logo is pretty adorable! 2. I think the location will be good as it leaves room on that plot for a flat ride or two. I love the views that it will give of Rampage. 3. I like that it was a steel mid-level coaster to contrast Rampage and Centispeed. 4. I’m excited to see how they’ll refresh that area as well as how they’ll refresh the ride. 5. I can’t wait to see how they’ll expand that area next. I’m curious to see what those other announcements are. I can’t imagine that there will be four new flat rides added alongside this coaster. I’d have to guess there will be announcements of other infrastructure improvements to the park: maybe a new restaurant, a new game midway, etc. I think my prediction for the four other announcements will be as followed: 1. a new adult-sized flat ride, I would love to see a Music Express type ride or a Zamperla Disco or something. 2. a new restaurant or an area with games. 3. a carousel or a kid’s ride 4. a new event, whether it’s a concert, a 4th of July festival, restarting the fall time event, or a Christmas event. What all do y’all think?
  15. Oh yeah this will definitely be a great addition. I think many of us just thought their next coaster would be a Gravity Group or a Eurofighter because of that ACE event a couple years ago where they said they intended to add a water coaster and a roller coaster by about 2023 and that they were considering either a Gravity Group or a Eurofighter. Really the thing that keeps getting me is that they are putting a relatively small coaster up by itself on that hill. It is a winding path to get up there from the rest of the park, so I kinda figured they'd save that area for a large new expansion when the time was right. I figured a very small coaster like this would be better fit on the flat area where the Space Shot used to be behind where Galleon is now or on the plot of land where Buzzsaw Falls used to be.
  16. Alright if I’m being honest, my immediate reaction was… well it might have been a vocal “f*** me a used wild mouse?” However, I do think this will be a good addition to the park. I would love to see a Gravity Group woodie, but I think it would make way more sense a couple years down the line after they’ve added one steel coaster. Personally, I’d want the GG woodie to be an out and back one that stretches along the parking lot at the front of the park, just so some of the members of the GP don’t get it confused with Rampage. If I’m being honest, I do wish that they’d put a larger coaster in the former spot of Zoomerang, but this is small enough that they can put other new rides up there in the future. Is this the biggest, sexiest addition? No. However, this will expand the dry side of the park and offer a wildly different experience than Rampage and will be a good stepping stone between Centispeed and Rampage. At least we know that at least one new ride will be coming each year for a while. From a recent comment of theirs on Facebook, it sounds like they may be adding a new ride up on that hill in 2023.
  17. I swear if this park puts a wild mouse on top of that hill and makes guests hike up there for a wild mouse…..
  18. I mean typically dry park rides are a lot more expensive than water slides. For the cost of a brand-new major thrill ride, you can get a decent-sized slide complex that could offer a few different experiences for guests to try. Plus I would guess that the water park is more popular amongst locals given that previous ownership found it more viable to keep the water park side open and close the dry side. You also have to take into account that they almost had to start from scratch with the dry side since the only ride left was Rampage and a couple kiddie rides. Plus looking at the timeline, it isn’t the worse expansion for a small, family-owned park. In 2014, they opened a handful of kiddie rides, they reopened Rampage in 2015, two kiddie rides in 2016, three family rides in 2018, another family ride in 2019. Now it looks like there is a large addition for 2022. They are expanding their dry park more than half Cedar Fair parks.
  19. This is an interesting development. It looks like the Kochs are planning on lots of expansion in the park for the future. On a recent Facebook post they replied to a comment, saying that they plan on adding new rides every year for the next several years. I remember in one interview, they said that once they are ready, they are planning on heavily investing into the park to grow it. I suppose they are ready now.
  20. I think a Gravity Group with a barrel roll will be my final prediction as well. I am just hoping for anything upside down at this park. Someday though, I would love to see a Gerstlauer Eurofighter where the old Shoot the Chutes used to be. I’m glad that this addition isn’t a water slide as well, but I’m willing to bet the next expansion after this one will be a water coaster in 2024.
  21. Did we all see the news from the Sally Corporation booth at IAAPA where they present some information about the dark ride they are building for this park?
  22. That's a good point. I'd be happy with a Gravity Group woodie and I'll definitely be excited to go down to ride it if that's what it is, but it would be nice to eventually have a ride that goes upside down at the park. I mean I feel like this new attraction will be a roller coaster, but I also wouldn't be surprised if it is a large-scale flat ride like a Zamperla Discovery or something. But with the site being so big and with it being in such a high-profile location in the park, I guess it would make most since that it is a coaster. I just can't believe that they are getting two back-to-back large additions.
  23. An overhead construction shot of the 2022 construction. Alright I'll say it, I think we HAVE to admit that this is definitely going to be a big project this time. This is a LARGE construction area. This is the former site of Zoomerang so it is too far away from the waterpark to be a waterslide of some sort. Also with its placement on top of a hill, it is kinda obvious that whatever this new attraction is is going to have to be a marquee attraction since they will need to be able to get visitors to want to go up the hill. I'm thinking either a Gerstlauer Eurofighter or a Gravity Group woodie. I will say, I do hope that it is a steel coaster, preferably one with inversions. I love Gravity Group woodies, but with their coaster selection being so small, I really think two woodies in the same park might be a bit... silly. That is unless this could potentially be a shuttle woodie. But above all, I do kinda really hope it is a Eurofighter or any coaster that inverts.
  24. I didn't even think about that! I was also thinking about the cancelled wooden shuttle coaster that Gravity Group was gonna build for Dorney Park! I think I like the idea of the Raptor more. I mean who knows? This may just be a major thrill ride, but I wouldn't rule out a roller coaster.
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