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Hard Rock / Freestyle Music Park Discussion Thread

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Led Zeppelin already owns rock, now he will own coasters. It looks like a mix of a Kraken with inversions out of order and Hollywood Dream: TR seats. Sweeeettttt


I think it will make me do this when I ride it:


Led Zeppelin is a he? Grrrr. Try more than one member.


Ramble On, young man, Ramble On.


Yea, I know it is more than one guy...I know my classic rock. Ramble On is good, but I love No Quarter, Ten Years Gone, Dazed and Confused, and Over the Hills and Far Away. Hopefully the trains will have that Hollywood Dream ride trait where you can select your own tune! That would just be amazing!


Oh, and can't forget Whole Lotta Love

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Looks like they have quite a bit of room for flat ride and shop expansion, but I can't see any more coasters going in after this unless they do a stupid thing and get rid of the lake, a la Kings Dominion.


Can't wait to visit the park right before I move away from it next summer.

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This place is looking like a winner if you ask me!


Anyone thinking about trying to go for Opening Day? I would be interested in away, but at the same time I think I would wait until they are open daily so that the lines may be smaller.


I found this link to the discover Myrtle Beach website from Screamscape, and it has pictures showing that parts of Led Zeppelin on site. Looks like there are a few pieces of track was well as the storage track, some supports and the lift stair case.



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Looks like they have quite a bit of room for flat ride and shop expansion, but I can't see any more coasters going in after this unless they do a stupid thing and get rid of the lake


I think they are only building on like half the land they own so there will be plenty of land to expand with hotels and new themed areas in the future etc.

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wow...I just realized this is in Myrtle Beach -duh- umm....awesome!! I go to Hilton Head, SC every year. Looks like a new stop every year along with Carowinds!


I wonder if the seats on the Led coaster will be like Hollywood Dream's. I thought the head rests were shaped/designed perfectly, because it comes up around you head kinda. Almost like an Inatamin Accel coaster's.

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While searching for a new avatar, I stumbled upon this:



I wonder if they displayed this one at the unveiling. You guys should read more on this site, because it is really cool how you pay this guy to build you an accurate roller coaster model. Money will get you anything! Anyway, I thought it would be cool to post this.

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I agree this park looks like it's gonna be cool. Me and the family are going to Myrtle Beach next week and are planning on going by the park for the preview center and possible construction photos. I will try to post some when I get back.

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We were in Myrtle Beach last week and stopped by the HRP preview center. It was pretty cool and if anyone is in the area, definetly run by there and check it out. They take you through the areas of the park and show you what each area is going to have. The coolest part of the tour is this tunnel in which you walk across a catwalk with a tunnel spinning around you which gives you the sensation of falling down.


I hope the coaster will go higher than this, or maybe this is some type of people mover, hooray peoplemover.


This is what happens when you insert bolts into the track.


Here was some more track and some tracktors.


Just behind the tour building we found this parking lot for track, but because we were not track, we could not park there.


After walking through the Born in the USA section which will have the Shake Rattle and Rollercoaster and the Slippery When Wet suspended water coaster, we went outside where this guy was guarding the building.


This area will also have All the Kings Men carousel, Maximum RPM coaster where you ride up a ferris wheel in an MG convertable into the coaster track, and a stunt show.


Next up is the British Invasion area where they had this British Flag painted MG convertable that Elizabeth wanted to ride in.


Lost in the 70's was the next area and this is where the tunnel connects you to the British Invasion.


Next up is Cool Country, this area will have the Midnight Rider mine train and several cool flat rides.


Here is the model of the LZ coaster, looks pretty good to me.


First up is Rock and Roll Heaven, this area is where the Led Zeppelin coaster will be. This stained glass window shows 3 southern musical legends, Little Richard, Elvis, and James Brown.


So we arrived at Hard Rock Park and Thomas wanted a picture in front of Mount Rockmore, talked to the guy who takes care of this sand sculture and he said he has to repair around the edges every day.

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Some people have expressed concerns that by judging by the park's construction progress they don't think it will be open by May 2008. What were your impressions, Jasper?


(my own take is that it's too soon to get our panties in a wad)

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I think it's too early to tell. An employee told me that they were working on all aspects of the park at the same time. He said that most of the steel work on the buildings has been completed, they are starting to put the LZC together and he said they footers for RPM and Midnight Rider had been placed. I understand they are hoping to be testing the Led Zeppelin by December.

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While it is great that the area is getting a park on this scale, I think it is getting over hyped. It seems people are expecting something close to Universal theming, but I'm expecting something closer to slightly below Busch theming. I'm not saying the park will be Six Flags as it will still be a great park, but it doesn't seem to be as good as everyone thinks it will be.

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