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Six Flags Fiesta Texas (SFFT) Discussion Thread

P. 288: New B&M Dive Machine Announced!

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I believe that the chasis are the same, but the padding and restraints are new.


The drop does go right next to the path, and you can actually stand directly under the track!

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Alrighty, sorry for the delay guys, but here is more of a full update from this Sunday. The park officially opens this weekend but was open for a season pass preview day. However, Goliath will not open until mid to late April, but trust me when I say that the wait will be worth it.


To view something like 60 photos in addition to the ones below, please visit the full gallery at: http://www.coastercrazy.com/coaster_pics/gallery.asp?gallery=Six%20Flags%20Fiesta%20Texas&currentpage=1


I'll start you off with an overview of the ride


Last and pretty much least, not much progress on the station since past updates


A peak over the fence shows where the ride entrance area will be located


This will be the path that will one day lead to Goliath


Those wheel covers are just awesome


Just incase you missed it earlier, I found Goliath's train hiding behind Polty


One more of the ending sequence of the ride


The only slow point of the ride, but much needed after the forces of that helix


A shot of the 3rd and 4th inversions


just another angle to change things up...Goliath really does standout in front of the park.




As is that of the 0g roll. The queue line will be directly below this element as well


The view of the loop is awesome from the entrance as well


Like previously stated, you can stand DIRECTLY under the drop track, which stands right over the park's entrance


My personal favorite angle of the drop


I love BTR clone drops, and Goliath should be no exception


Some complain about the name "Goliath," but the ride does dominate over front end of the park.

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So wait...where exactly is it in the park??


Robb, the exact location is where the old tram turnaround used to be located and next to the picnic grove. The drop is located right above the entrance, and the far turnaround is directly about the drop off-zone. The 3rd pic from the top, which is the path leading to Goliath, is right next to the park entrance on the left side.

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I think that's odd that you can stand right under the first drop and the loop, I would think that would pose a safety hazard. I wonder if they will put up any netting to keep loose object from flying off and hitting people since that is a pretty high G force point.


I really like the colors on this though, it looks better than some of the Batmen themed ones and I think it certainly looks a lot better than the other San Antonio "Batman"

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It looks like they cut the supports some. It looked much, much taller in New Orleans. It doesn't look like it would be able to survive a flood now.


Did they trim the supports? I also noticed they're still not finished painting it. Other than that, I can't wait for it to open!!!!


-Tatum "As if a Batman is good enough, a relocated Batman is even better!!!" G.

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Six Flags Fiesta Texas Announces Addition of 'Wiggles World' For Spring 2009


New Area Themed Around The Most Popular Children’s Entertainers In The World


Six Flags Fiesta Texas announced today plans for an all new interactive children's area, Wiggles World, featuring delightful adventures, food offerings, and live entertainment designed just for kids. The area will be located in the heart of Spassburg and will open in Spring 2009.


“Although Six Flags is known for excellence in live entertainment and extreme thrills, our ultimate focus has always been on the family experience. We are excited to present this unique area for little ones and their parents to enjoy together,” said Six Flags Fiesta Texas President Martin Bozer. “Wiggles World will offer a variety of new adventures including colorful rides, live entertainment, branded merchandise and delicious food options all geared to the younger set.”


The Wiggles are the most popular children's entertainers in the world, and Wiggles World will be designed to showcase their vast recognition and status among children ages 2-6. Since 1991, The Wiggles have performed to more than 1 million audience members a year. To date, they have sold more than 22 million DVDs and videos and more than 5 million albums worldwide; The Wiggles' successful television show has been broadcast on Disney Channel's Playhouse Disney since 2002.


Wiggles World will feature specially themed rides and attractions including The Big Red Car ride, The Big Red Plane ride, The Romp Bomp A Stomp coaster ride, The Fruit Salad Yummy Yummy ride, The Wiggly Trail ride and a uniquely themed S.S. Feathersword's Playship structure for exploration and fun. The area will also feature a retail location, the Wiggles Gift Shop, and a restaurant with delectable creations—Yummy Yummy Café.


Wiggles World will be populated by The Wiggles' cast of supporting characters: Dorothy the Dinosaur, Captain Feathersword, Wags the Dog and Henry the Octopus, who will pose for photos and perform in daily shows in their own “Get Ready To Wiggle” show at Wiggles Theater.


Six Flags Fiesta Texas 2009 Season Passes are now on sale at sixflags.com, HEB Business Centers or by calling 210-697-5050. Enjoy unlimited visits in 2009, and the remainder of 2008 including Fright Fest, presented by Snickers® and Holiday in the Park. In addition, every Season Pass holder receives a value book worth more than $300 including 5 Bring-A-Friend-Free tickets. Purchase before January 1, 2009 and save $5— just $59.99.

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They are listing a significant amount more rides than have gone in at the Wiggles Worlds at other parks.


It looks like the area will be in a section of the park that already has kiddie rides and a Vekoma rollerskater - I'm thinking a lot of retheming will be going on.


