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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

p. 832: Camp Snoopy announced for 2024!

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Cedar Point's stupid FL rules were only used for 3 or 4 days then it was back to normal.


FL at KI same as it's always been. $90 for walk ons all day. Do have to buy online and it's not uncommon for them to sell out now days. I'm not positive but I've read they stop sales day of even if they aren't sold out.

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So how is the experience so far this season with Fastlane? Any weird, Cedar Point style rules or can you really just keep riding Orion and whatever else as much as you want?


I just used it last Sunday. Everything was a walk-on with Fast Lane including Orion and there were no restrictions on rerides. For comparison, standby queues were posted at 60-90 minutes for the major rides. Plus FastLane tended to get first choice for seat selection.


I originally planned to visit on a Saturday, but they had sold out of Fast Lane when I checked earlier that week on a Wednesday. If you know what day you're going, you should lock it in. I don't know when it sold out the Sunday I visited, but it was no longer available the day of when I checked out of curiosity.


The only issue I had with FastLane was that Boo Blasters had no employee at the merge point and that was a very awkward merge since the main queue looked to be an hour.

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I originally planned to visit on a Saturday, but they had sold out of Fast Lane when I checked earlier that week on a Wednesday. If you know what day you're going, you should lock it in. I don't know when it sold out the Sunday I visited, but it was no longer available the day of when I checked out of curiosity.r.


Same here. On Tuesday the 1st, I checked for FastLane availability on Saturday the 5th and it appeared that it was available. Today, I checked and FastLane was no longer available for Saturday. Perhaps they really are limiting how many they sell. That was okay though as I pushed my visit to Sunday the 6th for my 50th birthday... so I’m hoping for a fun day of FastLane walk ons!

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I just got burned by that too. I had it in my cart yesterday but since it's non-refundable I figured last minute I'd give it one more day just to make sure the great forecast holds an nothing comes up with Brit's job.


Oh well, it happens. Cedar Point Saturday it is and I bought it for Sunday.

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So I don't normally do full trip reports any more and have sort of settled on Instagram stories (PS: Feel free to follow me on Instagram) and here's the archived story from this weekend but I figured I'd give some thoughts on Kings Island 2020.


First off, thanks to Ape for coming out. it was great to meet you. I hope your Bouffalant brings you joy for years to come (if anyone wants to meet up at a park and needs a Bouffalant dealer hit me up I charge crazy fees but I've got the good quality sh*t) Not really I'll just give it to you. lol


Anyway, we've been to this park a decent amount over the years and we've always liked it but we usually skipped it in a time crunch to spend more time at Cedar Point and I've always kind of looked at it as a less-good Kings Dominion that needed more trees and one more top-tier coaster. I now have an entirely different opinion of Kings Island. They've made incremental (but really nice) improvements over the last few years, added more and more solid coasters to the lineup like Banshee and Mystic Timbers and this year they decided to go all out and blow the doors open with a wild, kick-ass giga.



This ride is a monster. If you're one of those people complaining about it, shove your 13 feet 13 feet up your a**. Just ride the thing.

Seriously guys, I get that people have different opinions and everyone's entitled to them but we thought that Orion was a FANTASTIC coaster. It's absolutely my new favorite in the park (during the day of course... let's not get stupid here). We got off that ride absolutely baffled at the reviews that it's been getting. Glass smooth, super fast, forceful airtime... what more do people want? I really don't know what people expect from coasters... this ride blew our minds every time.


I wish people would stop ranking the coaster in their heads the second they hit the brake run and just enjoy the fact that they just raced through Kings Island at almost 100mph on a crazy insane ride with the most bad-ass lighting package ever that just seems to take the the entire park to a whole new level. I f*cking love Orion and my first ride on it was first thing in the morning after an amazing front seat sunset ride on my absolute favorite coaster the night before. It's really, really good. Everything I heard about this ride was bullsh*t. Brit was equally baffled.



What an awesome ride! Thanks again for coming out, Ape!

We got a few rides in the back and a few in the front and I can't pick a favorite. Both have airtime and both are glass smooth but the first drop is crazy nuts in the back and the sense of speed is awesome in the front. I also love the wave turn in the back for some reason. Which is better? Who cares! The park has the most awesome Fastlane system of any park I've ever been to where you get on everything IMMEDIATELY every time so try both rows (a lot).


In addition to that... a few other things of note;


1) I'm in love with the Miami River Brewhouse. I love that there's a signature beer for Orion, I love the outdoor seating area and I love the food. The Giga coaster lager beer cheese and bacon jam pretzel is great.



