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Six Flags Fiesta Texas (SFFT) Discussion Thread

P. 288: New B&M Dive Machine Announced!

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One thing first: WORST. THEME. EVER. Im only going to ride it five more times. Today.

Actually, I beleive the line is "six more times," not "five more times."

Honestly. Some people.

Seriously, though, that's one of my all-time favorite quotes from "The Simpsons."


Anyway, the ride.

It seems strikingly similar to Timberland Twister...

...and Spinning Dragons...

...and Pandemonium...

Huh, I wonder why that could be.

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^^No, you are not the only one. That small portion of track with the Skate Ramp thing under it was an interesting idea, and if they themed it more with similar structures, and of better quality than the rotating Tony Hawk statues, it would be a cool looking ride. As for this ride being a clone, since Six Flags New England is about 1,968.1 miles away from Six Flags Fiesta Texas, (according to Map quest) I'm not too ticked off about them being clones of each other.


I'll probably go to Six Flags New England for the first time next summer anyway, so I'll be able to form an opinion on whether cloning Pandemonium was a good idea or not when I ride it.



Good luck getting on that ride. pandemonium has like a 2 hour wait even if the line looks short but maybe you'll have luck. this ride actually looks cool espically the ramp if they had more of those on the ride it would be so much better. hopefully i will get a short line on pandemonium and actually get to ride it this year.

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The ride looks okay but I wish they would have at least gotten a Mauer Shone ( is that how you spell it )spinning coaster. Those are pretty cool. I went on one of the xtended 2000 and it was pretty darn good. Dragon's Fury is good too, but it dosent spin enough. Spinball Whizzer is sooooo ausome though. I like the train design on the Mauer Shone more than these cars. and I HATE the design of the track. I wish they put in a custom B&M flyer like they said they would every year on screamscape, but no Magic Mountain had to get Tatsu. Then half a year after the ride opened Six Falgs announced that they are going to sell the park even though the park rarley operates all the coasters it is a good park (i wish that they would take out superman and get a rocket coaster) but this could be a good move for this park

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  • 3 months later...

Okays, before I write the TR, lemme say some things, like:


I was the FIRST freakin' rider on THBS. I participated in the "walking of the bulls" and came out victorious. Yup, I was on the very first public car. Go me! Anyways, the entire area around THBS was fantastic. The ride is rasied to be level with the boardwalk, and because of that and the ride's colors, SFFT made THBS look intimidating. It was awesome! I loved it. The station was GREAT, the q-line was one of the best I've ever seen in a SF or any park for that matter. The music choise was sweet aswell...I need to find out what song it was. It's sooo addicting. Also, the ride had nice signage, as there was a halfpipe design with a rotating (flipping upside down) Tony Hawk. There was also a large TV on the outiside. Inside the q, there was many TV's, and cool skatepark theming that included sweet colors and nice fences, that sorrounded really nice boards that had all kinds of stuff on extreme sports on them. I was really, really impressed. Way to go SFFT!


Here are some things I also noticed on my trip:


-New Johnny Rockets to open on the boardwalk

-New Panda Express close to opening in Crackaxle Canyon

-Cold Stone Creamery opened in Rockville

-Wii Experience to open in Rockville

-New Paint on Scream

-Poltergeist's 2nd train, which didn't run at all last year, was running along with it's bro

-New wood for the boardwalk


And there were a few negatives:


-Rattler only partially opened (I was on the first train of the season @ 2 P.M.)

-Restuarants not open

-Train was "squeaking" as loud a hell

-Periodic downtime, which is understandable for opening day


Sorry, my camera broke, so no pictures. They will come Monday or Wednesday, I promise.


TR to come...

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Awesome that Shapiro followed through on his hope to have "major" capitol ready on opening day. Sounds like one of my favorite parks is off for another great year.


Oh...and when I visited SFFT last April Polty was running two trains. Don't really see why, cause they probably could have run one and had the same capacity.

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Hmm, that's pretty strange. I visited nearly 10 times last season and never witnessed both trains on the track. Infact, I never saw the purple and yellow train on the transfer track. Weird..


Part 1 (very detailed, only this part will be):


I arrived at the park at 9:20 A.M., but interstingly enough, they were allowing people to enter through the main entrance. I wondered through Las Festivales, and proceeded on the path toward the South section of the park, but as I went down the hill past Boomerang, a few employees and security gaurds were waiting. They stopped me, and said that I could not enter the rest of the park until 10 A.M. I asked the security dude if THBS and the Boardwalk would open with the park, and he answered with a yes. Usually, the boardwalk doesn't open until 11 A.M. So I pulled out my cell phone for 30 minutes.

