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Worlds of Fun (WOF) Discussion Thread

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Will this be the first project GCI hasn't finished in time?


(Or maybe the ride was never intended to open with the park...?)

Yeah, I don't think it's fair to say that GCI hasn't finished on time if you don't know what the project deadlines were.



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Does anyone know how many mag brakes Renegade has? I noticed today that Prowler has 8 before the train hits any friction brakes. It leads me to believe that a hauling of the a$$ will occur.


Evel Knievel has at least that many before it hits any friction brakes as well. I'm pretty sure they're just doing the initial braking completely by magnetics and not putting in any friction brakes until the transfer track on the newer models. Considering GCIs don't have MCBRs and only run two trains, there's no reason to have the initial brake run be a block section. It requires way less moving parts and is fail-safe, not to mention very cost efficient.

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It sure does look like it flies over the second hill.

That hill + lots of speed sounds like a winning combination for airtime to me! Can't wait to hear the reviews and ride it myself.

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