Shut up and take my money...


The food was great!


And seriously... this is my new favorite theme park drinking spot.



Oh... and Adirondack Chairs too. WHERE HAS THIS PLACE BEEN ALL MY LIFE???


2) The park's collection of rides is obviously insane. There's no longer a bad coaster in the bunch (though we didn't ride the boomerang thing... so maybe there's one). The drop tower, Frisbee and drenching little flume are great too.


3) We love the general improvements the park has made. I was iffy about removing the trees on International Street but the new fountains are awesome and I really do like that area. I also love the other enhancements they've made around the park like the car ride (which we actually rode since it was on Fastlane) and the new theming outside of Flight of Fear. I also love that all of the effects work on Backlot and Mystic. The park really seems to care about that stuff more than I would expect from Cedar Fair.


4) I've done nothing but gush so let's complain real quick so it doesn't seem like Kings Island paid me to write this... worst fireworks show of all time. Don't watch this sh*t from anywhere but the Beast line. It's not worth your time. Also, don't blink or you'll miss it.


5) The Beast at night is a wild experience. I forgot how amazing that was...



I always liked this park but after this weekend I LOVE this park. I feel like we're going to start making this an annual thing. Kings Island is a great park and Orion is a great coaster. I already can't wait to go back. Ignore the haters and go and ride Orion.

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Thanks for letting me know the day before you would be there. Next time though I’ll plan to be there the whole day instead of just showing up for a ride in the morning on Orion with you. I had to make sure you didn’t bad mouth my new toy. Glad you guys loved it and the park changed in your opinion.


I forgot to tell you Coney BBQ is typically pretty good as well.

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Thanks for the trip report and Orion review. Have not been since 2016 so now I have two new coasters to try out. Hoping they keep the Orion beer around for next year too. I have been to KI three times and have never rode that Boomerang. Why would I waste my time? Good to see you didn't either.

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I echo what Bill said about the park being very busy on Sunday.


I will also mention that I must have ran into a bottleneck when it came to FastLane. I rode The Bat (which does not offer FastLane), DropTower, Banshee, Adventure Express, Orion, Antique Cars, The Beast, Italian Job Backlot Coaster, and the Train between 11:00 and 1:00. Then I got caught in a traffic jam at Diamondback, which had a 20 minute FL wait. And finally I went to Mystic Timbers, where I waited a half hour. To be fair, I don't think MT opened with the park, so that may have explained the wait, but I was so used to the walk ons that the 30 minute wait was slightly upsetting. That was until I got assigned to the front seat. Sweet Fancy Moses, Mystic Timbers is insane!


FastLane was definitely worth it. I highly recommend anyone going to the park purchase it in advance as I don't believe it is being sold at the park.

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It's not too unusual for Diamondback to hold 20 minutes, but it definitely tapers off near the end of the day. It's kind of the exception. It's operations aren't the greatest.


I'm glad to hear a review of a giga from a snobless point of view. I don't know how you could help but to share the same opinion. Although, I hope you enjoyed my "13 feet/ounces" shy trolling on facebook.


If/when you go back, go for the Haunt and get Fright Lane/Fast Lane combo. You'll thank me.


Glad you had a good time. We love KI.

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Mystic was up and down constantly Sunday morning. It had a ton of issues so that explains that. We went over there twice and struck out before we finally got on. Thankfully once they got it running early in the afternoon it ran like a dream for the rest of the day.


I'm glad to hear a review of a giga where I don't know how you could help but to share the same opinion. Although, I hope you enjoyed my "13 feet/ounces" shy trolling on facebook.

Best comment of the day.

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Cincinnati is a beer drinkin town so no doubt KI has 2 great beer gardens! The one next to Diamondback is no doubt awesome, and the bartender that was working the 2x I went in July was such so great - giving samples, small talk, suggestions etc. Glad you guys had a great visit again!

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Glad you enjoyed it. We loved Orion too, and since our home park hasn't had a new coaster in a long time and has no hyper, much less a giga.....I cannot understand the complaining that occurred. Show a little gratitude, we happily drive the 6 hours one way at least once a year to visit. Coasterstock usually hits on my son's birthday and since it was cancelled this year to the virus that shall not be named we missed out on those night rides this year. Although we were happy to at least get a daytime visit in the last week of July. Coasterstock was one of the most fun events I've ever been too, albeit brutal at 16 hours two days in a row.

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