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Chessington World of Adventure Discussion Thread

P. 7: Croc Drop announced for 2021!

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The plans have made me very happy indeed...


A shame it isn't a proper coaster, but hopefully that's one for the future, as another coaster to the same scale and height limit as Fury would actually be perfect for what Chessie are planning to do in the future for the park...


What with this and general improvements seeming to always be started on (for example the Sea Lions are getting a window in the pool for the first time in years) and the other piece of planning permission put in through the hotel, I have great optimism for Chessie's future...


Long may this kind of addition continue, though there's still a lot of renovation to do throughout the park, they can do a good majority of that in the off-seasons...

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Chessington World of Adventure has announced their 2021 addition, Croc Drop! https://www.chessington.com/explore/theme-park-zoo/whats-new/ BRAVE THE DROP, RELEASE THE CURSE

It looks to be an SBF one.  Thank the lord it looks to have a great storyline at least since the ride itself will not be that exciting. 

Posted Images

I personally am glad to finally see some more investment into Chessington WoA.


The Disko Coaster will be a welcome addition to the parks line up of an albeit slowly improving list of exciting rides.


I like the idea of the reptile theme of the "new" land sounds a good idea to join their zoological exhibits.


Looks to me that Chessington are putting focus again on the zoo that paved the way to the park becoming what it is today, still needs alot of work though.


Busch Gardens UK.....Well off the mark!

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Beanoland closed yesterday for the last time, and Chessington World of Adventures & Zoo sent it off in a very messy way by breaking the world record for the biggest ever custard pie fight!


Taken from Chessingtons website.

Chessington said goodbye to Beanoland in style by hosting the world's biggest custard pie fight on Sunday 20th September 2009!


Over 300 guests gathered in Beanoland at Chessington World of Adventures to throw 1000 pies in under two minutes, smashing the current record of 271 participants for the largest custard pie fight.


Guests threw the pies, filled with 216kg of real custard and 50kg of whipped cream, to mark the closure of Beanoland.

Covered in custard after giant custard pie fight in Beanoland


General Manager, David Smith, commented: "We organised this custard pie fight to celebrate the end of Beanoland’s 10 fabulous years at the Park. Although we are all sad to see it go, we are excited about Chessington’s 2010 plans which will be announced in due course once we have cleared up all the mess!"


Custard pies were sold for £1 each, which raised over £300 for Merlin’s Magic Wand charity.



I will soon post a report covering every aspect of Beanoland featuring videos and photos as we now look forward to a brand new land featuring a new Disko Coaster!

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^Beano is one of the best known British comics of all times.


Okay so now Beanoland has officially closed I am going to take this time to take a look back at the area, from a week before it closed down before I start with construction updates.


Wrecking ball hit here!


I hope you enjoyed my small look back at Beanoland and I will start construction updates as soon as possible!


I cannot confirm nor deny if the Haystack Dryer is staying!


All of this artwork will soon be lost in a sea of trees and vines as the jungle takes over!


Billy's Whizzer is one of the best chairswing you can go on, it not only does its chairswinging thing! It squirts you with water aswell!


Today I'm going to be a dog! Tomorrow im going to be a cat! The day after i'm going to be Robb!


Thorpe Park got the idea of Stealth from Beanolands "Stealth Catapaults!"


Splatapaults have run out of ammo and will Splat no more as they are getting removed to make way for the Dodgems relocation.


We are all little squirts at some point in out life! Sadley some of us stay little forever. *Looks down in disappointment*


The central point of Beanoland is the tree house, which is staying! Just getting a nice new theme.


These are the rules of the road! Obey them or be ELIMINATED!


Dodge! Swerve" Vroom! Bump" Crash! 999" Ambulance! Time of death..........


No dogging........I mean dodging without due care!


Another very popular feature of Beanoland is the Dodgems, which I am happy to say are staying through the redevelopment, but are being relocated because the NEW Disko Coaster is going where the Dodgems sat.


