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Hard Rock / Freestyle Music Park Discussion Thread

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I really hope it is better than the Hulk. The is the most overrated coaster I have ever been on. Looks like it could be a good one though.


I personally think it is the best ride at IOA.


A great beginning, and the rest is just your basic B&M.

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Wow, I really like Hulk, the whole layout is unique and the wheel-driven upward launch is one of a kind on a beemer.


Anyways, back on topic, I'm really happy to see at least one new "standard" style B&M coming to life, not that I don't like the floorless effect but it's good to see another one in the tradition of Kumba and Wildfire.

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Hopefully if these inversions are tighter than usual, maybe it will be intense like the older B&Ms. It looks like a fun coaster, but it seems short and a little RCTish. The premier coaster concept seems great, but I'm seeing a lot of downtime with it. As for the rest of the park, it should be great, but I don't see how they'll finish the park with all the theming by April.

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