30 minutes went by slow...but eventully the time on my phone turned to 9:59. Over that time, people had started to gather around the area I was in, so I moved toward the security guy. There were some obvious enthusiasts there, including a guy with a Tatsu shirt on. Anyways, everyone was talking about running, but when we got the signal, the security officer exclaimed the fact that running was prohibited. So, I ended up participating in the "walking of the bulls." I carried a ferocious pace, and made my way to the Boardwalk. I made note of all the obvious changes. Every single peice of wood had been replaced, Crow's Nest Cafe had been removed, and a spinning attraction was long gone. I also saw the sign telling me that Johnny Rocket's was to opened on that spot. But as I turned the corner, THBS emerged from the buildings before.

The first thing I noticed was how big and intimidating it looked. I remember Pandemonium looking so much smaller, and it had a rather playful paint scheme. This alternate version of the ride was raised, and had a wicked red and black paint sceme, which looked killer on the rather compact ride. I have to say it looked intimidating and completely awesome. I put these thoughts aside though, as I was in an insane walking race. I found the entrance immediataly, located in the same spot as Joker's previous one. I entered, and had claimed my spot at the front of the line.

As I walked down the long wooden bridge over the Go Karts, I noticed that the ride consisted of two buildings. The one I was headed into was the que and the transfer track house. The front face of the que building, which was Joker's old station, displayed a large television, and a large halfpipe type decoration that had a Tony Hawk character doing black flips. The sides of the buildings had silver box structures that looked like something you'd see on a rock concert's stage. On the very top there were wicked 3d TH logos. On the bottom of the entrance building was black metal, with Tony Hawk Big Spin painted on in a "punkish" way. Six Flags tried to make this ride badass, and somehow they really did. I entered the que house eventually, which was painted black with different variants of brown and yellow. That may sound strange, but it was painted in dark variations of both colors and looked striking. Throughout the que there were large display boards on the walls and in the middle of all the railings. They were sorrounded by chain link fences...that may sound cheesy, but they looked soooo good. Enough of the que though, I wanted to ride.

To get to the second building, the station, you cross a small bridge. The station itself is a small structure with a silver base, red and black railings, and a orange/red roof. The color choices looked GREAT together. Anyways, I walked across the bridge, and up to the yellow line were an op was standing. The restraints on both cars in the station opened, and they let 2 individuals and myself into the first car. Some high ranking staff member of the park climbed into the second card. They closes our restraints, cleared, and the op pushed the big shiny green button.

This version of the Gerstlauer spinners is different, and in a good way. The turn to the lift contains a block in the middle of it, so 2 trains may be loaded and unloaded simultaneously in the station. This allows for very smooth operation of the 6 cars on the track. While the first train climbed the lift, the second waited on the block. Once the first cleared, the second made the climb. Once it was off the block, the next two cars were dispatched. The layout is also slightly different when it comes to the lift. The other models turn right at the bottom, and then right at the top. Both turns are approx. 180 degrees. On this model, the first turn before the lift is about 210* degrees, so the top of the lift lines up with the center of back of the station. The turn at the top then goes left, not right. The rest of the layout is pretty much the same, but I think the drop off the 3rd block is different. I think it's a little bigger, as the ride is raised to be level with the boardwalk. I think this because the hill after had much more noticable air than I recall on Pandemonium. The brake run was also different, as it was straight, and then took a small right hand turn to the station. The other models have a left turn and then a right turn after the brakes to reach the station.



I'll continue soon...my fingers are tired.


FYI I'll update with pics Monday.

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  • 6 months later...
While it is nice that they are getting a new ride, the name doesn't sit well with me. When I look at any B&M invert, Goliath is not the term that comes to mind.


Is it new though?


Could this be the relocaton of SFNO's Batman?


Could it be? It is.

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What on earth! We don't need another coaster named goliath!

Also when I think of goliath I think of some 200+ mega coaster, not some 100+ foot inverted coaster.


Well atleast it's not going to be another orange colored coaster with teal colored supports.

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Wow, really poor choice of names for a ride, Six Flags.


I don't think they're naming it Goliath to stay away from the DC naming, as all the Dark Knight coasters are opening next year. I also don't think it's so as not to confuse guests who know there is another Batman up the road in Dallas, as Dallas is getting Tony Hawk just like SFFT has. I think SF is just being cheap and doesn't want to register with a new original name. Apparently Goliath is Six Flags Viper of the new era. Can't wait to see Great Adventure's Goliath end up being a Vekoma roller skater in 2009.


Dumb name, but probably the best "new" ride in the chain for next year, at least it's thrilling and forceful, though only for the teens and adults.

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