But even madhouses have rules to follow!


Dennis's Madhouse is not a mental asylum as you may think! It is actually a foam ball firing, air powered, ball bashing extravaganza!


Bash Street Bus will be relocated within in the new land over to near the Dragons Fury entrance of what was Beanoland.


As it is a bus you MUST wait at the Bus Stop before you ride!


Bash Street Bus is a ride that had a bad year a while ago and was down for quite some time.


The Ice Age Adventure was located in Beanoland over the summer holidays to help promote Ice Age 3!


Only menaces are allowed this way!!

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Love that post Craig, very funny and informative. I also loved that day, very fun trip! I for one will miss Beanoland greatly, it was definitely one of my favourite areas in the park and I remember loving it on my first visit to Chessington. As sad as I am that Beanoland is gone, I very much looking forward to the new area, because so far the plans look amazing!

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Went to Chessington for the first time a few weeks ago, partly to see Beanoland before it closed, since I was an avid reader in my *ahem* youth.


It was great, until I got thirsty, and saw the 'drinking fountain'. I didn't try drying off with the 'dryer'..

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Coming March 2010


Wild Asia


Be one of the first to discover the ancient ruins of Wild Asia in 2010, a new and mythical land rumoured to channel supernatural powers of sacred animals. In a clearing in the jungle brave adventurers are challenged to take on the KOBRA!




Construction update to follow shortly!


Wild Asia Leaflet

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Construction Update 17th October


Okay this is an update I took when I had a few hours at the park. The pictures are not that great and there are not that many as I only had my iPhone with me, but they show of the main bulk of the work being carried out.


A pile of bricks and dirt mark the end of Beanoland


The Madhouse has had its facade removed.


Rodger The Dodger Dodgems has had all its artwork removed. (I can now tell you the whole ride has been removed and foundations for Kobra have been poured)


Bash Street Bus has been removed also and Billys Whizzer has been lowered.


The Beanoland slingshot sign is gone FOREVER!


The contruction walls got the Haloween Hocus Pocus treatment!


Does anyone remember Secret Squirell? It was awesome!

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I'm amazed you managed to get pictures that good, as those fences are pretty tall! I'm very excited for this new land and I feel it is going to help secure Chessington as the UK's best family day out. Not sure if this has already been posted but the names for the attractions are as follows. Kobra, the new Disko coaster, Monkey Swinger, waveswinger, Tuk Tuk Turmoil Dodgems, dodgems, Jungle Bus, crazy bus and Temple of Mayhem, madhouse.

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It's weird to see Beanoland getting torn away, I've never been to Chessington without it!


I do have decent expectations of the new area. Merlin have proved themselves quite capable of created some decent theming.


Thanks for the construction update, Craig! Hope you can bring us more in the future!

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The Park have released an official press release about the new land for 2010 Wild Asia.



Mysterious new land features rides, exotic birds and more in the park’s most ambitious family attraction ever



On 27 March 2010 an ancient and mythical Asian kingdom will be uncovered at Chessington World of Adventures as the park unleashes a new and mysterious land called Wild Asia. KOBRA, an awesome new spinning disc ride, lurks in the jungle next to family favourites including the Monkey Swinger and the Tuk Tuk Turmoil dodgems, with the Lorikeet Lagoon walkthrough aviary and Maharaja’s Market just begging to be explored!


Deep in the heart of Surrey, explorers can navigate their way through fallen temples to discover a crumbling lost land rumoured to channel supernatural powers of sacred animals. A clearing in the jungle reveals the cunning KOBRA which lures adventurers to bravely harness the power of the serpent whilst it spins through the air on a 90m track at a dizzying 43mph!


Further into the jungle, explorers can go on a bumpy tour on the Jungle Bus or try their luck on the Tuk Tuk Turmoil Dodgems, get soaked on the cheeky Monkey Swinger before going jungle crazy in the Temple of Mayhem.