First Wiggles World in the US with a coaster, though.



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Glad to see that they are continuing to add Wiggles Worlds. It was sad to see that The Great Escapes version only had two rides for the little ones and their families. SfGam, SfGadv, and SfNe have excellent sections with at least 5 rides!


Can anyone confirm the possibility of the coaster to be a re-theme or completely new?

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As great as it is for a park to become more family friendly by adding a kids area, I think it is a little late for the Wiggles. At Great America, I often hear families asking"do kids still watch the wiggles?" Granted, the area is popular with the kids, but that is because of the rides, not the theme. I just hope it is spread out more than Great America's, because it is pretty crowded back in Wiggles World/County Fair.

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Six Flags Fiesta Texas has announced their latest park additions for the 2010 season on their website.




Six Flags Fiesta Texas, America’s favorite show park, kicks off 2010 with an array of award-winning shows, a complement of thrilling and family rides and a special Play Pass offer providing unlimited visits at a one-day price! The new season will feature all this in addition to a free water park in the summer and the seasonal offerings of Fright Fest in October and Holiday in the Park for the winter season.


As part of the extended season long celebration, Six Flags Fiesta Texas will offer a line-up of new shows and attractions that provide top-tier entertainment as well as guest benefits that ensure a value-packed experience for the entire family. Some of the major headlines this season include:


All-New Shows - recognized for 10 consecutive years by Amusement Today, the nation’s leading industry publication, for having the Best Theme Park Shows in the Country, this season promises to be another banner year as Six Flags Fiesta Texas presents an exciting slate of new and returning shows alike. New for this season:


Ritmos del Corazon – a musical celebration with talented singers and live musicians performing Latin favorites at Teatro Fiesta.


Straight Country – Join our performers and live band for a tribute to some favorite Bluegrass and Country classics.


Dick Clark’s Face the Music – Take a trip down memory lane and compete with your friends in this interactive trivia show presented at Sangerfest Halle.


Wiggles World returns – an exciting play area for kids with uniquely themed rides and attractions, including The Big Red Car, The Big Red Plane and the imagination inspiring S.S. Feathersword’s Playship structure. The area features The Wiggles' cast of supporting characters — Dorothy the Dinosaur, Captain Feathersword, Wags the Dog and Henry the Octopus — in the family favorite show, "Get Ready to Wiggle."


The STARBURST® Summer Concert Series is back by popular demand - Some of the industry’s hottest acts including Mitchel Musso (date TBD) and Jeremy Camp on June 25. Concerts presented in Lone Star Lil’s Amphitheater and are free with park admission or a Season Pass.

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Six Flags Fiesta Texas has added a special event to its calendar in honor of the 10th Anniversary of Superman Krypton Coaster, taking place on March 6th, 2010.




Join the celebration as Six Flags Fiesta Texas commemorates the 10th Anniversary of Superman Krypton Coaster. Wear your favorite Superman paraphernalia on March 6 and receive a discounted admission of only $29.99 (plus tax). Plus, the first 250 people to arrive with Superman paraphernalia will receive a park souvenir and exclusive ride time on Superman Krypton Coaster before the park opens to the public. Gates open at 8:30 a.m.


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Screamscape found this ditty of a video that I've never seen before. Apparently posted in 2006?!? I think Six Flags picked the wrong coaster to be revamping, this just doesn't look good. It's Rattler, and it's "swaying". Never heard of this before.

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This isn't a big deal. Since the coaster opened....they not only lowered the first drop, but also raised it quite a bit from the bottom as well. Ever since 1996 the fan curve after the first drop has also been altered several times.


I’m told that there is a definite plan to return The Rattler to it’s former glory, restoring the ride’s first drop to it’s full and intended height as well as other improvements throughout. More when we find out.


As far as them returning the ride's first drop to it's full and intended height........

The Rattler's intended height wasn't what it was supposed to be when it opened in 1992. (it wasn't supposed to be as tall as it was when it opened) It was changed mid-construction to surpass the height of Mean Streak that opened in 1991. (That's why it had an odd "S" shape bend to the left at the top of the lift)


So even though we might see a revamp, it may not be to the first drop that made the coaster infamous for injuries.


Aside from my rant....I would LOVE to see this coaster revamped with a better drop, gut the helix, and make it fun again.


At 1:35 you can see an excellent shot of Rattler's 1992 drop. You can also see the original fan curve after the first drop. It's pretty much been somewhat flatted and smoothed out a bit. I believe the last change to the fan curve was just about 3-4 years ago.


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"If it doesn't shake, it'll break"

Well, that I know, but I've never seen a ride bend THIS much before.


It was a very terrible/funny quote from an early 2000's roller coaster show! Not meant to insinuate that you didn't know!

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"If it doesn't shake, it'll break"

Well, that I know, but I've never seen a ride bend THIS much before.


It doesn't do it anymore...during the last 2 seasons they have rebuilt the entire structure at that point (the bottom of the straightaway up the cliff). Still, I really hope this thing gets the same treatment of Giant and we get the original drop back.

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