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  1. Ok Seeing that i live across the street from HRP and i go about 2 times a week i know a few reasons why the park is struggling. 1) Obvious bad advertising! The first add campaign before the park opened was terrible and created nearly no buzz about the park. The second one was cheezy and features pictures and commercials of an old guy doing Gene Simmons impressions which was just a bad idea. Now they have little flyers and posters around town and a bunch of billboards, thats about it. Rarely see a commercial (i've probably seen 3 or so) Something i'm surprised they haven't done is have
  2. They actually have very good service, consistently better than most parks that i've been to in the last few years. And while the Attractions list is a little smaller than most, i think people realize its a brand new park and that it will take time to fill out. There is still tons to do...just not necessarily for a roller coaster enthusiast. If the park doesn't make it after a few years it wont be because of service or quantity of rides, it'll be because Myrtle Beach is a weird place. The park is twice as crowded on tuesday and wednesday compared to the weekend where it is empty (very
  3. I've been to the park quite a few times now(although never during the day) I really like what they have done here, its a really good mix of rides, shows, and other fun stuff to do scattered throughout the park. While none of the rides completely blow you away (well maybe The Moody Blues ride depending on your state of mind) , they are all for the most part very solid and a good foundation for this park as it will continue to grow. I've talked to Jon Binkowski who is pretty much the park creator and he keeps pushing the point that it isn't a roller coaster enthusiast park but that it is designe
  4. Seeing as how i drive by the ride everyday i get some pretty good looks at it. I think the cobra roll actually looks pretty small. And i don't think this ride will be forceless, one thing i've noticed is how close the loop and the cobra roll are to each other. There isn't much space between them, and because of the space left in the construction site, i would expect the rest of the track to be squeezed in pretty tight. They have the supports up for the turn after the break run/flat track??? (does anyone know if that actually is suppose to be a break run?)
  5. Thanks for the pictures, i only had 10 minutes to get through the preview center cause i showed up as they were closing. So its nice to go through the pictures and actually get a good look at what things look like. I was really confused about the premier ride, i asked them what it did and they told me it launched through a seperate ferris wheel ride. I didnt think it looked right, and i guess it isnt. Im glad he was wrong, that ride sounds pretty unique and sweet now.
  6. Ok so today i went to the Hard Rock park Backstage tour preview. They had a concert with a few thousand people, it was pretty sweet and i had a good time. And the preview center left me with the impression that they are gonna do a fantastic job with this park. They even themed the preview center very well, with a lot of rock memorabilia... mount rockmore, the led zeppelin statue(the hermit is what they called it) the car that austin powers drives dont know what its called, and the beetles magical mystery tour bus and much more. They had a model of the park and everything looked better tha
  7. I agree that TPR is very openminded, i've been reading posts for a while but never really felt like posting till recently. I consider myself to be fairly conservative, and i dont see a problem with disney doing this. Like many have said they are most likely doing this for money reasons and not necessarily for the cause of the homosexual movement. ^^I dont necessarily think that america is ignorant, just slow to change especially on the foundation of the country that was formed under christianity and the bible. But its inevitable that within a generation or two this wont really
  8. ^^^Im pretty sure they signed a contract with Sally for a dark ride, and there are a lot of buildings that i could easily see a dark ride going inside.
  9. Yeah the park is kinda in an odd place, and in a area that is full of abandoned buildings that needs some work. And they are working on fixing the traffic, but it wont be done for a while. I think 3 coasters sounds about right, and they are going heavily on theming and the whole rock n roll idea so i think you are right when you say its going to be more of a universal type experience. I think their some of thier inspiration comes from Island of Adventure too.
  10. I live across the street from the park and I have seen what the park is suppose to look like. All i saw was a photo copy of the blue print but the roller coaster footprint looks identical to the ride pictured in that preview picture. Most of the buildings in the concept art look similar to the buildings that are in construction right now. You can also see coaster markings in that area and it looks pretty legit. I am needless to say very excited about the park, but let me tell you that traffic will be terrible there until they finish the bridge that they are just starting construction on.
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