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Six Flags Fiesta Texas (SFFT) Discussion Thread

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One thing first: WORST. THEME. EVER. Im only going to ride it five more times. Today.

Actually, I beleive the line is "six more times," not "five more times."

Honestly. Some people.

Seriously, though, that's one of my all-time favorite quotes from "The Simpsons."


Anyway, the ride.

It seems strikingly similar to Timberland Twister...

...and Spinning Dragons...

...and Pandemonium...

Huh, I wonder why that could be.

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^^No, you are not the only one. That small portion of track with the Skate Ramp thing under it was an interesting idea, and if they themed it more with similar structures, and of better quality than the rotating Tony Hawk statues, it would be a cool looking ride. As for this ride being a clone, since Six Flags New England is about 1,968.1 miles away from Six Flags Fiesta Texas, (according to Map quest) I'm not too ticked off about them being clones of each other.


I'll probably go to Six Flags New England for the first time next summer anyway, so I'll be able to form an opinion on whether cloning Pandemonium was a good idea or not when I ride it.



Good luck getting on that ride. pandemonium has like a 2 hour wait even if the line looks short but maybe you'll have luck. this ride actually looks cool espically the ramp if they had more of those on the ride it would be so much better. hopefully i will get a short line on pandemonium and actually get to ride it this year.

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The ride looks okay but I wish they would have at least gotten a Mauer Shone ( is that how you spell it )spinning coaster. Those are pretty cool. I went on one of the xtended 2000 and it was pretty darn good. Dragon's Fury is good too, but it dosent spin enough. Spinball Whizzer is sooooo ausome though. I like the train design on the Mauer Shone more than these cars. and I HATE the design of the track. I wish they put in a custom B&M flyer like they said they would every year on screamscape, but no Magic Mountain had to get Tatsu. Then half a year after the ride opened Six Falgs announced that they are going to sell the park even though the park rarley operates all the coasters it is a good park (i wish that they would take out superman and get a rocket coaster) but this could be a good move for this park

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Awesome that Shapiro followed through on his hope to have "major" capitol ready on opening day. Sounds like one of my favorite parks is off for another great year.


Oh...and when I visited SFFT last April Polty was running two trains. Don't really see why, cause they probably could have run one and had the same capacity.

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While it is nice that they are getting a new ride, the name doesn't sit well with me. When I look at any B&M invert, Goliath is not the term that comes to mind.


Is it new though?


Could this be the relocaton of SFNO's Batman?


Could it be? It is.

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What on earth! We don't need another coaster named goliath!

Also when I think of goliath I think of some 200+ mega coaster, not some 100+ foot inverted coaster.


Well atleast it's not going to be another orange colored coaster with teal colored supports.

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Wow, really poor choice of names for a ride, Six Flags.


I don't think they're naming it Goliath to stay away from the DC naming, as all the Dark Knight coasters are opening next year. I also don't think it's so as not to confuse guests who know there is another Batman up the road in Dallas, as Dallas is getting Tony Hawk just like SFFT has. I think SF is just being cheap and doesn't want to register with a new original name. Apparently Goliath is Six Flags Viper of the new era. Can't wait to see Great Adventure's Goliath end up being a Vekoma roller skater in 2009.


Dumb name, but probably the best "new" ride in the chain for next year, at least it's thrilling and forceful, though only for the teens and adults.

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