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Six Flags Fiesta Texas (SFFT) Discussion Thread

P. 288: New B&M Dive Machine Announced!

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^Thanks for the post. That's exactly what 99% of the GP does and they could care less about the height of the coaster. Everyone is going to think it's really insane, and will love it.


The ride is going at the very front of the park. It will be located right next to the entrance on the left side. On SFFTnet, someone in the know said the ride will take up a little room from the Picnic Grove and a majority of the old tram turnaround. After seing what SFFT did with THBS, I'm hopeful that the park wll tear up the concrete and plant grass underneath the ride. Anyways, this location is really nice because the coaster will be seen from the highway and will look really bold in that location, and like someone mentioned, will leave all that room back in the boardwalk for future expansion.


Regarding that, Axman, I think your posts in this thread are a little immature. A Wiggle's World at SFFT would completely kill the unique charm of the park, and besides, SFFT is filled with attractions to please the young children all throughout the park. Also, please understand that your point-of-view is coming from a coaster enthusiast. Shapiro isn't looking to please this audience. We make up what, like 1% of the guests at an amusement park? Evel Knievel is not the only good decision by SF, as families will love rides such as THBS and the dark coasters. And that's who the parks cater too.


Besides, IMO, BTR is a REALLY good coaster and I will welcome it with open arms to my homepark. Can't wait to ride!

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Unfortunetly, it's not. The entrance is located at the middle of the 'canyon', and Los Festivales is the very first section as you enter the park (entrance is themed to fit in that area aswell).


Here's how I predict the ride will fit at SFFT. The black line represents the "portable" fencing the park has recently put up. The ride covers are of the Picnic Grove (rarely used) and the old tram turnaround.



The entrace to the area is under the drop.

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^ You're kidding me right? What's wrong with 3 themed indoor coasters, a GCI, two G-Spinners (the good ones) and a B&M invert?


You're nuts. The only gripe I might have is with the name "Goliath". That took me about 2 hours to get over.

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^I'm guessing he complained that no park is building an Intamin-hyper-launched-aquatrax, but instead are building family friendly coasters. Whatever though, the park/company won't care about his thoughts.


^^Why would you e-mail to complain that they aren't adding a large/custom coaster? It just shows a lack of maturity and makes all enthusiasts look bad.(go join ACE for that)


end rant


While I don't like the name Goliath, I'm still happy that SFFT is building a new coaster, and the gp won't know/care they can ride it at two other parks in the state.


Airtime-what were you thinking-&Gravity

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^ , ^^ Ditto to both. Yeah, yeah, its a batman clone, but if theres any coaster that deserved to be cloned, it might as well be a good one! It just seems like just the enthusiasts that are complaining about the fact that theres two more in the same state. The General Public probably wont even notice a difference to really care about that. So good move for SFFT.

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No they wont notice or they will. Dont underestimate the general public. The Batman Ride is a good ride but after 2 or 3 initial rides it isnt worth standing inline for because it is extremely short and most of Texans have gone to all SF parks and they will notice once they get in the parking lot. They wont know because it will be marketed as a completely new ride. So at least we will get a few new people for one time.

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Batmans are good rides no matter where they are located or what they are called. This is a first for Six Flads a Batman not called Batman: The Ride.


Exactly! I don't know why people care so much about how this ride is called! The new coaster for Six Flags Fiesta Texas could be called 'inverted steel thing' for all I care, a Batman clone is still a good coaster and a good addition to the park.

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I don't know about anyone else, but the colors don't seem to fit well with the name.





First of all, I don't think of us Texans really care about the colors. It's a good coaster and that's all that matters.


And just for the heck of it, what makes you think the colors don't go well with the name? It's all opinion and you're just used to seeing orange and teal used with the name "Goliath". If all Goliath's used blue and yellow, you would probably just complain if something new and different showed up.


^ Even worse, of alll colors to choose, why paint the tracks the exact same color as the clone down the road???:




They are not the same. Great White is dark blue and black, Goliath is bright blue and yellow. They look a lot different.



I don't see why everyone hates the coaster. Sure, maybe SFFT deserved something better, but it still needed a invert. Also, most people either choose SFFT or SW, not both. So say if some people liked Great White at SW the best, they have the same thing at SFFT. More business for SF.

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I just think hes used to orange and teal Goliaths.
I'm not used to any of the colors. Only two Goliath's are orange and teal anyways. Look at the one at La Ronde and Walibi. It is just purely my opinion that seeing a invert named Goliath with a blue and gray paint scheme is different.


I rest my case...

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