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  1. I apologize. I didn't see any repies to my serch when I was looking for other threads. Thanks for telling me. Once again I am sorry about that. >> Jake " hates it when he can't find anything "
  2. Wow this was really sad, considering that this girl is about my age and she lost her legs on a ride any one of us could have been on. >>Jake Here's the link http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2007-06-22-ride-accident_N.htm?csp=34 SUperman.bmp
  3. My last coaster I rode was California Screamin @ DCA. This was when they had the Rockin' promo. I wish they kept the Chili Peppers on Screamin. Too bad Rockin' Both Parks had to end!
  4. Well Jason, I have annual passes to DLR and go down there constantly. The line jumping IS a problem. ( believe me I have had my fair share of 12-13 year old mexican punks cut in front of me) But I have had no problem with getting them tossed out of the line for it either. But dude, you took a turn for the worst when you argues with them. they're hispanic, they can win anything even if they are illeagle. It really does suck when the CM's won't do anything though. >>Jake
  5. Well Zach, considering that it IS the end of school, expect some mild to high crowds, especially at WDW. You Probably would be able to cram all of these parks in. It would be a tight schedule, but still be able to have fun. If you are going in a few weeks, then no the Halloween stuff won't have an effect on your trip, but if you are going this fall, the parks would be a tad busier but nothing to notice. And some pointers, Pack some cool clothes, Florida is hot and muggy during this time of year. And also pack a poncho, this Is hurricane season you know! If you need any more help i would be glad to help! The Halloween Stuff should be pretty cool. I heard The Mickey's Not SO Scary Halloween Party is cool, you should try to get tickets for that or halloween haunt at universal. >> Jake
  6. ^ ^ ^ I agree, but I thought it was going to be longer than that. I have built longer coasters on RCT. But overall looked like a pretty cool ride. >>Jake
  7. ^^ I agree But what rides would they put in and how can they incorporate it into his plays?? I am really surprised they got away with this park.
  8. I found this online. it looks pretty interesting from what i noticed there wasn't any "major" rides. It's more like a giant walk through attraction. Enjoy! >> Jake http://dickensworld.co.uk/
  9. No That is the title of the list, I wouldn't make it up. But seriously i got a good laugh out of it. I mean there are alot more coasters out there that are waaaaay scarier. Goliath at SFMM could have possibly been up there. And this was a list of the scariest ROLLERCOASTERS not thrill rides so why did they have a drop ride up there ????? WAAAAAAY Lame >> Jake
  10. This was interesting. . >> Jake http://information.travel.aol.com/features/family?ncid=AOLCOMMtravDYNLprim0113
  11. Hey great TR. Looks like it is going to be a great park when it opens! They should have put in a drop coaster off the edge of the mountain along with the other two coasters. ( three if you include the kiddie coaster) >>Jake
  12. I really like all of these but I can only vote for one so dim lights....... This is Yeti Idol The best of luck to all of you >>Jake
  13. Very nice photo TR. Was your sister the girl in black on the swings? Cause if so I wonder where she gets her looks from..........
  14. hmmm looks pretty cool. The coasters with the rock 'n roll sounds neat. should be a pretty cool park to visit >> jake
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