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Worlds of Fun (WOF) Discussion Thread

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Wow, the ride really turned out different than I expected. There's definately more hills and air-time than there seemed to be in the pictures and animation. I like the length and layout too. I just hope all those trees grow back!

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while this ride looks great, I am wondering why there is no tunnel? I think some of this airtime in a tunnel would be awesome!


Looks like a fun ride though.




YES, that would have been awesome. Not like they are hard to make or expensive for that matter

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Holy crap that is fast. I even said that out loud when I was watching it, Lol. I tried to watch it in HD, but it kept skipping. I guarantee you that this will be my favorite woodie. I haven't been on any decent ones, so I know this will win. I'm so excited!!!


Now if you want decent go to DollyWood and ride ThunderHead. This ride looks insane none-the-less. Though I will add to each his/her own. Every ride has a new experience to be had.

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Can't wait to hear a report from Worlds of Fun today. It looks like this one is a winner!


Same here!! I'm looking forward to this the most of al the new coasters. Should be hitting it end of may, so lets hope it's as good as it looks in the video.

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The wife and I went to the Media VIP Preview this afternoon..... it was a great ride! Great surroundings around a great layout and a very smooth but exciting ride. Lots of quick turns that were very surprising, even on the 3rd experience. I found myself getting confused a couple times as to which direction we were going and where in the general footprint of the ride we were. It was nicely disorienting. It was faster than I was expecting, given the overall height and momentum build up. The weather was pretty gloomy and rainy earlier in the day, but by the event time the sun came out and it warmed up a little. I snapped a few pictures of the event, nothing too exciting... but I'll endeavor to get them on here tonight.

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Hey Paul, it was good to meet you today at the Park!


It was a great ride, just like Paul said. My wife was a GCI virgin before today, and fell in love with them this afternoon!


I will only post a few pics. I saw the camera that Paul was using and his pics will turn our much better than mine!


Thanks for checking out our pics!


Jeffrey and April


Lift hill!


This is going down onto the lift hill.


Our TPR were a big hit! Lots of people came up and talked to us about them! The fat ACER woman gave us a mean look. The ride OP guy took this pic, and when we asked if he would, he said anything for TPR!



This is a fellow TPR guy but I forgot his name.



The line was not too bad. Only about 20 minutes running two trains.




They brought in some cats from a wildlife place.


These are the coupons that we got. It was nice to get a free dinner!

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Prowler is definitely an outstanding ride. Of my three rides, two were in the back and one in the front and the back is definitely "the spot."


The ride itself isn't huge, but it takes great advantage of the terrain that it's on. The air is quick, but most of the time it's mixed in with nice laterals as well. While not on the scale of Voyage, I'd consider it a mini version, simply for the speed, location, terrain, extremely fast pace and disorientation.


Worlds of Fun did very good with this ride. Easily top 3 wood for me.

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ASL: Good to meet you too. There's not too many of us here in KC


I'll put a few pics up... I was mainly taking pics of something else that I can't disclose and can't put up on this board (get your minds out of the gutter).


I'll be in Orlando tomorrow through the 11th, but when I get back I'll have something else to put up that's more related to the construction history of this coaster.


These were the swag bottles the VIPs got. All in all, a nice event and a great new ride! Highly recommended if you get the chance.


Rebekah decides to grab some more VIP drinks before we head out.


Everyone seems to be mellowing now that the sun is setting.









There's never a phone around when you need one.




Not much going on in here, since the camera wasn't working today... therefore no photos to buy.


Photo/Souvenir building


Entering Prowler Plaza


Making our way to the wrong side of the tracks.


Who's a pretty sign? That's right... you are.


Head On! Apply Directly To The Forehead!


Don't point at it.... it's not polite.


Management anxiously awaits food to be served.


Open 'er up and it lunges pop up book style! Well, not really.... but that would have been really cool.


Media invitation to the event

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