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  1. With Booms Day being the nations largest Labor Day weekend firework show I wonder if Dollywood will trend on Twitter!?! My inner Dollywood/social media nerd has always wanted to see that happen! So in short what I'm saying is go to Twitter and starting tweeting about Dollywood!!!! ....please
  2. A WBIR video feed has now appeared on the 2012 website where the Facebook and Twitter widgets had been! http://www.dollywood2012.com/
  3. The Dollywood 2012 attraction site just stopped counting down! 2 hours till the announcement, that means the site is about to change I bet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://www.dollywood2012.com/ And within 5 minutes it is now back to counting down. . .
  4. 2 new clues on the 2012 website today! (The 2nd one you only get if you "share" the site on Facebook or Twitter). http://www.dollywood2012.com
  5. In the Hall of Memories photos the first picture you asked about is a boat from the "Flooded Mine" which was located where Daredevil Falls is currently. Flooded Mine operated from 1977 to 1997 and was actually built in house by Silver Dollar City. Random fact; one of the men who helped build the Flooded Mine still works at Dollywood as the Master Craftsmen of woodcarving. The second photo is a car from the "Thunder Express" roller coaster which was located where Tennessee Tornado is now and operated from 1989 to 1998.
  6. Here is the official press release about Dollywood, Dollywood's Splash Country and Dixie Stampede's "Dolly Helps Nashville" fund raising weekend: Source: http://www.dollywood.com/press-c1-Press_Release_Listing.aspx So basically all admission tickets from Dollywood, Dollywood's Splash Country and Dixie Stampede will go to help flood relief in the Nashville area! Dolly will be appearing both days at Dollywood and Dixie to thank people for there support. As of today there has been an estimated $2 Billion worth of damages done to private property due to the flood. If you can't vis
  7. Well I guess it could be worse. At least Edward, Isabella, Cullen, etc. are "normal" names. However it is still sad parents name there kids after movies and other stupid things. What's worse is their children will be the ones who will have to live with people thinking and mentioning that it is the same as the movie characters for many years. Another thing I find odd is how so many celebrities decide to name there kids all kinds of crazy things. Such as Keith Urban and Nicole naming there kid "Sunday" seriously who names there kid a day of the week! Celebrities of all people should realize th
  8. Still seems odd to me that right after coming out of bankruptcy Six Flags replaces the CEO that I thought they had done fairly well under (maybe I'm wrong?). However best of luck to Dr. Weber, hopefully the parks can return to greatness again (and dare I say a return to where they are theme parks once again and not just one giant corporate billboard).
  9. SkyZip is a lot of fun, you should plan about 1 and a half hours for the entire experience. (If you decide to get a Gold Season Pass you also get 20% off of SkyZip as well). Also to note Dollywood's military discountfor "active or retired military, disabled veterans, and military reservists, spouses and dependents when valid military personnel IDs and dependent IDs are presented" is 30% off at the gate making the tickets $39.10 after tax. So make sure you don't pay more than that since he is in the military. Also to note those tickets can be used for the "After 3 offer" and are eligible
  10. Are you interested in cabins? When in August will you be attending? If your looking for cabins Dollywood Vacations has some really amazing deals on Dollywood and Dollywood's Splash Country. I do believe you can get discount Dixie Stampede tickets through them (and possibly Ripley's Aquarium tickets, but you would have to check that by calling them as well). Here is the link to their special offers: http://www.dollywood.com/vacations-q10171-c10000-Special_Offers.aspx You may want to sign up for the park's email list if you have not already. Dollywood Vacations send out an email every few we
  11. Adventure Mountain really looks great! A lot of smaller things were done to the park as well that make it much better. The exhibition hall (next to Daredevil Falls) is now "Hall of Memories" which has memorabilia from the parks 25 year history, including vehicles/cars from past rides such as Thunder Express and the Flooded Mine, and a lot of other cool things to look at for those theme park history buffs including a time line that compares what was happening in the world at the time of each Dollywood addition. You can also get your photo taken with a digital version of Dolly in the Hall of
  12. I really enjoyed this episode of Undercover Boss it was nice to see a theme park company selected. I've watched, read and listened to a lot of interviews from Joel, Albert (Silver Dollar City) and the Ride the Ducks Captain and I really think the show was a genuine thing. Maybe the people were meant to be picked maybe they weren't but everyone does have story really. What I found interesting was this episode was NOT shot by CBS at all. When this episode was filmed in the fall of 2009 it was an independent crew and it was just a pilot series no network had picked up the concept yet. So Hers
  13. Dollywood has confirmed to the mountain press the women is improving: "We understand her prognosis is good, and she does appear to be improving."-Source Several recent Adventure Mountain construction photos have been posted to the Wall Photos album on Dollywood's Facebook Fan Page.
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