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  1. I have gone to Dorney the last 2 years and like everyone else has said everything should be walkons. Last year I got there at opening and I had the entire park done by noon. i stayed til 3pm and had 5 rides each on every coaster.
  2. I just saw Transformers 2 today. Awesome Awesome movie! It might just be the best movie ending I've seen. I tried to go to the Imax to see it but sold out. So I went to a regular theatre. I'll go see it in Imax next week.
  3. SFGADV-3X Hersheypark Martin's Fantasy Island Waldameer Darien Lake Kennywood Cedar Point- x2
  4. It's funny how last year the wait last year was 1 to 2 hours. Now this year I have been to SFGA three times and all three times it was practically a walkon, maybe 15 minute wait.
  5. Nice pics! I have learned never go thru big cities, too much traffic. I live in South Jersey and I take the parkway way up as far as possible, I believe its the Tappanzee bridge. It was quite the breeze getting to SFNE as opposed to the GWB, no traffic at all. Just like when I go to Hershey I won't go thru Philadephia. I will drive a little north to avoid it.
  6. That is basically same impression I had today after riding it.
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