The spirits of intrepid explorers will be lifted by the song of exotic and colourful birds in the Lorikeet Lagoon, a walkthrough aviary allowing guests to come up so close they can hand feed nectar to the birds! And if that’s not enough therapy, the Maharaja’s Market offers a little piece of Asia to take away while the restaurant is an authentic Asian dining experience.


David Smith, Chief Explorer at Chessington World of Adventures, says: “The launch of Wild Asia perfectly complements the other worlds within the park and we can’t wait to challenge families to ‘take on the KOBRA’! 2010 is a very big year for Chessington and this new land is just the beginning of Britain’s Wildest Adventure.”

Every visit to Chessington is a different adventure. Soar on the Vampire rollercoaster through the depths of Transylvania, take a fiery spin round Dragon’s Fury or discover the mystery of Tomb Blaster in Forbidden Kingdom. Splash around in Sealion Bay, go underwater with sharks and stingrays in the SEA LIFE Centre or take a walk on the wild side with tigers, lions and gorillas in the Trail of the Kings.

With exciting rides and rollercoasters, exotic animals and a SEA LIFE Centre, Chessington really is Britain’s Wildest Adventure! Visit www.chessington.com for more information about the new land – a microsite will be launched soon!


So we now have names for the new rides and a better understanding of what Wild Asia will have to offer.


Ride/Attraction Names

Billy's Whizzer - Monkey Swinger

Dodgems - Tuk Tuk Turmoil Dodgems

Madhouse - Temple of Mayhem

Bash Street Bus - Jungle Bus

Disko Coaster - Kobra

Aviary Walkthrough - Lorikeet Lagoon

Shop/ Restaurant - Maharaja’s Market


Wild Asia is looking better and better by the day, so lets hope Chessington can prove to us once again that they are the BEST family attraction in the UK!

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Recently I've been thinking about the throughput for Kobra, I read somewhere that a Disko coaster has a throughput per hour of 1000, which is better than Fury. Now when I was at Paultons Park, Edge took ages to load, so what I'm asking is, is the 1000 per hour figure correct or are they having us on?

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An ancient and mythical land has been discovered at Chessington World of Adventures. Follow the journey of Chief Young Explorer Chloe Templeman as she uncovers the secret and mysteries that are Wild Asia!


Chessington have opened there micro site for Wild Asia. The site features the promo video I have previously posted and also something called "Chloe's Journal"


I will post each update from Chloe's Journal here for you all to check out, but if you cant wait remember to keep checking her page here


Chloe's Journal: Week 1

I am lost in the jungle! I have never been here before. It is all overgrown and dark, almost like no one has entered here for hundreds of years.


I stroll through the creepy jungle and see a huge spooky building. The building is so old, and has vines growing all over it and there are huge bugs flying through the cracks in the walls!


As I approach the building I see a movement out of the corner of my eye. As I turn to what it was all I see is a flash of colour and it disappears into the jungle…


I wonder if I should follow it…

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Chloe's Journal: Week 2


I am continuing my journey into the jungle. I decide to follow the flash of colour and as I enter a clearing in the trees there are lots of strange noises. I look up and I can see hundreds of birds. They are everywhere, flying around, sitting in the trees, flying from branch to branch. I have never seen such bright colours. Blue, red, yellow, green – just like a rainbow! These are the most beautiful birds I have ever seen.


Suddenly one lands on my shoulder. It starts nibbling on my shirt and I think he might be hungry. I wonder what they eat. Does he want me to feed him?


There is a loud noise and suddenly all the birds fly off into the sky. There are flapping wings everywhere – where are they all going? I try to follow them but they fly too fast. All except my little friend, who comes back to nibble my shirt again. I think he wants to show me something...


What can it be?


So it seems Chloe has come across the Lorikeets in "Lorikeet Lagoon". What do you think the friendly Lorikeet wants to show Chloe?


Micro-Site Journal Link: http://www.chessington.com/wild-asia/journal/journal.aspx



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