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  1. Griffon had a "sneak preview week" prior to its grand opening as well.
  2. Everyone keep in mind that when Anheuser-Busch InBev was exploring the sale of the parks Six Flags stuck their toes in the water as well.
  3. What's a Wind Riding Coaster? *wing rider Slight typo, I apologize.
  4. This seems like a fabulous addition for Dollywood, but they might want to change their marketing to not say "America's fits wind riding coaster" since SFGA is getting one in the same year.
  5. Maybe, but Cheetah Hunt's viral campaign technically began in June, not September.
  6. Cheetah Hunt is looking fantastic and looks to be an enjoyable ride. Has anyone else noticed that the concrete brick trench walls have been painted a tan color?
  7. ^That sign has absolutely nothing to do with this project, it's been there for years and years and is just a themed version of an "authorized personnel only" sign.
  8. Busch Gardens has filed for a standard character trademark for Verbolten! http://tess2.uspto.gov/bin/showfield?f=doc&state=4007:tq562.2.2
  9. That tree has actually been there since before construction even began.
  10. In regards to the SeaWorld coaster, that $10 million is most likely a lump sum amount that would be paid to the contractor, and not the cost of the designing and manufacturing of the coaster itself.
  11. James City County held a Planning Commission meeting this evening. In the public comments section on special user permits, Larry Giles of Busch Gardens spoke and revealed the following... -The first launch goes into the "event building" -It will use the same station as Big Bad Wolf -Will follow a similar path as the Big Bad Wolf heading towards the station -Satellite picture diagram showed a "themed bridge" near the former final brake run of Big Bad Wolf
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