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Hard Rock / Freestyle Music Park Discussion Thread

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Don't you think that they should have built this park @ the Universal Orlando Resort for a third park? It seems like a better fit because Universal Orlando already has the largest Hard Rock Cafe.


Then universal would have TWO Islands of Adventures!

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The first drop should be sweet, and considering its over 150, should be like Goliath at SFOG.


No, this park should NOT be in Orlando. I mean, how many parks does that town need? SC needs a major theme park since the Pavilion is gone, and Myrtle Beach is the biggest tourist area, then the HRP will be a nice replacement.


Plus, MB is closer to my house.

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I'm still pretty anxious to hear or see any details on what the queue and station buildings will be like from the inside. If the same folks who worked on IOA are involved, I can only imagine something pretty sweet to rock out to while in line.


And let's hope the amps are cranked up to 11.

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Ok so today i went to the Hard Rock park Backstage tour preview. They had a concert with a few thousand people, it was pretty sweet and i had a good time. And the preview center left me with the impression that they are gonna do a fantastic job with this park. They even themed the preview center very well, with a lot of rock memorabilia... mount rockmore, the led zeppelin statue(the hermit is what they called it) the car that austin powers drives dont know what its called, and the beetles magical mystery tour bus and much more.


They had a model of the park and everything looked better than on the concept art, I asked around and found out a lot of good info about the park.


No new info about Led Zeppelin the ride, they just had some zeppelin memorabile. And that the loading station will be inside a zeppelin blimp, the que station will also be very big so probably some good theming.


Slippery when wet - that is the name of the green looking ride in the middle of the park, it is suspended swinging ride with watter. Like ones we have seen before.


Maximum RPM - its the launched ride, (the red one on the concept art) according to the info guys at the preview center, Its going to launch through a ferris wheel, and will be mostly close to the ground and short but should be pretty fun.


Then there is the kid coaster, nothing too exciting.


And Midnight rider which looks like it is 2 separate mine train tracks. Probably by vekoma, but i'm not positive.


Also the dark ride will be in the back of the park and incorporated into the pre-existing buildings that were a part of the outlet mall. They aren't releasing the name of the ride yet, but they said it will be a 60's 70's theme and will rely on lots of black light effects. There is much more i just cant think of all of it right now.


I didn't get any pictures yet, but when i do i will put them on. But it looks pretty sweet, and living a short walk away i'm going to love having it here.

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Thanks for the pictures, i only had 10 minutes to get through the preview center cause i showed up as they were closing. So its nice to go through the pictures and actually get a good look at what things look like.


I was really confused about the premier ride, i asked them what it did and they told me it launched through a seperate ferris wheel ride. I didnt think it looked right, and i guess it isnt. Im glad he was wrong, that ride sounds pretty unique and sweet now.

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Great report, thanks so much for sharing.


Only wish it was open in time for my US visit this year but am looking forward to hitting it in '08.


Now all we need is for them to build one somewhere in Australia like say, Sydney... and I'd be a very happy camper. Hey, we can dream...

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It looks like it's gonna be great. Looks like they're going all out with the custom flat rides. That premier coaster ferris wheel thing is awesome! I laughed out loud when I saw that "Just a Swingin'" swing. That song used to be soooo big here back in the day. I used to have a t-shirt that said that when I was in elementary school. Yeah I was super cool.

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Don't know if anyone has seen these yet, but here are some more pics I found from the preview center:




I am really looking forward to this park; already planning to go out there next May sometime when I do my annual trip to visit family and SFOG. The coasters-especially the B&M-look great, and the atmosphere and theming look like a lot of fun. It looks like they are going to hit a home run with this one with a good balance of rides and attractions for all ages.


The only thing I found surprising is the lack of any kind of water ride like a log flume (I thought for sure the Reggae River Falls was going to be a flume ride when I heard the name).


I'm also interested to see what the dark ride will be all about. I'm guessing something like a Beatles theme (Magical Mystery Tour?) or if they are going for the spooky feel, something themed to Alice Cooper's "Welcome To My Nightmare".

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Led Zeppelin already owns rock, now he will own coasters. It looks like a mix of a Kraken with inversions out of order and Hollywood Dream: TR seats. Sweeeettttt


I think it will make me do this when I ride it:


Led Zeppelin is a he? Grrrr. Try more than one member.


Ramble On, young man, Ramble On.

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